Yin Hui leaned out, and through the veil, she saw a lot of neighbors crowded in the alley, completely surrounding the gate of the Yin Mansion, but because of the aura of the four guards with swords, they didn’t dare to get too close.

The neighbors made such a commotion that everyone in the Yin family also came out.
They were Yin Hui’s aunt Zhao, cousin Yin Rong, and cousin Yin Lang. 

Her grandfather and second uncle probably went out, so they didn’t hear the news yet. 

“Ah Hui is back! Why didn’t you report in advance for us to get ready?” 

Zhao came to the carriage affectionately, and was about to hold Yin Hui’s hand. 

Yin Hui evaded, and said softly, “Let’s go in first.” 

Zhao glanced at the neighbors who were watching a show, and followed Yin Hui inside with a smile.
Jinzhan took the ginseng from the carriage and put it in a brocade box, following behind with her head held high and a smile on her face. 

“Hey, look at this girl Jinzhan, after living in the palace for more than a year, her aura has changed.”

“Look at the box in her hands.
It must be an expensive gift brought by the second lady to honor Elder Yin.” 

“Strange, why only honor Elder Yin but not prepare anything for her aunt?” 

“Bah, who is Mrs.
Zhao ? Think about who spread rumors to slander the second miss when Prince Yan wanted to get her married to his son.
Fortunately, Prince Yan didn’t believe it.
Otherwise the second miss would have to stay at home and watch her cousin marry into Prince Yan’s palace.”

The voices were not high.
Yin Hui and others who had already stepped into the Yin Mansion could not hear them. 

As soon as the door was closed, the housekeeper, Uncle De, couldn’t hide his excitement and saluted Yin Hui, “Second Miss.” 

They were all her own family, so Yin Hui took off her veil, and smiled at Uncle De, enduring the excitement in her heart, and said, “Where is my grandfather?” 

Uncle De said, “There is a batch of goods going out of the city.
The master took the young master to see it.
Second lady, stay at ease, I have sent someone to invite the master back.
You can wait for him at ease.” 

Yin Hui nodded.
If her grandfather heard that she was coming home, he would definitely put down what he was doing and rush back. 

At that time, she looked at Mrs.
Zhao and Yin Rong, the mother and daughter. 

The mother and daughter were also quietly looking at her. 

Yin Hui had been a beauty since she was a child, with gorgeous facial features.
Even with a plain face facing the sky, she looked like she had been well-dressed, her eyelashes were thick and curly, her eyes were black and bright, and her lips were plump. 

Ever since Yin Hui married into Prince Yan’s palace, Mrs.
Zhao and others had never seen her again.
Hearing that Yin Hui was pregnant and had a child, Mrs.
Zhao thought that she might gain weight after giving birth and lose her figure, or maybe she would have spots on her face.
Yes, who would have thought that Yin Hui, who stepped down from the carriage, still had such a slender waist, and her figure was still so slim.
After taking off the veil, her face was still the same as that of a peony flower.
Even a little bit of greenness (unripe: immature) had faded away, making her more beautiful and charming. 

Zhao thought of Yin Hui’s mother, and then sighed in her heart. 

Maybe all the beauties were like that.
Regardless of whether they had children or not, they were still beauties.
Unlike her, who gave birth once and got a little fatter, then gave birth to three, and her figure became unrecognizable. 

Zhao looked at her daughter Yin Rong again.

Her daughter was obviously very beautiful, but when she stood next to Yin Hui, she immediately looked mediocre. 

Noticing the comparison and regret in her mother’s eyes, Yin Rong secretly bit her lips.
If she didn’t want to hear how Yin Hui was doing in the Yan Palace, she would have left immediately. 

“Ah Hui, tell me quickly, why did you come back suddenly?” Mrs.
Zhao asked, as she followed Yin Hui inside. 

Yin Hui smiled lightly, “I missed my grandfather, so I came back to meet him.” 

Zhao Shi: “Is it so easy to get out of Prince Yan’s palace? I heard that princesses and the others seldom go out.
Ah Hui, could it be that you made a mistake and were caught, so they sent you back as punishment?” 

The conjecture made Zhao Shi happy and anxious.
She hoped that Yin Hui would be rejected by the people in the Yan Palace, but she was afraid of hurting the Yin family. 

Yin Hui didn’t pay attention to Mrs.
Zhao until she entered the hall and sat down.
She looked at Mrs.
Zhao and asked, “Why do you seem to expect me to make a mistake? 

“I’m your mother, but I can’t even joke with you?” 

Yin Hui felt bored seeing Mrs.
Zhao’s hypocritical smiling face, and said deliberately, “I have a good life in the palace, don’t worry about me but for my sister, you still haven’t picked a suitable family for her yet, right?” 

Yin Rong’s face suddenly sank, and she stared at Yin Hui with jealousy.

She always felt that it was unfair.
That year, Prince Yan needed money from the Yin family to meet military needs, but he didn’t want to rob it openly.
So he proposed marriage between the two families to her grandfather, so that a girl from the Yin family could marry high, and Prince Yan could also get the money.
It was the best of both worlds. 

It stood to reason that she was the eldest daughter of the Yin family, and her grandfather should have married her to the third master, but her grandfather was partial and gave the opportunity to Yin Hui.

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