”Miss, do you have time now? My young master wants to meet you? ” Bong Bon asked Yu Qi out of sudden.

”Your young master? I don ’t know your young master.
Why should I waste my time to meet him? ” Yu Qi rolled her eyes.

Yu Qi sighed.
There had always been someone who had disturbed her mood.

”Miss, I think you better listen to me.
Otherwise… ” Bong Bon gave a threaten smile to Yu Qi.
The young miss like her needed to be scared first.
Until then, she might follow him without asking.

”Oh, you are threatening me? ” Yu Qi snorted.

Bong Bon frowned.
’This little girl needs to be taught first. ’ So, he wanted to grab Yu Qi first.
However, instead of her getting grabbed by him, he was getting grabbed by her.
Yu Qi smiled and pushed the man down while pulling his hand and stepping on his back.

”Argh!!! ” A painful scream could be heard.

Everyone watched in their direction.
They could see a beautiful young girl was pushing down a man, stepped on his back and pulled his hand backwards.

”You dare to touch me? This is what you get. ” Yu Qi pulled of his hand more.

”Argh!!! Please let me go.
I will never make a move on you. ” Bong Bon was very ashamed while he was begging the young girl to release him.
He was a certificated trained bodyguard.
How could he become like this?

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”Qi Qi, what has happened here? ” Long Hui appeared with a shopping bag in his hand.

Yu Qi immediately released the man.

”He said his young master wants to meet me.
When I refused, he wants to take me by force.
So, I teach him a lesson. ” Yu Qi explained briefly.

”Oh, you dare make a move on my girlfriend… ” Long Hui smiled evilly and stepped hard on the man who laid down.

”Argh!!! Please forgive me. ” Bong Bon quickly begged for mercy.
He knew it would be worse than this if he did not apologize now.

The security team came.
Yu Qi explained to them as she explained to Long Hui.
The security team nodded.
They took him in their custody.
When things settled, Long Hui went to process their checkout.

They left the hotel and went to Starlight University.
When they arrived, the two of them went out of the car.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi said.

”I should be the one who should thank you since you spend some time with me. ” Long Hui caressed his beloved Qi Qi ’s hair.

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”And also, for the last night. ” Long Hui whispered.

”You… ” Yu Qi got embarrassed.

Seeing his beloved Qi Qi pouted, Long Hui took a chance to kiss her.

”We will meet again. ” Long Hui entered the car and left.

Yu Qi was still standing there and touched her lips.
She was smiling.
Then suddenly someone hugged her shoulder.

”My dear, where did you go yesterday? ” So Pang Lim smiled.

Yu Qi turned around and saw her friends were here.
They were smiling in a weird way.

”What are you guys doing here? ” Yu Qi asked.

”We are just about to go to the cafe to find some food and see you got out of the car and…. ” Mei Lilli smiled while giving some expression.

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”It is only 10 in the morning.
He has already sent you back.
Meaning you have already been together since yesterday. ” So Pang Lim made a guess.

Yeah… ” Yu Qi nodded.
It was not a sinful thing so she did not want to hide.
She straightened her clothes.

Her acts revealed something.
Her friends looked at each other.
Then they were focusing on one place.
Yu Qi ’s white neck.

”Oh, my…
Yu Qi, you already made the progress that far. ” So Pang Lim commented.

Yu Qi did not understand what was So Pang Lim talking about.
”What are you talking about? ”

Mei Lilli approached Yu Qi.
”Your man seems to leave his mark on you here. ” Mei Lilli pointed to Yu Qi ’s neck.

”What? ” Yu Qi did not know about that.
”I will go to my room first.
See you guys later. ”

Yu Qi ran away to her room.
She quickly took a look to her neck.
It was obviously a love bit.

That man really left a mark on her neck.
This must be covered up.
Otherwise, she could not wonder what would people make their story when they saw this mark.

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She entered her space.
When she appeared in the space, her two little cuties jumped straight into her hug.

”Master, are you okay? ” Bo Ya asked.

”Master, I ’m hungry, ” Aoi said.

”I ’m okay.
Don ’t worry.
And I will cook for you guys right now. ” Yu Qi replied to them.

”Great, ” Aoi said.

”Yeah. ” Bo Ya said.


”Useless! Why can ’t you bring that girl to me? ” A young man kicked Bong Bon.

The young man went to a chair and sat.

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”I ’m sorry, second young master. ” Bong Bon apologized.
He could not tell that young girl refused and beaten him and she had a dangerous man beside her.

”You will be punished. ” The young man smiled evilly to Bong Ban.

”I will follow your order, second young master. ” Bong Bon got up and went to receive the punishment.

”Oh, you are here, Big Brother. ” The young man greeted another young man.

”Bai Yu Chen, what are you doing here? ” The other young man was Bai Shu Jin.

”I just came to see your university.
Since I will study here later. ” Bai Yu Chen said.

Bai Yu Chen was Bai Shu Jin ’s younger brother.
He was spoiled and arrogant.
He thought that he could get anything as long as he got money.

”Does father know about you coming here? ” Bai Shu Jin asked.

”Mom knows about it. ” Bai Yu Chen smirked.

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”Oh. ” Bai Shu Jin nodded.
That meant their father knew too.
Their mother would tell their father about that.

”Forget about that.
This morning, I saw a very beautiful girl.
I wonder if I can get her… ” Bai Yu Chen said while smiled luckily

”Hold back yourself. ” Bai Shu Jin knew his brother ’s character.
His brother just wanted to play around with women.

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