Yu Qi tried those three dresses.
Long Hui focused to find the dress that suited Yu Qi the most.
After Yu Qi finished trying on all the dresses, Long Hui made his decision.
He chose the second dress which Yu Qi had tried on.

”Why do you choose this dress? ” Yu Qi asked for a curiosity.

”Because it does not expose your skin too much. ” Long Hui stated.

Indeed, it was the reason why he chose that dress.
The other two dresses exposed her skin too much.
He did not want other guys to look at his beloved Qi Qi ’s skin.

When Yu Qi heard the reason, she laughed.
Her Long Hui was really jealous when thinking about it that those men would look at her.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi kissed Long Hui ’s cheek.

Long Hui was very happy when he received a kiss on his cheek from his beloved Qi Qi.

Long Hui took the dress to make the payment.

”We are having a special offer at this time.
Buy one dress that above 2000 RMB and will get a free gift from us.
You can check the free gift later.
You may like it. ” The saleswoman said.

”Okay. ” Long Hui made the payment.

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They left the shop.

”That handsome man would like the free gift which we have given to them. ” The saleswoman said to her colleagues.

”Yeah. ” Her colleague replied while grinning.

Long Hui and Yu Qi walked around.
Yu Qi also insisted on buying something for Long Hui.
She was getting Long Hui a leather belt.
Since it was from his beloved Qi Qi, Long Hui accepted it happily.

When they exited the shopping mall, the sky had already turned dark indicating that the daylight had already ended.

Seeing this, Long Hui turned to Yu Qi.
He still wanted to be with his beloved Qi Qi.
He knew that his beloved Qi Qi had to go back.
But he still wanted to try.

”Qi Qi, can you spend the night with me? ” Long Hui asked.

Yu Qi was stunned for a moment.

I will send you back. ” Seeing his beloved Qi Qi had not given him an answer, he gave up.

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”Wait. ” Yu Qi pulled Long Hui ’s hand.
”I agree. ” Yu Qi gave a shy answer and she did not even look at Long Hui.

This time, Long Hui was stunned.
His brain could not process the situation on time.

”You mean, you agree to spend the night with me? ” Long Hui asked the stupid question.

”You idiot.
Do I need to repeat that again? ” Yu Qi was blushing and she stumped angrily.

”Oh, yeah.
Let ’s go, my dear. ” Long Hui pulled Yu Qi ’s hand excitedly.

’This man is excited like a child who has gotten his play. ’ Yu Qi thought while following Long Hui with a red face.

They arrived at a 5-star hotel.
The receptionist greeted them with a smile.
’What a beautiful couple. ’ She thought.

”Yes, Sir? ” The receptionist asked.

”I booked a room today.
So, I want to check-in now. ” Long Hui said.

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”May I get your name, Sir? ” The receptionist inquired.

”I made the reservation under the surname Long. ” Long Hui told the receptionist.

”Wait for a minute, Sir.
I will check it. ” The receptionist quickly checked for Long Hui.
Indeed, a man with the surname Long has booked a room.
Not to mention it was a VVIP room.

”Will you make the payment by cash or credit card, Sir? ” The receptionist asked.

”Credit card. ” Long Hui placed his credit card on the table.

The receptionist took the credit card and settled the payment.
After settling the payment, she took out the key and gave it to Long Hui.

”The room is on the twelfth floor. ” The receptionist told Long Hui.

Without saying anything, Long Hui took a key and pulled Yu Qi together entering the lift.
Yu Qi had no time to turn to the receptionist and say ’thank you ’.

The receptionist smiled and nodded.
She did not take the matter to her heart since there were a lot of people like Long Hui.

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Actually, in Long Hui ’s mind, he did not think of anything else.
Except for this that his beloved Qi Qi would be spending the night with him.
He even imagined something naughty.
If his beloved Qi Qi knew about this, she might not dare to step into the room with Long Hui.

As for Yu Qi, she was very shy to spend the night with Long Hui.
Even though she already spent the night before at her hotel.
That time, she had to because of Feng Yue.
This time, it was her own violation.

The couple entered the room with different thoughts in their minds.
The outside view from the room was very beautiful since it was a VVIP room.
They could see all night view of Wenya City from their window.

”Let ’s call the room for dinner. ” Long Hui said.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Long Hui quickly called the room service and ordered two sets of beef steak with a bottle of red wine.
Yu Qi was still watching the view outside of the room.
After finishing the call, Long Hui went to Yu Qi ’s side.

Long Hui hugged Yu Qi from behind.
Yu Qi accepted without doing anything.
She felt very safe inside Long Hui ’s hug.
She knew that Long Hui would not do anything other than this without her permission.

”The view is beautiful. ” Long Hui said.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi agreed.

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”But the woman inside my arms is more beautiful than this. ” Long Hui sounded out the words.

Yu Qi smiled.
Her Hui was really a master in his words.

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