Chapter 414

The retirement party of Great General Long Fei Yi would be held tomorrow night.
Grandpa Tang, Ming Yue, Tang Jung Wen and Su Xiao were free to go.
Tang Jang Qin and Tang Han Lee were on call.
Tang Qin Hao rejected to go to the party, which was normal.
As for Tang Jin Wei, he did not have time to party as he was having trouble getting his love girl.

Feng Yue went back to her Grandpa Long ’s house after spending a week at Tang House.
She did not want to return to Feng Main House as her grandfather had requested.
Great General Long Fei Yi invited Feng Grandpa but he did not want to see the ex-husband of his daughter.
Feng Yue was happy about it.

She heard from her Grandpa Feng that the stepsister of her, Feng Ma Ri was begging him to bring her to the party if there was a party held.
Feng Yue did not say much to her Grandpa Feng but said that ’Grandpa doesn ’t like her, so think about it. ’ Feng Yue gave warning to her Grandpa Feng that ’don ’t expect him to be nice to other Feng Family members. ’

Grandpa Feng understood.
He already long knew that that Great General Long Fei Yi did not like his son after knowing that his son cheated on his daughter in law before she died.

Yu Qi in her room was currently trying to select her dress for the party.
Since she was adopted by Grandpa Tang, her two aunties liked to buy a one-piece dress for her.
So, she had a lot of dresses to choose from.
But she could not make any decision since there were a lot of choices.

Suddenly her eyes laid on one dress.
It was a dark maroon long dress.
Seeing this dress brought back the memories.
Memories that made her felt very shy while reminiscing about it.
This dress was bought by Long Hui.

While trying the dress, the zip was stuck making it impossible to zip it up.
So, she called Long Hui to help.
During his help, he took an opportunity to kiss her back.
She could still remember the sensation that she felt back there.

It was a good time to put on the dress that Long Hui had got for her.
As for accessories, she took out her blood jade necklace that she brought and blood jade earing that she got from Long Hui.
It was a good match.

Auntie Ming Yue and Auntie Su Xiao came to her room.
They wanted to see the dress that Yu Qi would be wearing.
If she had not made any choice yet, they would be helping her choosing for her.
When they saw the dress, they felt it was a good choice.

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However, they did not remember buying this dress for her.
And they did not think that Yu Qi bought it herself since they knew that their niece did not like to waste her money on clothing.
Yu Qi in a shy expression said that Long Hui had bought it for her.
Her two aunties immediately praised Long Hui, saying that he had a good eye choosing such a nice dress for their niece.


”Master, you look very stunning. ” Aoi praised Yu Qi after she finished dressing up.

Yu Qi put on the dress that Long Hui bought together with the blood jade necklace and the pair of earrings.
As for her face, she just wore red lipstick.
She did not need to wear makeup.
One red lipstick already enticed her white face.

”Master don ’t usually dress up.
When you dress up, I think no women can win against you.
” Aoi praised her again.

’That ’s right.
Master is indeed a beauty. ’ Bo Ya joined Aoi praising for Yu Qi ’s beauty.

”What a sweet mouth.
I will cook for you two later.
Aoi, behave.
Don ’t cause any trouble for others and don ’t eat too much.
I will ask the sister maid about you. ” Yu Qi gave a warning to Aoi.

I will behave for the sake of the Master ’s food. ” Aoi nodded firmly.

”I will go out to meet others. ” Yu Qi went out of her room.

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”Oh, my…
Yu Qi, even I have fallen in love with your beauty. ” Auntie Ming Yue said when she first saw Yu Qi stepped toward them.

When hearing Ming Yue ’s statement, all people in the living room turned to Yu Qi.
They were very stunned when they saw Yu Qi.
It was indeed true.
Yu Qi looked very very very beautiful.
Even the maids praised the looks of their young miss.

”Thank you, aunt Ming Yue. ” Yu Qi said shyly.

”My granddaughter is always beautiful but tonight, it is on another level. ” Grandpa Tang said proudly.

”I bet that Long Hui will be getting jealous tonight. ” Auntie Su Xiao commented.

”Why? ” Tang Jung Wen said.
He did not understand.

”A lot of men will be looking at my granddaughter.
With that Brat ’s personality, he will be showering with vinegar tonight. ” Grandpa Tang laughed.

Yu Qi chuckled.
Grandpa Tang probably said the truth.
But she wanted to show this dress to him.
Since he was the one buying this dress for her.
She could not wait to see his reaction when he saw this dress on her.

”I think we should go now. ” Tang Jung Wen looked at his watch.

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We can not be late. ” Aunt Ming Yue said.

”Let ’s go. ” Grandpa Tang said.

All of them went to the car.
Uncle Guan would be their driver for tonight.

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