Long Hui was still staring at Aoi.
He did not know why he thinking like this, believing that this dog might know its master ’s location.

”Do you know where your master is? ” Long Hui threw a question at Aoi.

Everyone around them felt stupid when they heard Long Hui ask a question to Aoi.
However, Long Hui ignored others and only paid attention to Aoi.

”Woof. ” ’I know ’ Aoi barked once.

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”Do you really know where your master is right now? ” Once again Long Hui asked the question.

”Woof. ” Aoi barked and jumped out from Sister Chu Xiao ’s hug.
Aoi walked a few steps forward and then turned to Long Hui signaling Long Hui to follow him.

”Woof. ” ’Hurry up. ’ Aoi barked once more.

I need to prepare. ” Long Hui pulled out his walkie talkie.
”Qian Yi, choose ten people from the Dragon Team.
We have a mission to complete. ” Long Hui gave the order.

”Yes, sir. ” Ren Qian Yi answered in a completely serious voice when he heard Long Hui ’s order.
He knew from Long Hui ’s tone that it was urgent.

Long Hui then turned to the Grandpa Tang.
”Elder Tang, you can wait at home first.
I will definitely save your granddaughter and bring her back to you. ”

”Okay. ” Grandpa Tang nodded.
He knew that even if they stayed here, they would not be of any help to those soldiers.
Grandpa Tang and the two others went home to wait for the news.

Ten minutes later, the soldiers from the Dragon Team were gathered and waiting for their orders.
Long Hui was standing in front of them.

”This is a rescue mission.
A girl was kidnapped. ” Long Hui explained.
”I know the location.
You just have to follow me.
We will use the R plan.
Now move out. ”

Ren Qian Yi went to Long Hui.
”Hui, who… ” His sentence was stopped when he looked at Aoi.
His face showed a shocked expression.
”Wait, is it sister in law? ”

She had been kidnapped according to Elder Tang. ” Long Hui said while he walked over to his vehicle and got inside.

Ren Qian Yi also jumped into Long Hui ’s vehicle.
Long Hui gave Aoi to Ren Qian Yi to hold him.

”Why do you bring this dog? ” Ren Qian Yi was confused about why they were bringing Aoi.

”He knows where is his master is right now.
So I ’m bringing him. ”

The vehicle started to move.

”Aoi, which direction I have to go now? ” Long Hui asked.

Aoi raised her front leg and showed the direction to Long Hui.
Long Hui followed his directions.
Ren Qian Yi was awestruck with this dog.
He understood what Long Hui had asked and he responded by raising his front leg in order to show what direction to go in.


”Don ’t worry too much.
If you follow our boss ’s order, you still can come back here. ” The scarred man said to Yu Qi when he saw Yu Qi currently watching the scenery of Shiwa Town passing by through the car window.

Yu Qi did not respond to the scarred man.
She was not in the mood to talk with the people that had just kidnapped her.

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