Yu Qi left her card in order for Grandpa Sang to call her to inform her about the meeting with Grandpa Mu.
After she left, Grandpa Sang quickly arranged the dinner with Grandpa Mu.
Grandpa Sang purposely did not tell Grandpa Mu about Yu Qi wanted to meet him.
He wanted to make it a surprise.
He knew his friend would be shocked when he found out about it.

Yu Qi left the hospital.
However, when she was about to exit the hospital, she managed to avoid someone that entered with running.
It was a girl that running felt shocked and wanted to avoid Yu Qi.
However, she missed the step of her feet and ended up fell onto the ground.

”Ouch, it ’s hurt.
How dare you push me? ” The girl was embarrassed because of the fall so, she wanted to push the blame.

”What? When did I push you? You are falling on your own.
Not my fault. ” Yu Qi looked down to the girl ’s face.

Her eyes were narrowing when she saw the girl ’s face.
It was Mu Rong Xie.
It was nice to see the enemy delivered herself into her hand. 

Mu Rong Xie stood up and saw the girl she faced.
”It ’s you. ” Mu Rong Xie glared to Yu Qi.

”Do I know you? ” Yu Qi pretending to forget Mu Rong Xie.

”You!!! ” Mu Rong Xie felt very angry. 

She was very angry when hearing this girl already forgot her.
Last time, she arranged some people to do something to the girl.
She paid an amount of money to the gang.
However, the next day, she heard that the gang was arrested by the authorities.
The plan ruined just like that.
She was lucky because the gang did not recognize her since she wore some camouflage items.

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”You push me.
I will sue. ” Mu Rong Xie said in a loud voice.

”Sue me, then.
I would like to see whether you or I will win the sue.
Since I have the evidence that you fell on your own. ” Yu Qi smirked.

”Evidence? What evidence do you think you have, huh? ” Mu Rong Xie thought Yu Qi just said something like that because Yu Qi was scared about the sue.

Yu Qi was smiling while pointed to the CCTV camera.
Mu Rong Xie looked up.
Her face changed a little bit. 

”She did not watch her step and fell down.
Now she wants to sue people? Who does she think she is? ”

”Keep quiet.
I know her.
She is one of the princesses of the Mu Group.
You can not offend someone like that or you do not know how you will end. ”

I pity another girl. ”

”I think that girl comes from a rich family too.
She has that kind of aura.
Probably nobler than that Mu Princess. ”

 The onlookers discussed around them.
Mu Rong Xie became angrier when she heard some of the discussion.
’How can this girl is richer than me? ’

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”I will make you pay for this. ” Mu Rong Xie said before she left Yu Qi.

Yu Qi just smiled while her eyes narrowed.
After a few whiles, she said the sentence.
”I hope you will like my present. ”


”Yu Qi, how does it going on? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

”I still don ’t know about that.
It will be a success if I can meet Mu Group ’s owner before we are going back.
We still need to wait for Grandpa Sang for that. ” Yu Qi said.

Then her phone was ringing.
Yu Qi looked at the number and did not recognize it.
However, she still picked it up.

”Hello. ” Yu Qi answered.

”Tang Girl, it is me.
Grandpa Sang. ” Grandpa Sang ’s voice greeted her.

Yu Qi: ”Oh, it is you. ”

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Grandpa Sang: ”Tang Girl, I already invite my friend for dinner at the Moonlight Hotel tonight. ”

Yu Qi: ”Moonlight Hotel? It is where I staying. ” 

Grandpa Sang: ”You can go to their restaurant and tell them I ’m with you.
They will lead you to my table. ”

Yu Qi: ”What time? ”

Grandpa Sang: ”8 o ’clock.
Don ’t forget. ”

Yu Qi: ”Okay.
Thank you. ”

”I will be dining with Mr Mu tonight. ” Yu Qi told Su Yu Hi.

”Oh, it is great.
I will have dinner with Aoi here. ” Su Yu Hi looked at Aoi.

’Aoi, can I go with you? ’ Aoi made a sad face.

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’My little cutie, I can ’t bring you.
Wait for me, I will compensate you later okay. ’ Yu Qi patted Aoi ’s head.

’Okay. ’ Aoi agreed.

At 8 o ’clock, Yu Qi went to the restaurant hotel.
She told the waiter that she was invited by Grandpa Sang.
The waiter led Yu Qi to a room.
When Yu Qi entered, her eyes caught Grandpa Mu ’s eyes.

Grandpa Mu was very shocked to see the girl here.
Then he turned to his friend, Grandpa Sang that currently smiling.

”Tang Girl, come and have a sit. ” Grandpa Sang said while waving his hand. 

Yu Qi sat in front of Grandpa Mu.
She just made a small smile on her face.
Actually, she was very happy to see her grandfather directly like this.
Since she died in her previous world, she totally forgot about him.
She just remembered that she just had a grandfather.
Thank God, she found and remembered all about her grandfather.

”Hello, Mr Mu. ” Yu Qi greeted Grandpa Mu.

Grandpa Mu ’s expression twitched a little.
His granddaughter greeted him with a term.
Well, he could not blame the girl because she did not know who was him.

”Well, how about we order the food first? ” Grandpa Sang looked at two of them.

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”Okay. ” Both of them answered.

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