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After feeling that his beloved Qi Qi was short of the breath, Long Hui released her from the kiss.
Yu Qi ’s face was slightly red.
Did not know whether it was because of the red wine or the kiss.

”Hui…Ah… ” Yu Qi called Long Hui ’s name.

”Qi Qi… ” Long Hui kissed another place such as her weak spot which was the ear.

Don ’t…
Stop… ” Yu Qi m.o.a.ned.

Don ’t stop? Okay…
I will not stop. ” Long Hui kissed and licked around Yu Qi ’s neck.
He wanted to leave some marks on his beloved Qi Qi ’s white neck.
So, he bit and left one love bite on Yu Qi ’s white neck.
Seeing the mark, he felt satisfied.
When other men saw this, they would know that this woman already had a man beside her.

Yu Qi m.o.a.ned and m.o.a.ned over and over again.
Long Hui already pulled down the lingerie around Yu Qi ’s chest.
Her two white mountains stood up proudly in front of Long Hui ’s eyes.

Long Hui could see his beloved Qi Qi ’s already stiffened.
Long Hui pinched one of the once.

”Ah… ” Yu Qi made another sound.

This time, Long Hui licked another n.i.p.p.l.e and his hand played with Yu Qi ’s another white mountain.
He kneaded around Yu Qi ’s white mountain.

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Ah…. ” Yu Qi m.o.a.ned.

”Qi Qi, you let out a s.e.xy voice.
I really like it. ” Long Hui said and kissed Yu Qi ’s lips again.

His hand already reached out to his beloved Qi Qi ’s private area.
When he touched the area, he could feel that his fingers were very sticky due to his beloved ’s nectar.

He went down and threw away the obstacles which blocked him from seeing his beloved Qi Qi ’s private area.
When all the obstacles had disappeared, he could see all of it.
His eyes waved around.

Meanwhile, for Yu Qi, she could feel the breeze passed her private area.
She suddenly felt embarrassing.
So, she wanted to close her legs.
However, Long Hui held them back.

”Qi Qi, let me see, okay. ” Long Hui used his sweet voice to attack Yu Qi.

Hearing the voice, Yu Qi followed Long Hui ’s requested.

”Qi Qi, you do look pretty here. ” Long Hui slightly touched his beloved Qi Qi ’s c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s which was currently hiding.

”Ah…Don ’t…
touch it… ”

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It felt like an electric current passed her body when Long Hui had touched it.

Long Hui desired to make her m.o.a.n more, so he deliberately touched it many times.

Ah… ” Yu Qi could not help but m.o.a.n.

”Feel good? ” Long Hui asked Yu Qi.

”Hmmm… ” Yu Qi answered.

”Want to feel even more? ” Long Hui asked again.

”Hmmm… ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Then, I will make you feel even better. ” Long Hui smiled

After he made the sentence, using his tongue, he licked her c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s.
He also bit the c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s gently during the licking.
Now the c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s already came out and hardened.

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Don ’t stop… ” Yu Qi grabbed Long Hui ’s hair while she was m.o.a.ning.

Due to Yu Qi ’s m.o.a.ns, Long Hui licked more.
Yu Qi felt more and more.

Ahhhhh… ” Yu Qi ’s body made an arch curve when she was coming.

Long Hui smiled after seeing that his beloved Qi Qi had achieved her orgasm.
After Yu Qi calmed down a little bit, Long Hui kissed Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was having a blurred mind.
She felt fantastic.
Her Hui made her felt good.
As their position was very close to each other, Yu Qi could feel some heat was being transmitted from Long Hui ’s little brother.
She felt like she also needed to make her Hui felt good as well.
So, Yu Qi grabbed Long Hui ’s little brother.

Because of the force that Yu Qi used, Long Hui, hissed in pleasure.
Yu Qi pushed Long Hui down.
Now, Yu Qi was on the top of Long Hui.
Yu Qi smiled seductively.

”Hui, I will make you feel good too. ” Probably due to the red wine, Yu Qi began to arouse.

Long Hui smiled when seeing his beloved Qi Qi acting so wildly.
He liked it.

Yu Qi grabbing the bathrobe and opened it.
She could see Long Hui ’s muscular chest yet.

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”Hui, you also look very s.e.xy.
You are mine, Hui… ” Yu Qi kissed Long Hui ’s chest.
She started to lick around.

Long Hui watched his beloved Qi Qi ’s tongue played around his chest.
He smiled.
’My beloved Qi Qi is very bold tonight. ’

”This bathrobe is in the way. ” Yu Qi untied the robe and opened the bathrobe fully.

Everything was in a full display.
Long Hui ’s muscular chest, Long Hui ’s eight pack abs, Long Hui ’s V line body and Long Hui ’s little brother, all were in Yu Qi ’s sight.
Because she was still drunk, she did not feel embarrassing watching all of them.

Yu Qi ’s finger touched Long Hui.
Then she was running her finger from Long Hui ’s chest to his eight pack, and lastly to his little brother.
Yu Qi was grinning silly while touching Long Hui ’s little brother.

Due to Yu Qi ’s touching, Long Hui ’s little brother already hardened was now standing high proudly.
Yu Qi pushed Long Hui ’s little brother a little bit.
It moved according to the pushing and then back to its original place.

”Oh, it moves back. ” Yu Qi made a comment.

Long Hui did not know what to do with Yu Qi.
He was responding to Yu Qi ’s touching.

”Hui, do you feel good when I touch it? ” Yu Qi lifted her head up and asked Long Hui.

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Hmm… ” Long Hui hissed in pleasure when Yu Qi pushed his little brother again.

Yu Qi made a bold move by grabbing Long Hui ’s little brother directly.

Qi Qi…
It ’s good… ” Long Hui said.

”And how about this? ” Yu Qi moved her hand up and down.

”Oh…Yeah…Ah… ” This time was Long Hui ’s turn to m.o.a.n.

Yu Qi felt very great when hearing Long Hui was feeling the pleasure.
She could see some liquid was leaking from the tip of Long Hui ’s little brother.
Seeing the liquid, Yu Qi became urgent to lick the liquid.
So, she began to lick the top of it.
The taste was not bad so Yu Qi began to lick all the parts of Long Hui ’s little brother.

While Long Hui did not stop making sounds, hissing in pleasure.
His beloved Qi Qi licked his little brother without him asking her.
It felt very good.
Not long after, Long Hui released his white liquid.
The white liquid hit Yu Qi ’s face.

Yu Qi wiped out the white liquid from her face.
She took some and licked it.

”It tastes weird. ” Yu Qi made a comment.

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