Yu Qi narrowed her eyes after seeing this scene in front of them.
She then sighed.
This always happened to her.

”My ladies, give us the cup that you have bought earlier.
Otherwise, you know…. ” The man threatened the girls.

”Oh, why do you want the cup? ” Yu Qi asked.

She thought she knew why this group of men wanted the dragon cup.
They knew that it was a genuine cup.
Since someone from the appraisal shop leaked the information to those men so that they could grab this dragon cup from the girls.

”You don ’t need to know it.
Hand it to me right now. ” The man asked for the dragon cup again.

”Yu Qi, what should we do? ” Feng Yue whispered.

Yu Qi observed men.
There were 5 of them.
She could handle them.
She just afraid that while she was occupied with the other men, another would attack Feng Yue.

”Do you think you can handle one or two of them? ” Yu Qi whispered back.

”Probably. ” Feng Yue answered.
She had been training with a great general and major general since she was a child.
She thought she could handle one man that trained or two if they were a normal man.

”Then, good.
If they attack you, fight them. ” Yu Qi said.

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”Okay. ” Feng Yue nodded.

”What are you whispering about? Just give me the cup. ” The man shouted.

The people in the Antique Street just looking at the girls and the men.
They could not help because the gang was a local gang here that always robbed someone who had got the genuine antique.
They were afraid if they helped the girls, they might be in the problem.
The girls must have bought something that genuine.

”We can call the police, right? ”

”If you want to call, make sure the gang must not see you, otherwise… ” One of the onlookers makes the sign by crossing his hand to his neck.

”Ok. ” The man went to a hidden place to help the police.

”That cup is ours.
Why should we give it to you? ” Yu Qi sneered.

”This girl…
You really want a hard way.
Now, I change my mind.
After getting the cup, we will have fun with the two of you. ” The man gave a l.u.s.t look to Yu Qi and Feng Yue.

The other men in the gang licked their lips and also gave a l.u.s.tfully look to them.

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”You wonder if you can… ” Yu Qi snorted.

”Brother, find the cup.
The girl is the one to keep the cup. ” The man pointed to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi ’s eyes flashed for one second.
Her thought about the appraisal shop leaked the information was true indeed.
It was that shop assistant.
Only he one knew that she was the one keeping the dragon cup.

The men wanted to grab Yu Qi.
Yu Qi kicked the head of one of them.
He was automatically knock-out.
Without waste any time, Yu Qi kicked the second man.
This time, she kicked his shoulder.
The crack sound could be heard.

”Arghh!!! ” The man that his shoulder been kicked was shouted in pain.

After dealing with the second man, Yu Qi kicked the third man at his stomach.
The man sprayed out the blood from his mouth.
Probably his rib was broken.

One of them wanted to grab Feng Yue.
He thought Feng Yue was harmless.
The moment the man reached out for her, Feng Yue grabbed the hand, hit the hand with her knee.
Another crack sound heard.

”Argh!!! My hand!!! ” The man screamed while holding his hand.
He could see his hand was hanging.

Then man that talking just now had a horror look on his face.
He wanted to run away.

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”Where do you think you want to go, hmmm…? ” Yu Qi blocked his way out and gave another kick on the man face.

His nose broke.
Due to the intense pain, he passed out.

”And done. ” Yu Qi took a deep breath.

Yu Qi turned to Feng Yue.
”Are you okay, Yue? ”

I ’m fine.
Breaking someone ’s arm is indeed fun. ” Feng Yue made a comment.

”Are they really girls ? ”

”They just broke someone like that. ”

”It must be hurting. ”

”I can hear the crack sound just now. ”

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A lot of mumbling could be heard.
The onlookers were discussing how the girls beat the five men just like that.
Especially the one with a chilly look on her face.
It was terrifying.

Yu Qi chuckled.
”Now, let ’s call the ambulance and police. ”

Just she about to make a call, they could hear the police siren.
”Oh, they are already here. ”

”Someone probably has called them, I guess. ” Feng Yue said.

Here…? ” The policemen were astonished when seeing the scene in front of them.

They had received the call from someone saying that the group of men wanted to rob two girls at the Antiques Street.
However, when they arrived at the scene, they saw something different.
Five of the men were on the ground.
The two of them were unconscious while three of them were m.o.a.ning in pain.

”Well, they want to rob us, so, we beat him. ” Yu Qi explained to them.

”Oh, I see. ” That was the only words that came out from the policemen when hearing Yu Qi ’s explanation.

”I want to inform that they have another member. ” Yu Qi said.

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”Eh, they have? Where is him? ” Feng Yue did not notice that the five of them had another member.

”Let ’s go, Sir.
I will show him to you. ” Yu Qi said to the policemen.

Before the policeman followed Yu Qi, he asked his subordinates to handle the situation here.
They walked to the appraisal shop.
When Yu Qi and Feng Yue stepped in, the shop assistant froze.
He did not expect to see the girls here again.
Then he saw the policeman behind them.
He was panicked.
He wanted to escape.

”You can ’t go anywhere. ” Yu Qi blocked him and made him submitted by pressing him onto the ground.

Elder Gong came out from the back room when he heard some noise in front.

”Eh, you are here again.
What is this situation? What are you doing to Cho So? ” Elder Gong asked many questions.

Yu Qi handed the man to the policeman.
The policeman handcuffed Cho So, the shop assistant.

”Actually, Elder Gong, we were about to be robbed by some men.
The thing that they want is the dragon cup. ” Yu Qi began to tell them.

”What? That dragon cup? Is it safe? ” Elder Gong asked.

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”It is safe in my hand.
I just wanted to ask Elder Gong.
Does your shop leak the information to other people about the dragon cup? ” Yu Qi posed a question.

”Of course not.
We don ’t leak the information to others. ” Elder Gong quickly denied that.

”But your shop assistant did. ” Yu Qi glanced to Cho So.

”He did? How do you know? ” Elder Gong asked.

”It is not that long after we left your shop and met those men.
They asked specifically for the dragon cup.
When we were in your shop, there was no customer here.
Only you and Elder Gong.
And I know he is the one who leaked the information because of those robbers knew that I was the one who kept the dragon cup.
I took the dragon cup from my friend in front of him.
Only he knows that. ” Yu Qi glared to the man.

”Cho So, you… ” Elder Gong frowned.

He remembered whenever someone came with items to appraisal.
When the items were proved to be genuine, they would be robbed.
He did not expect that his shop assistant leaked the information to others.
They must be working together.

I never expect to be caught today.
What rotten luck. ” Cho So clicked his tongue.

You… ” Elder Gong felt very angry.
”Take him away. ”

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”Sir, I will hand him to you. ” Yu Qi said.

However, we need you to come to the police station to give your statement. ” The policeman said.

”We will go later. ” Yu Qi nodded.

The policeman left with the handcuffed Cho So.

”Elder Gong, we will excuse ourselves. ” Feng Yue nodded to Elder Gong.

”Okay. ” Elder Gong waved his hand.

Yu Qi called Uncle Guan to take them to the police station.
Uncle Guan was shocked when he heard something like that happened to his young miss when she was under his care.
Yu Qi told him that he did not need to worry since they already took care of the robbers.

The girls went to the police station to give them the statement.
After settling the things at the police station, they went back.
Feng Yue was hungry but she did not want to eat outside.
Better eat at home.

When they got home, the two aunties inspected their body up and down.
Apparently, Uncle Guan told them about today ’s incident to them.
They were very worried when they heard about it.
Yu Qi assured the two aunties that they were okay, safe and sound.
The ones were not okay was the robbers.
They probably were laying down on the hospital bed, right now.

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