Since Feng Yue slept with Yu Qi in the night, Yu Qi could not enter her space with her body.
In order to take out the dragon cup, she needed to enter with her body.
So, during the shower, she took the opportunity to enter the space.

”Oh, master, you are in. ” Bo Ya greeted Yu Qi.
He was taking care of the herb garden and felt his master entered the space.

”I just wanted to take the dragon cup out. ” Yu Qi told her purpose.

”Master, you can make the dragon blessed with spirit energy. ” Bo Ya said while looking at the dragon cup.

”How can we achieve that? ” Yu Qi felt interested to know about the method.

”You just soak the dragon cup in the lake water for about 2 hours. ” Bo Ya said.

”Really? ” Yu Qi felt excited.
Then everything…

However, Bo Ya said the next sentence destroyed all of Yu Qi ’s thought.

”The item must be within in age of 50 years old from it starts to exist. ” Bo Ya told her.

”Oh, I see. ” Yu Qi felt a little bit disappointed when hearing that.

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’Well, let ’s forget about that and focus on this dragon cup.
Bo Ya said it needed to be soaked in the water lake.
Should I directly put the dragon cup in the lake or what? If it sinks, it becomes a trouble to get it back. ’

”Bo Ya, should I put into the lake directly or should I use a container to fill the water first and then put it inside the container? ” Yu Qi asked since she did not sure which one was the right method.

”You can use the container, Master. ” Bo Ya said.

So, Yu Qi went to her kitchen and got a medium container, filled it with the water lake and put the dragon cup inside the container.
So, she needed to wait for about 2 hours meaning 0.6 hours outside her space.

I get time.
Bo Ya, I will cook for you. ” Yu Qi turned and walked to the kitchen.

”Oh, yes! I can eat what my Master cook for today. ” Bo Ya shouted in excitement.

When Aoi heard about this, he was very jealous.
He could not enter the space without Yu Qi ’s help.
He should have followed Yu Qi when she had entered the space just now.

Yu Qi cooked some dishes for Bo Ya and Bo Ya ate them happily.
She did not eat since she would be eating dinner with others later.
She did not want her stomach full.

The two hours passed.
Yu Qi went to take the dragon cup.
She was very mesmerized with what she saw.
The dragon cup was shining beautifully.

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”It is a success then. ” Bo Ya commented.

Yu Qi took it out from the container.
The shining already missing but it was still beautiful.

”It is normal to lose its shine after you take it out.
But the spirit energy is still there. ” Bo Ya explained when seeing Yu Qi ’s questioning face.

”I see. ” Yu Qi nodded.
”Then I will be going out. ”

Yu Qi came out from the space.
She heard the knocks on her bathroom.

”Yu Qi, are you okay? It has been so long. ” Feng Yue called her name.

Yu Qi was in the bathroom for about 45 minutes.
She was worried as did not hear any sound coming from the bathroom.

”I ’m okay.
I just fall in sleep while dozing off. ” Yu Qi answered.

Feng Yue took a relieved breath when she heard Yu Qi ’s voice.

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”Dinner is ready. ” Feng Yue said.

I will be there. ” Yu Qi took a quick shower.

After that, she went down to the dining room.
In the dining room, Grandpa, Tang Jung Wen, Ming Yue, Su Xiao, and Tang Han Lee were there.

”Others are on call? ” Yu Qi asked.

Well, as for Qin Hao, you know him. ” Su Xiao made a face while mentioning her only son.

”At least we know where he is. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”Today ’s incident, are you two really okay? ” Tang Jung Wen asked.

”Yes, Uncle Jung Wen.
I ’m fine. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”I ’m fine too, Uncle Jung Wen.
But… ” Feng Yue paused for a moment.

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They looked at Feng Yue waiting for her to continue her sentence.

”It was fun.
I broke one of his arms.
I can still remember the sound. ” Feng Yue mentioned about it excitedly.

The others except for Yu Qi and Grandpa Tang were dumbfounded when they heard her words.
They thought she would say something that she was scared, the man was dangerous.
They never thought she felt t different way.

Grandpa Tang laughed.
”Old Feng called me just now.
Saying he thought his granddaughter would be scared of going out.
But you said you felt excited when beating up someone. ”

He asks me to return back to the Feng Main House since he could not return to Shiwa Town.
Hell no.
I don ’t want to live there.
I ’m rather going to my grandpa. ” Feng Yue rolled her eyes remembering that Grandpa Feng asked her to return to her father ’s house.

”I don ’t mind you stay here.
But you would be bored since Yu Qi will be going to the hospital and attending the driving school. ” Ming Yue said.

”It is much better than returning to the main residence. ” Feng Yue shook her head.

”Feng Girl, I don ’t mind having you around in the house. ” Grandpa Tang knew Feng Yue ’s situation.
She would be safe here instead of that place.

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