The doctor started to check Mu Rong Xie ’s body.
He frowned because he did not know why this happened in the first place. 

”Doctor, what happens to my daughter? ” Su Yu Qing asked.

”Madam, I can ’t pinpoint the problem.
Maybe I know whether Second young Miss Mu has an allergy to something or not? ” The doctor asked.

”I don ’t think she has before this. ” Su Yu Qing answered.

”I suggest Madam Mu bring her to the hospital for further check. ” The doctor suggested.
He could not do anything here.

”But what if she gains her conscious and starts to scratch again? ” Su Yu Qing inquired.

”She will sleep for up to 8 hours.
After that, you need to bring her to the hospital quickly. ” The doctor said.

”Before I forget, don ’t let the wounds touch the water. ” The doctor gave the reminder.

The doctor left with the nurse. 

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”Four of you, stay here and watch your second young miss.
If she wakes up and starts to scratch herself, hold her and quickly inform us. ” Mu Li Zei gave his order. 

Su Yu Qing and Mu Yian followed him to the living room.

”Mum, what ’s happening to Rong Xie? ” Mu Yian asked.

”I also don ’t know about that.
We need to bring her to the hospital here to check it. ” Su Yu Qing sighed.
Her mother ’s heart was very sad when seeing her daughter like that. 


”I guess the poison should be working right now. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”What poison? ” Aoi asked.

”I gave some of my itch poison to someone. ” Yu Qi told him.

”Who? ”

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”Mu Rong Xie. ” 

”Owh, that woman. ” 

Aoi already knew who was Mu Rong Xie.
His master already told him about her past life.
Mu Rong Xie was one of his master ’s cousin that very jealous of his master.

”What is the itch poison? ” Aoi wanted to know the effect of the itch poison.

”The poison only would be activated on 5 hours after getting contact with it.
You will start getting the itch feeling that something is moving beneath of your skin.
You will try to scratch it.
Once you scratch, the itch feeling will increase and you will scratch your skin until it bleeds.
It will leave the scar.
The poison will leave without the trace.
And the most important, the wound will rotten and give a bad smell after 6 hours. ” Yu Qi explained about her poison.

”Wow, that is great.
That woman dares to do something to you last time. ” Aoi mentioned about the incident where she got caught by men in the Fanghai Nation during the conference. 

”I hope she would stand the itch feeling without scratching herself.
Once she starts scratching and it will over. ” Yu Qi laughed.

”That woman will scratch without a doubt. ” Aoi also laughed. 

The next day, Yu Qi was called by Grandpa Mu about the purchasing of the land.
Grandpa Mu asked her to go to his office to get the contract signed.
So, she went to the office together with Su Yu Hi on the next day. 

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When they got there, they were held back by some guys.
From Su Yu Hi, she found out that one of these men was the person that he negotiated about the land.

”Mr Su, Mu Group will not sell the land.
You should not waste your time here. ” The man said.

”We are here to meet Chairman Mu. ” Su Yu Hi said.
He did not explain the detail.

”Why would Chairman Mu want to meet you? Mr Su, you don ’t need to lie about this. ” The man put an arrogant look on his face.

”Then should we ask the receptionist about that? ” Su Yu Hi smiled.

”Go ahead. ” The man taunted.

Yu Qi stepped forward to the receptionist.

”My surname name is Tang.
I have an appointment with Chairman Mu.
Can you check it? ” Yu Qi smiled very sweet to the receptionist.

The receptionist was stunned to see the smile of the girl in front of her. 

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”Miss? ” Yu Qi called.

”Oh, wait for one minute. ” The receptionist quickly called someone.

She talked for the person for a while.
Then she hanged up.

”Miss Tang, I have been informed that someone will come down and get you.
You may sit there first. ” The receptionist pointed to the waiting chair not far from the place.

”Thank you, sweetheart. ” Yu Qi said.

”You are welcome. ” The receptionist blushed.

”Brother Yu Hi, let ’s go and sit first.
Someone will come and get us. ” Yu Qi said to Su Yu Hi.

”Okay. ” Su Yu Hi replied while looking back to the man that berated him before. 

The man had a bad expression.
He did not expect that the other party actually had an appointment with Chairman Mu.
He just hoped that the other party would not mention him acting like that towards them to Chairman Mu. 

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Then one man came towards Yu Qi and Su Yu Hi. 

”Miss Tang? ” The man called.

”Yes? ” Yu Qi looked at the man.

”I ’m Li Yuchen, the personal assistant for Mr Mu.
Mr Mu would like to invite you to his office. ” Li Yuchen said.

Yu Qi stood up.
”Thank you, Mr Li.
Sorry to trouble you to lead us to Mr Mu ’s office. ” 

Li Yuchen smiled.
This girl was really attractive.
He had trouble getting her information.
He only got her information during her childhood.
The latest information that he got was she adopted by Tang Family and currently attending her bachelor degree in the medical course.

Others information had been hidden by someone in purpose.
No matter he did, he could not get it.
From that, he knew that this girl was not simple at all.

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