Su Yu Hi went to negotiate the price of the land.
The negotiation did not turn well.
Group Mu seemed to have another plan for the land which Yu Qi wanted.

”Yu Qi, they have another plan for the land.
What should we do? ” Su Yu Hi asked Yu Qi ’s opinion about that.

”I still have three days to go back to Binhai Nation.
Things need to force up. ” Yu Qi smiled narrowing her eyes.

When Su Yu Hi saw his boss like this, she had already planned the way to make things went her way.
So, he just should relax and wait for his boss to use her plan.

Yu Qi did make a plan.
The plan…
Of course meeting with the owner of the Mu Group itself.
How was she going to meet him? She would use the middle man.
She knew Grandpa Sang was Grandpa Mu ’s private doctor from her previous life.

Grandpa Sang died in the traffic accident two years after she was brought back in the Mu Family in the previous life.
Grandpa Mu was sad because not only Grandpa Sang was his private doctor but his friend whom he could share his thoughts which could not be shared with anyone else.
She did not know whether the traffic accident was man-made or not because she did not suspect anything about the traffic accident in her previous life.

Yu Qi went to the hospital which Grandpa Sang owned.
She asked the nurse to see Grandpa Sang.
The nurse said she needed to confirm with other doctors about Grandpa Sang ’s schedule.
Yu Qi said she did not mind waiting for it.

After a one-half hour waiting, suddenly, the nurse whom she had asked earlier was running into her direction.
She was kind of astonished when seeing the nurse in such a hurry.
She did not think that the nurse was in such a rush because of her.
She thought it was an emergency which had made the nurse ran this way.

”Miss Tang, Doctor Sang invites you to his office. ” The nurse said.

”Huh? Then why are you running in such a hurry? I thought you have an emergency case or something. ” Yu Qi patted the nurse ’s back.

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”Calm down and take a breath.
I need you to lead me to Doctor Sang ’s office. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Yeah… ” The nurse took a breath.

After a few minutes, the nurse calmed down.
She led Yu Qi to Grandpa Sang ’s office.
Arriving at the Grandpa Sang ’s office, Yu Qi thanked the nurse with a sweet smile.

The nurse dumbfounded when seeing such a beautiful young girl had smiled at her like that.
She felt like she had fallen in love with that smile of the girl.

Yu Qi did not know what was playing in the nurse ’s mind.
She knocked on the door.
When she heard someone said ’you can enter ’, she opened the door and saw Grandpa Sang was waiting for her.

”Come in, Tang Girl. ” Grandpa Sang said.

Yu Qi entered and sat in front of Grandpa Sang.

”I heard that you are looking for me. ” Grandpa Sang began the conversation.

”I come here because I want to ask for your help. ” Yu Qi said.

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”My help? Sure.
What can I help you? ” Grandpa Sang did not mind to help this girl.

”Actually, I have some business to talk with the owner of Mu Group. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Mu Group? But I ’m not from the Mu Group. ” Grandpa Sang shook his head.

But you are his private doctor. ” The sly smile appeared on Yu Qi lips.

”What exactly do you want me to do? ” Grandpa Sang felt he was facing his friend, Grandpa Mu right now when he saw that sly smile.

”Well, I want to ask you to arrange some time in which I can talk directly to the owner of Mu Group. ” Yu Qi told him.

”Why do you think I will help you with that? ” Grandpa Sang did not want to be used by this little girl.

”Because it will directly influence the medicine world in the future. ” Yu Qi said.

”Medicine? ” Grandpa Sang now was kind of interested to hear about Yu Qi ’s plan.

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But in order to make it successful, I need to meet Mr Mu about the plan. ” Yu Qi did not want to tell Grandpa Sang to make its suspense.

Grandpa Sang wanted to hear about it too.
This girl really wanted to use him to order to see his friend.
He really wanted to make his friend meet his granddaughter.
He also knew that his friend was eager to meet with his granddaughter too.
Meanwhile, his granddaughter also wanted to meet her grandfather to discuss some business with her grandfather.
Well, it was not so bad since the meeting would benefit both parties.

”Tang Girl, I can arrange the meeting between you and him.
But I don ’t know if he will agree to meet you or not. ” Grandpa Sang said.

”Well, you can just arrange it.
If he doesn ’t agree to see me, I will try another way.
I will stay in the Fanghai Nation for about three days.
I hope during that time, I can meet him. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”But why are you looking from me? ” Grandpa Sang wanted to know that.

”Well, from my investigation, you are the closest way to meet directly with him.
In the business, we must be sly in order to make the business success.
Well in a legal way, I mean. ” Yu Qi remembered the business lesson that Grandpa Mu taught her in her previous life.

Grandpa Sang was stunned.
He was laughing.
This girl was indeed his friend ’s granddaughter.
Their thinking was the same when coming to the business.

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