”Before I been adopted by grandfather, I got and sold a 1000 year ginseng.
It was worth a big amount of money.
So, I decided to build a greenhouse and a hotel.
After a few whiles, I set up an investment company to invest in various companies in the Binhai Nation. ” Yu Qi explained.

”I see.
You really have a business mind. ” Grandpa Mu smiled.
”But I heard that you are studying to become a doctor? ”

I want to be a doctor beside being a businesswoman. ” Yu Qi said.

Yu Qi thought it was the best time to check Grandpa Mu ’s body.

”Grandpa, can I check your body? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Oh, sure.
Why not? You are a future doctor. ” Grandpa Mu did not mind having her granddaughter to check his body.

Yu Qi took Grandpa Mu ’s pulse and read it.
’Good, grandpa ’ s body seems to be in good condition.
He has not been poisoned yet.
Maybe since Grandpa Sang is still alive. ’ Yu Qi let go Grandpa Mu ’s hand.

”How is my condition? ” Grandpa Mu inquired.

You seem to take care of your health.
However, your heart is weak. ” Yu Qi told his condition.

Grandpa Mu smiled.
He knew that his heart was weak from his friend.
It seemed Yu Qi was good enough as a doctor since she could tell that just from his pulse.

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”I have good medicine to strengthen the heart.
However, I don ’t bring it along.
I will give to you later.
You can ask Grandpa Sang to test the medicine for you. ” Yu Qi informed Grandpa Mu.

”Medicine? ” Grandpa Mu asked.

I make it from the herbs. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Okay. ” Grandpa Mu believed in his granddaughter.

They were having a long talk until lunchtime.
Grandpa Mu decided to have lunch in her office together with Yu Qi and Su Yu Hi who was waiting for Yu Qi.

Mu Family House.

”Madam!!! Madam!!! ” One of the maids ran calling the mistress of the house.

Su Yu Qing was currently eating felt disturbed by the maid.

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”What is wrong with you? ” Su Yu Qing asked the maid.

”Madam, you just come and see second young miss. ” The maid said in a panic.

Realising something was wrong, Su Yu Qing quickly ran to her daughter room.
Mu Yian also followed her mother.
When they arrived at Mu Rong Xie ’s room, they could smell the pungent odour.
The smell was coming from inside the room.

They entered the room.
The smell was very bad when they opened the room.
The maids closed their nose using their hands to block the smell.

”What happened here? ” Su Yu Qing also closed her nose.

”We also did not know, madam.
The smell just started.
We don ’t know what to do.
So we called madam here. ” The maid said.

”Mum, the wounds on Rong Xie have rotten. ” Mu Yian looked at Mu Rong Xie ’s wounds.

”What??? How could that happen? She only gets those wounds yesterday. ” Su Yu Qing said.
She also went to look at his daughter ’s wounds.
She could see some of the wounds had a green layer and some of them had maggots inside it.

”Quickly send my daughter to the hospital.
Yian, go and tell your father about it. ” Su Yu Qing shouted.

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The maids were terrified with Su Yu Qing ’s order.
To lift the second young miss, they needed to touch her body.
They might touch those maggots.
So, one of the maids suggested calling the ambulance.

Su Yu Qing was angry.
”Don ’t call the ambulance.
My daughter ’s reputation will be damage. ”

So, the maids had to lift Mu Rong Xie ’s body to put onto the push bed.
During lifting Mu Rong Xie, some of the maggots came out from the wound and touched one of the maid ’s hand.
The maid screamed.
Mu Rong Xie ’s body fell on the floor.

”How dare you let second young miss fall onto the floor? ” Su Yu Qing kicked the maid.

The maid was yelling in pain.

”Quickly lift your second young miss. ” Su Yu Qing gave a quick order.

The maids were scared getting the kick so they quickly lifted up Mu Rong Xie.
They pushed Mu Rong Xie on stretcher bed.
They sent Mu Rong Xie straight to Sang Hospital.

Due to the smell, Mu Rong Xie was admitted into the special ward.
Due to Mu Family ’s special status, the doctors checked Mu Rong Xie ’s first.

Su Yu Qing and Mu Yian waited outside.
Not long after that Mu Li Zei and Kang Pian Sue came over.
It seemed Mu Yian also informed her grandmother.

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”What has happened to Rong Xie? ” Kang Pian Sue asked.

”We also don ’t know.
Last night, when she came back, she started screaming and scratching herself until she bled.
We called the doctor to give her some knockout medicine since she could not stop scratching herself.
This morning, we see her wounds have already rotten.
It even has maggots inside it. ” Su Yu Qing explained.

Kang Pian Sue gave a disgusting look.
’Maggots? Eww..
.. ’

”Yian, where does your sister go last night? ” Mu Li Zei asked Mu Yian.

”I also don ’t know about that. ” Mu Yian answered.

Mu Li Zei called his subordinate.
”Find out where did my second daughter went last night. ”

”Yes, Sir. ” The subordinate received his order and went quickly.

Then Grandpa Sang and Grandpa Mu arrived.
Without saying anything, Grandpa Sang entered the room to check Mu Rong Xie.
When Grandpa Sang opened the door, the pungent smell immediately occupied the area.
Kang Pian Sue quickly closed her nose.

”What is this smell? ” Kang Pian Sue could not help to ask.

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”It is stronger than earlier. ” Mu Yian said.

”Just let Doctor Sang check her first. ” Mu Li Zei said.

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