”Doctor Sang, can I talk to you for a moment? ” Mu Li Zei left the ward and went to Grandpa Sang ’s office.

Grandpa Sang currently took a look at Mu Rong Xie ’s case.
He was feeling weird when he saw the maggots on Mu Rong Xie ’s wound after the doctor had cleaned it up.
Then Mu Li Zei appeared to knock at his door.
Grandpa Sang invited Mu Li Zei in.

”Doctor Sang, I have something to inform you. ” Mu Li Zei began to talk.

”Sure, what is it? ” Grandpa Sang waited for Mu Li Zei to talk.

”From my daughter ’s story, she is taking some kind of drugs. ” Mu Li Zei was feeling very ashamed to tell this matter to Grandpa Sang.

”Drugs? Do you have some sample of it? ” Grandpa Sang really wanted to experiment with that drug.

”From the information given by my daughter, she bought the drug from your hospital ’s pharmacy. ” Mu Li Zei said.

”My hospital? ” Grandpa Sang was shocked.
He did not know that the drugs were sold in his hospital.
”Have she told you, whom does she buy from? ”

Mu Li Zei could see the anger from Grandpa Sang.

”From someone with a surname Ling. ” Mu Li Zei told him.

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”Surname Ling? ” Grandpa Sang frowned.

It was a common surname.
However, Grandpa Sang thought that he could find him.
Grandpa Sang called someone by phone.

”Jasmine, email all the files of our personnel with the surname Ling. ” Grandpa Sang ordered her.

Jasmine was a nurse a.k.a his personal assistant.
Receiving the orders, Jasmine quickly performed her job.
After half hour of waiting, Grandpa Sang received the email.
There were 20 personnel that had the surname ’Ling ’.

Eliminating the women, the cleaning staffs, only two left with that surname.
One from the physiology department.
And one from the x-ray department.

”We still don ’t know which one is the real person. ” Grandpa Sang said.

”Well, my daughter might recognise him.
Just let my daughter look at these two pictures.

”Owh, okay. ” Grandpa Sang nodded.

The two of them went to Mu Rong Xie ’s ward.
Su Yu Qing and Mu Yian were also there.

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”Doctor Sang, you are here? Do you already know the cause? ” Su Yu Qing asked.

”We need to ask Mu Rong Xie a few questions. ” Grandpa Sang asked without looking at Su Yu Qing.
He looked straight to Mu Rong Xie.

Mu Rong Xie felt very pressured when Grandpa Sang looked at her like that.

”What is it, Grandpa Sang? ” Mu Rong Xie asked nervously.

Grandpa Sang put one picture in front of her first.
”Do you know him? ”

Mu Rong Xie tried to take a look at the picture.
Her eyes just showed a blank look.

I don ’t know this guy. ” Mu Rong Xie shook her head.

”Then how about this guy? ” Mu Li Zei placed another picture.

”Oh, he is the guy from whom I buy the stuff. ” Mu Rong Xie pointed to the picture.

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”LING HAN. ” Grandpa Sang was very angry.

Ling Han was a doctor from the physiology department.
He had recruited by Sang Hospital about 5 years ago from a local university since he had a good result.
Grandpa Sang never knew that that man used his hospital as the place to sell some kind of drugs.

Mu Rong Xie immediately felt scared facing the anger from Grandpa Sang.
Su Yu Qing immediately protected her daughter behind her.

Grandpa Sang went out.
Mu Li Zei also followed.

”Doctor Sang, I will help you catch that guy.
But in one condition. ” Mu Li Zei offered.

”What is it? ” Grandpa Sang said.

”Cover the news that my daughter is taking the drug.
Especially for my father.
I don ’t want others to know that the Mu Family ’s second daughter took some kind of drugs. ” Mu Li Zei stated the condition.

Grandpa Sang thought once.
He wanted to know where did that Ling Man gets the supply from.
Having help from Mu Li Zei was good too.

”Good, deal. ” Mu Li Zei shakes hand with Grandpa Sang.

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Mu Li Zei took the work done faster by calling his subordinates to catch Ling Han from Grandpa Sang ’s information.

Ling Han who was just working in his room, reading some patients file, as usual, was very shocked when a group of bodyguards entered his room and took him away.
He was caught unprepared could not do anything but to get dragged by the men.

Ling Han was brought to an old warehouse.
The bodyguard threw him on the ground.

”Mister, what do you want from me? ” Ling Han asked half begging to them.

The bodyguards did not answer his questions.
They totally ignored him.
They just guarded Ling Han in case he wanted to escape from them.
If that happens, the least news, they would be fired.
The worst news, they might end their lives by their own hands.

Grandpa Sang left the matter to Mu Li Zei to extract the information from the man.
He would not care about the man been tortured by Mu Li Zei as long he got the information about those drugs.
The drug was his bottom line.
He would not forgive people who sold such things that could destroy the human body.

Then all the bodyguards bowed respectively to one man who walked towards Ling Han.
Ling Han also turned around to see who was the person that those bodyguards gave their whole respect.
When Ling Han saw the man, he knew why was he had been caught here.

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