”Miss Tang, you can enter this room.
Mr Mu is waiting for you. ” Li Yuchen opened the door.

”Thank you, Mr Li. ” Yu Qi said before entering the room.

In the room, she could see Grandpa Mu sitting at his table.

”Mr Mu. ” Yu Qi called.

”Oh, you are here.
Come and sit. ” Mr Mu invited them to sit.
”This is… ” Grandpa Mu looked at Su Yu Hi.

”He is my personal assistant. ” Yu Qi answered.

Grandpa Mu nodded several times.

”Yuchen, bring the doc.u.ment here. ” Mr Mu said to Li Yuchen.

Li Yuchen moved quickly, got the doc.u.ments and placed in front of them.
Grandpa Mu opened the doc.u.ment.

”I decide to sell the land for this price. ” Grandpa Mu pointed to the price in the doc.u.ment.

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Yu Qi took a look.
She turned to Su Yu Hi and asked whether the price was logic or not.
Su Yu Hi also looked at the price.
He had already studied about the price of land in Fanghai Nation.
He thought the price was a bit lower than the normal pricing.
However, he felt that it was Chairman Mu ’s consideration.

”The price is okay but lower than I have expected. ” Su Yu Hi told his opinion.

Yu Qi nodded.
She smiled.
’Lower is better. ’

”I have not expected Chairman Mu will sell the land at a lower price than the normal price.
Well, I ’m thanking you. ” Yu Qi thanked Grandpa Mu.

”Then, let ’s settle it. ” Grandpa Mu said.

Yu Qi went through the contract.
After she felt, the contract was okay, only when she signed.
Grandpa Mu thought that his granddaughter was a very cautious person.
He thought she would sign the contract right now after he mentioned the price.
However, she went through all th contract.
He was very satisfied with her.

”I will transfer the money after this. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay. ” Grandpa Mu nodded.

Yu Qi thought it was over however it was not.

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”Yuchen bring the other doc.u.ment to me. ” Grandpa Mu ordered Li Yuchen.

Following the order, Li Yuchen placed another doc.u.ment in front of them.

Su Yu Hi looked at Yu Qi.
He put the guard on.
He thought something was not right.

”Yu Qi, look at this. ” Grandpa Mu pushed the doc.u.ment to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi took and opened the doc.u.ment.
It was a result of the paternity test between Grandpa Mu and her.
Even though she knew that she was his granddaughter, she did not expect that he already did the test.

Su Yu Hi also read the doc.u.ment.
He was shocked.
His boss had a blood relationship with Chairman Mu.

”It is… ” Yu Qi looked at Grandpa Mu.

”You have the same face as my late wife.
When I first saw you, I felt like my late wife came back to life.
However, it is just my wishful thought.
My friend told me that you are his friend ’s granddaughter.
Recently, he told me that you are adopted.
So my friend took your blood sample and get it tested with my blood.
That was the result. ” Grandpa Mu explained.

Yu Qi was silent while looking at the result.
The tear started to drop on the paper.
She was crying without a sound.
Her grandfather did the test.

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Seeing his granddaughter was crying in silent, Grandpa Mu stood up and hugged his granddaughter.

”Yu Qi, I ’m sorry for late finding out about you. ” Grandpa Mu said.

”It is good to know that I have a family.
I thought you don ’t want me.
So, you abandoned me. ” Yu Qi said.

”No, no, no, my dear.
I just don ’t know you exist.
If I know a long time ago, I would have looked for you. ” Grandpa Mu felt very sad that his granddaughter felt that she was abandoned.

Li Yuchen gave a look to Su Yu Hi.
Su Yu Hi understood and he stood up.
They went out to give some time to the grandfather and granddaughter to have a talk.

”Yu Qi, you led a sad childhood. ” Grandpa Mu felt sorry about that.

But the past was the one made today ’s me.
It is not bad. ” Yu Qi smiled in tear.

”Your current family treats you very well? ” Grandpa Mu wanted a confirmation from Yu Qi herself.
If the information was a lie, he would take Yu Qi into the family.

”Grandpa Tang treats me very very well. ” Yu Qi nodded.

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”Oh, I see. ” Grandpa Mu felt a little bit disappointed but at the same time, he was relieved that the other party was treating his granddaughter very well.

”I heard that you are currently a medical student? ” Grandpa Mu asked.

I ’m a doctor to be. ” Yu Qi smiled proudly.

”You like it? ” Grandpa Mu asked more.
He just thought Yu Qi just wanted to please her adopt family since they were particularly the doctor family.

”Of course, I like it. ” Yu Qi smiled.

Grandpa Mu knew from her expression.
She was genuinely happy with it.

”But I also love business. ” Yu Qi added.

”Really? ”

I currently have three business under my name.
YQ investment company, YQ greenhouse, and Saisei Ryokan Hotel. ” Yu Qi told Grandpa Mu.

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Grandpa Mu was shocked to hear that since he did not manage to find out from the information that he asked Li Yuchen to find out.
Grandpa Mu remembered that Li Yuchen told her that her current information was well protected.

”All of them are yours? ”

”Yeah. ”

”Where do get all those capital to start the business? ” Such a young age had many businesses registered under her name, Grandpa Mu felt impressive with his granddaughter.

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