Yu Qi was thinking about the ways to approach Grandpa Mu without getting him suspicious about her.
She did not want Grandpa Mu to think that she approached him with another aim.

Yeah, she could approach Grandpa Mu using that way since Grandpa Mu was a figure in the business world.

She wrote the business on her paper and circling that word many times without noticing it.
The one who noticed was her friends.
They were having a discussion in the library later on.
And had they just arrived and saw Yu Qi was doing that.

”Yu Qi, what are you doing? ” Mei Lilli asked.

You all have already arrived. ” Yu Qi lifted up her face.
Then she looked down and saw what she was doing.
”Oh, I just thinking about something else.
Sit down.
Let ’s start our discussion. ”

Her friends sat down and began their discussion.

After two hours of discussion, they were already finished.
Her friends wanted to go to lunch.
So, they invited Yu Qi too.
However, Yu Qi told them that she had another thing to do.
So, they left.

Yu Qi called Su Yu Hi.
The faster the things were done, the better.

Yu Qi: ”Hello, Brother Yu Hi. ”

Su Yu Hi: ”Yeah, Yu Qi.
What ’s up?

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Yu Qi: ”Are you around Wenya City? ”

Su Yu Hi: ”Yeah.
I ’m at our office. ”

Yu Qi: ”That ’s great.
I have something to discuss with you. ”

Su Yu Hi: ”Oh, when do you want to meet? ”

Yu Qi: ”I will go to the office this evening. ”

Su Yu Hi: ”Okay, I will be waiting for you. ”


Yu Qi waited for Aoi.
Aoi ran fast to meet his master when he heard his master wanted to take him to the city.
He would not let this passed away just like that.
He would make his master brought some delicious foods after his master finished her matter.

They went to the city by bus.
After 20 minutes, they arrived at the city.
Since the office was not far from the place that they stopped, they just walked to the office.

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When they arrived at the office, they were been greeted by the staffs.
The staff members already knew Yu Qi ’s identity.
Yu Qi went straight to the meeting room when one of the staff members informed her that Su Yu Hi was already waiting for her in the meeting room.
Meanwhile, Aoi was left behind to play with the staff.

”Brother Yu Hi. ” Yu Qi called Su Yu Hi ’s name to tell him that she was already here.

What ’s up? ” Su Yu Hi already knew that Yu Qi must have something important to discuss with him.

”Actually, I ’m thinking to expand our business. ” Yu Qi told Su Yu Hi the matter.

”Oh, which area do you want to expand? ” Su Yu Hi asked.
He was already interested to hear more about it.

”I ’m thinking to open another greenhouse. ” Yu Qi said.

”That ’s a great idea.
Where do you want to open it? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

”At Fanghai Nation. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”What? Fanghai Nation? It is not in our nation? ” Su Yu Hi was shocked.

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I want to open it at the Fanghai Nation. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Su Yu Hi sighed.
His boss was indeed one of the crazy genius people.
If she told him about this one year ago, he would have protested the idea.
Now, he heard about this, he knew she would be successful.

”Okay, I will prepare the survey market and other doc.u.ments. ” Su Yu Hi said.

Oh, you can contact this person.
He is a friend of my grandfather.
He can help us. ” Yu Qi placed a business card on the table.

”Okay. ” Su Yu Hi reached out the business card.

The owner of the business card was Su Jin.
He might help them to set up the greenhouse.

”Oh, I would like to invite our staffs for dinner tonight.
Can they attend it? ” Yu Qi asked.

Yu Qi was rarely in the office.
She had already treated her staff at the Shiwa Town.
So, she thought it would be nice to treat her staff here too.

”Why don ’t you ask themselves outside? ” Su Yu Hi said.

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”Okay. ” Yu Qi went out of the meeting room.

”Guys, do you have time tonight? ” Yu Qi asked her staffs.

Her staff here was not many.
And from what she knew, they were still single and not married yet.
All of the staff looked at her.

”I have time. ”

”Yeah. ”

”We do have time.
Do we have to work overtime? ”

Actually, I want to treat all of you for dinner. ” Yu Qi explained.

Of course, we have time for that. ”

”We know, Yichen, you will not say no to free food. ”

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”That ’s right. ”

All laughed together.

”So, all of you can come then? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Of course, Miss Yu Qi. ” The staff member named Wen Yichen answered.

We are going to have dinner together tonight. ” Yu Qi said.
She then turned to Su Yu Hi.
”Brother Yu Hi, can you make a reservation? Well, a private room since we don ’t want to be disturbed.
And make sure Aoi can enter it too. ”

”Woof. ” Aoi made a sound.

’Master, you don ’t forget me. ’ Aoi was running around circling Yu Qi.

’Of course, I will not forget you. ’ Yu Qi smiled.

’But you tend to forget me when you meet that man, right? ’ Aoi posed a question.

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Yu Qi coughed a few times.
That man…
Aoi must refer to Long Hui.
She knew Aoi was referring to that night where she was spending the night with Long Hui.
That night, she indeed forgot about Aoi.

’That night… ” Yu Qi wanted to explain.

’It ’s okay.
I understand. ’ Aoi made a face that showed that he understood Yu Qi.

Yu Qi laughed a little bit seeing the reaction from Aoi.

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