The doctors and bodyguards were dumbfounded when they heard that.
The victim herself did not remember the incident.
Mu Rong Xie looked around her body.
She even touched her face.
Her face had also been wrapped.

Mu Rong Xie tried to open the wrapping.
When she succeeded in doing so, the pungent smell occupied the room.
Everyone quickly put their hands to close their nose.
Even Mu Rong Xie doing so.

One of the doctors went to open the window to clear the air.
At the moment, Mu Rong Xie managed to see the things under the wrapping.
She screamed loudly.

”What? Disgusting. ” Mu Rong Xie shook her hand which was already unwrapped.

She saw the maggots inside her wound.
The maggots fell over.

”Ah!!!! ” Mu Rong Xie screamed again when the maggots fell over on her bed.

Doctor Sang frowned when seeing the maggots.
He thought they had already cleaned up the rotten wounds and got rid of the maggots.
How could the maggots appear again?

Su Yu Qing entered the room when Mu Rong Xie was screaming.
She immediately ran to calm her daughter.

”Rong Xie, calm down my dear. ” Su Yu Qing said.

”Mum, what has happened to me? ” Mu Rong Xie cried.

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”Doctor will heal you.
Don ’t worry about it. ” Su Yu Qing said.

”But my wounds has maggots inside. ” Mu Rong Xie complained.

Su Yu Qing turned to Grandpa Sang.

”Doctor Sang, has the doctors already not cleaned up the maggots? Why are they still there? ” Su Yu Qing questioned the doctors.

”Madam Mu, we indeed have already cleaned up the wounds.
We already inspected that there were no maggots in her wounds before we wrapped her up. ” Grandpa Sang explained in the calm tone.

”Then, how can this happen? ” Su Yu Qing also felt disgusting with those maggots.

”Well, we still can not explain that Madam Mu.
Since the second young miss Mu has already wakened up, she can answer our question in order to investigate more about what has happened to her. ” Grandpa Sang turned to Mu Rong Xie.

”Well, then, Second Young Miss Mu, can you tell us where do you go last night? ” Grandpa Sang asked.

Mu Rong Xie ’s hands clenched into a fist.
Her eyes seemed to move right and left.
She could not tell them where she went last night.
Her mother was here.
It might expose everything.

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”You better tell me where did you go last night. ” Mu Li Zei entered the room and looked straight at Mu Rong Xie.

Mu Yian also followed her father from behind.

”Doctor Sang, could you please leave the room first with your team? I will explain it to you later about it. ” Mu Li Zei asked Grandpa Sang and the other doctors to leave the room.

Grandpa Sang looked at Mu Li Zei ’s face.
Probably they had something to talk among their family.

We will leave first.
But still, your daughter needs to tell her last night ’s activity for us to find the cause of her scratching and wounds. ” Grandpa Sang said.

”I will talk to you about it later. ” Mu Li Zei nodded.

”Okay then.
Everyone, let ’s leave first. ” Grandpa Sang told his team to leave the room.

Also, Mu Li Zei asked their bodyguards and other unrelated people to leave the room as well.
Only the Mu Family was in the room.

”Well, Rong Xie, tell us. ” Mu Li Zei said with restricted tone but anger could be sensed in his voice.

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Mu Rong Xie froze when listening to Mu Li Zei ’s voice.
Even though her father often spoiled her, she was slightly scared of her father.

did not go anywhere. ” Mu Rong Xie did not want to admit that she went to a night club together with her friends for a party last night.

”You dare lie to me, hmm… ” Mu Li Zei threw some paper to Mu Rong Xie ’s face.
”You see this by yourself. ”

Mu Rong Xie took the paper and started to read it.
Her eyes were wide opened when reading the information in the paper.
The paper stated she went to the night club, drinking and clubbing with her friends.
And the more shocking, her father managed to get the information that she was taking some drugs.

Mu Li Zei was totally angry when he received the information as soon as the subordinate gave the report to him.
He did not really care that his child wanted to go clubbing or what but using the drug was the only thing that he could not stand.
Others could but not his child.

”Dad, it is not true. ” Mu Rong Xie tried to explain.

”Oh, it is not true.
So, you don ’t want to admit it, do you? ” Mu Li Zei narrowed his eyes.

”My dear, she must be forced by others. ” Su Yu Qing wanted to calm down her husband and diverted the anger that her husband had towards her daughter.

”Shut up! ” Mu Li Zei roared to Su Yu Qing.
”Also stop protecting your daughter blindly like that.
She is taking drugs. ”

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Su Yu Qing was shocked when her husband mentioned about that.
She looked at Mu Rong Xie.
’Her daughter is taking the drug? ’ How can this be?

”How long you had been using the drug? ” Mu Li Zei asked more.

Now, Su Yu Qing did not hold back her husband.
She also wanted to know that.

Mu Rong Xie knew that her cover already blew up.
”At first, I just tried since my friend suggested.
They said it was a new drug with no side effect.
I tried it. ” She explained in a small voice.

”How long have you been taking it? ” Mu Li Zei questioned her again.

”Three months. ” Mu Rong Xie said.

”Where do you get the supply from? ”

”From this hospital. ”

Last time, when Mu Rong Xie met Yu Qi at the hospital entrance, she was going to buy the drug from a doctor here.

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Mu Li Zei frowned.
He did not think that Sang Hospital would be selling drugs to others.

”Do you know who was the person who sells the drugs to you? ” Mu Li Zei wanted to know that person.

I remember him.
I buy the drug at the pharmacy hospital here.
I think his surname is Ling. ” Mu Rong Xie could not help but exposed all of it.

”Stay low for now.
I will handle it. ” Mu Li Zei left the room.

Su Yu Qing went to her daughter and hit her daughter ’s shoulder.

”Mum, it hurts. ” Mu Rong Xie shouted.

”Now, you know it hurts.
When you used the drugs, why don ’t you think so? ” Su Yu Qing shouted back at her daughter.

Mu Rong Xie could not reply back.
Her friends took the drug longer than her, about 6 months but nothing unusual happened to them.

”Mum, will I recover as usual? ” Mu Rong Xie asked because she did not want to be wrapped or have some maggots on her body.

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”I guess we have to wait for the doctor to find out the cause. ” Su Yu Qing sighed.

”Mum… ” Mu Rong Xie cried again.

”But Rong Xie, you really are stupid to take such drugs. ” Mu Yian commented.

”I just want to try…
But getting hooked up. ” Mu Rong Xie said as she cried.

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