Fung Meng Xuan was also looking at the couple.
It was a long time since she had last met with Long Hui.
She missed him so much.
However, looking at him like this, made her very jealous.
She wanted her to be with Long Hui, hold his hand and made him smile to her.

She wanted Long Hui to notice her, so she encouraged herself to go and greet the couple.
Even if Long Hui would glare at her, she did not mind.
As long as he noticed her.

”Oh, Miss Tang, what a coincidence.
You have come here to hang out too? ” Fung Meng Xuan said with a sweet smile.

Yu Qi ’s face turned black.
Seeing his beloved Qi Qi ’s mood was turning worse, Long Hui frowned.
’There are always some women who come and disturb their date. ’

”How about we hang out together? ” Fung Meng Xuan suggested.

”Miss Fung ’s face is always thick. ” Yu Qi made a comment.

Fung Meng Xuan was silent after hearing that sentence.
She knew the meaning of the sentence.
Yu Qi dared to say that she was being shameless in public.
Without realising, she clenched her hand into a fist.

The onlookers, especially, women also heard that sentence and immediately understood the meaning behind those words.
They cast a look to Fung Meng Xuan.
They hated this kind of woman.

”I just want to hang out together.
That ’s all. ” Fung Meng Xuan played a pitiful role.

”Hang out together? Miss Fung, you are not even my friend.
You are just some fellow student from the same university.
Not to mention, my boyfriend hates when our date is being disturbed by an unknown person. ” Yu Qi glared to Fung Meng Xuan.

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The more the onlookers heard this, the more they could conclude.
This green lotus bitch probably wanted to seduce the boyfriend but he did not pay any attention to the green lotus bitch.

”You… ” Fung Meng Xuan wanted to say something but the words held back in her neck when Long Hui gave her a cold glare.

”Miss Tang, your words are very harsh. ” Fung Meng Xuan calmed down herself before letting out few words with a soft tone.

”Again and again you disturb our date, can ’t I think otherwise? ” Yu Qi smirked.

”Let ’s go, Qi Qi.
Don ’t waste our time on a worthless person. ” Long Hui pulled Yu Qi ’s hand.

They walked away and ignored Fung Meng Xuan who was still standing there.
The onlookers snorted at Fung Meng Xuan.
Who would like their date being disturbed by someone like her?

”Meng Xuan, what are you doing here? Hurry up and come. ” Yi Ren Shiang said after she had finished buying what she needed.

”Okay. ” Fung Meng Xuan followed Yi Ren Shiang quickly.

Back to Yu Qi and Long Hui…

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”That woman always disturbs our date. ” Long Hui said while showing his hatred for Fung Meng Xuan.

”As you have said, she is just a worthless person.
Don ’t mind about her. ” Yu Qi smiled sweetly to Long Hui.

Seeing his beloved Qi Qi smiled sweetly to him, Long Hui pushed out the matter about Fung Meng Xuan from his mind.
He should better focus on his beloved Qi Qi.

They were having a date like a normal couple.
Long Hui wanted to buy some clothes for his beloved Qi Qi.
Yu Qi wanted to refuse but Long Hui insisted.

”I want to spoil you, can ’t I? ” Long Hui made a begging face like he was an abandoned puppy.

Seeing Long Hui making that face, she could not refuse anymore.

But just one piece, okay? ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay. ” Long Hui nodded.

They entered the shopping mall.
Long Hui searched for shops which sold some dresses.
Finding one, Long Hui pulled Yu Qi to enter the shop.
Yu Qi could see that it was a high brand shop in the mall.

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Long Hui excitedly survey the dresses like he was the one who was going to wear them.
He wanted to choose the dress that he thought would fit perfectly to his beloved Qi Qi.

”May I help you, Sir? ” The saleswoman came and greeted Long Hui.
As usual, she quickly fell in love with Long Hui ’s handsome face.

”I ’m looking for an evening dress for my beloved. ” Long Hui pulled Yu Qi by her waist.

The saleswoman stiffened.
Of course, a handsome man like him would have a girlfriend and would come to the shop like this for her girlfriend only.

Yu Qi could see the disappointed look on the saleswoman ’s face, however, she quickly made a professional expression and treated Long Hui and Yu Qi as her customer.

”You come to the right shop.
Two days ago, our shop received some latest designs.
Come and follow me. ” The saleswoman led the way to the latest section.

”Here is the latest designs of the dresses that we have.
You can see them.
If you want to try, just tell me, I will lead you to a changing room. ” The saleswoman smiled.

”Thank you. ”, Yu Qi nodded.

Long Hui haw began to see the dress for his beloved Qi Qi.
After scanning, Long Hui picked three dresses that he thought would be nice on his beloved Qi Qi.

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”Qi Qi, try these for me. ” Long Hui said.

”Three of them? ” Yu Qi looked at the dresses.

Don ’t worry, I will choose just one as I have promised. ” Long Hui knew his beloved Qi Qi did not want him to waste the money.

I will try it. ” Yu Qi took the dresses.

”Follow me, miss. ” The saleswoman showed Yu Qi where the changing room was.

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