Su Ke Ke was watching the couple interacting with each other.
They looked very close.
’Is she his girlfriend? ’ She thought to herself.
Why were men always wanted to cheat? She really could not understand that.

Su Ke Ke was transferred to this Tang Hospital about four months ago.
When she entered the hospital, she was assigned at the reception in the emergency department.
When she started to work there, she often saw the handsome doctor who liked to flirt with other nurses.

Then, she got the information about the doctor.
He was one of the grandsons of the person who owned this hospital.
Due to his handsomeness, he always liked to flirt with other nurses.
He always wanted to flirt with her but she had ignored him.

Now, when she saw the beautiful girl who had saved her earlier together with that kind of man, making her felt pity for that girl.
That girl should never be together with him.
She thought it was the first time that the girl came and looked for that playboy doctor.
That girl might not know about the true behaviour of that playboy doctor.

Yu Qi and Tang Jin Wei did not know that someone misunderstood their relationship.

When Yu Qi returned back to Tang Family, she got a welcome hug from someone.

”My best friend, I miss you. ” The girl said while hugging Yu Qi.

”Yue, what are you doing here? ” Yu Qi was surprised to see Feng Yue here.

”I came to visit you. ” Feng Yue smiled happily.

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”How long have you been here? Why don ’t you call me? I can cancel my appointment for today. ” Yu Qi sighed.

”I just came two hours ago.
Don ’t worry.
I just have fun by having a conversation with your aunties.
Anyway, I have a lot of time to spend with you since I have already decided to spend a night with you. ” Feng Yue grinned.
She had already made the plan.

”I see.
It ’s great then. ” Yu Qi smiled.
She already missed Feng Yue and would like to spend time together with Feng Yue.

”I have heard that you are trying to get your driving license? ” Feng Yue asked.

”That ’s right.
I feel it is inconvenient for me not having a license. ” Yu Qi said.

”I think so too but I will try to take one in the next semester break. ” Feng Yue told her.

”So, who send you here? ” Yu Qi asked.

”My chauffeur.
Well, he is actually my father ’s chauffeur.
My grandfather asked him to send me here. ” Feng Yue made an annoying face.

Yu Qu understood.
”Well, then let ’s spend time together. ”

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Feng Yue saw Aoi who was walking towards them.

”Oh, my.
Aoi is growing up. ” Feng Yue bent down and lifted up Aoi.
”He has become more chubby too. ” She commented after lifting up him.

”You know how much he eats. ” Yu Qi glanced to Aoi.

’Master, I am still growing up.
That is why I ’m eating a lot. ’ Aoi complained to his master through telepathy.

”But chubby is good.
It feels very nice to hug him. ” Feng Yue hugged Aoi.

They talked a lot since it had been a long time since they had stayed together.

Fanghai Nation,

It had been a week since Mu Rong Xie stayed at the hospital.
During her time staying at the hospital, she had been screaming in disgust due to the maggots in her wounds.
The doctors were dumbfounded to see the maggots inside the wounds after they had cleaned them up.

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It happened every day, so, they needed to clean up the maggots several times a day.
Only a week later, the numbers of maggots decreased.
The doctors felt relieved about it.

However, another problem had occurred.
Since the maggots had been eating her flesh, the wounds had become deeper.
They were black and very ugly to see.
It was very difficult to make them heal as before.

Mu Rong Xie had not seen her wounds yet.
Since she would already close her eyes whenever the doctors cleaned up her wounds.
And also there were the some wounds on her face.
If she looked at her face right now, she might have screamed in horror.

As for Grandpa Sang and his team, they were still unable to find the cause of Mu Rong Xie ’s wounds.
Grandpa Sang had already investigated the drug that Mu Li Zei had gotten from Ling Han.
Still, the drugs had not caused Mu Rong Xie ’s current condition.

Mu Rong Xie told that drug did not have any side effect was a lie.
It indeed had side effects.
However, the side effects could not be seen in the short term.
Usually, some drugs we would show side effect within three or six months and according to the drugs consumption period.

But this drug was very interesting.
The side effects of this drug would appear after a long time consummation like two or three years.
Heart failure, brain failure, most likely all the organs would be not able to function, resulting in death.
It was not a drug but a slow acting poison.

The person who had created this drug was very malicious.
Grandpa Sang frowned when thinking about it.
Who was such a cruel person inventing such deadly drug and how did it appear in his own hospital without him realising it?

According to Mu Li Zei, he told that Ling Han buying from someone.
However, Ling Han never meets that person.
All the buying process on the phone call and the money was handed with such simple way.
That person would ask Ling Man to leave the money in various location and that person would go and collect it.

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