After walking around enjoying the view of the wisteria flowers, Yu Qi excused herself.

”Brother Hui, I want to go to the onsen. ” Yu Qi told Long Hui.
She wanted to go to enjoy the onsen.
She already told one of her employees to keep the onsen open longer than usual.

”I see. ” Long Hui made a sad tone.

Yu Qi chuckled.
”Brother Hui, we will meet again tomorrow. ”

But you have to promise to spend more time with me tomorrow. ” Long Hui kissed Yu Qi ’s forehead.

Yu Qi nodded while smiling.
She also wanted to spend time with Long Hui too.

His beloved Qi Qj wanted to go to enjoy onsen.
Of course, Long Hui felt quite unwilling to let his beloved Qi Qi go, but it was his beloved ’s request, so he was unable to say no.
Long Hui also decided to enjoy the onsen as he now had the time.
He wondered how long it would be until he could enjoy the onsen with Yu Qi in his arms.
That would be fantastic.
Maybe someday soon.

Yu Qi went back to her room to grab some clothes.
She noticed that Feng Yue still had not come back yet.
Maybe Feng Yue was still enjoying the onsen.
Yu Qi thought that she might catch up with Feng Yue and enjoyed the onsen together with her.

Yu Qi walked towards the onsen.
Unfortunately, she did not see anyone except for some workers that cleaning up the changing room.

”Did my aunties and my friend came here? ” Yu Qi asked the worker.

”They were here about two hours ago. ” One of the workers told Yu Qi.

After an hour, the Aunties had left, leaving Miss Feng Yue inside by herself.
After that, Miss Feng Yue left about fifteen minutes ago. ” Another worker spoke.

”I see.
Thank you.
I think that there is nothing to clean here anymore.
You can go back. ” Yu Qi told her workers to leave as she wanted some privacy.

Yu Qi was left alone, not even her dog was beside her today.
After checking in at the ryokan, Aoi left to go running around.
Maybe someone was feeding him some good food, causing him to not want to leave there.
Well, she did not mind because of their bond, she knew he was just fine.

Quickly, she stripped off her clothes, leaving her in nothing but her birth suit.
She knew it was normal to be naked in an onsen, but she did not like to be naked before getting inside the water.
Well, this place could be categorized as a public place since anyone would be able to come in and out if they also wanted to spend time in an onsen.
She wrapped a towel tightly around her and walked towards the pool.
When she wanted to get inside the water, she would remove her towel and enter the water then.

Entering the onsen, the water felt amazing.
This onsen was not like a normal onsen, Yu Qi had already put something into it.
She made a bundle with the herbs from the garden inside her space in order to enhance the benefits of this onsen.
When someone came and sat down in this onsen, they might get some benefits such as their skin might become smoother and softer.
The most interesting fact about this onsen was that it treated your body as if you were soaking in a medicinal bath.

Yu Qi felt very restful when she sat inside the onsen.
She was glad she built this ryokan and create such an amazing onsen.
She was very sure that her ryokan would be famous one day.


”Brother Hui, what are you doing here? ” Feng Yue saw Long Hui had just walked in from the outside.

”I was enjoying the night breeze. ” Long Hui told Feng Yue in his blank expression.
Actually, he was trying to calm down after playing with Yu Qi just now.
His little brother got excited when he was kissing Yu Qi, so he needed time to calm down.

”So where is Yu Qi? ” Feng Yue looked around, searching for Yu Qi.

”She is not here anymore.
She said that she wanted to go to the onsen.
Maybe she already in there. ” Long Hui said.

”I see. ” Feng Yue nodded.
Then she asked Long Hui, ”So what do you want to do after this? ”

”Well, I want to go to the onsen as well, but I need to go to my room first. ” After saying that, Long Hui left Feng Yue.

Feng Yue just watched Long Hui walked away from her.
After a few seconds, she smiled wickedly.
She just thought a nice prank that she could play on Long Hui.
Then she walked quickly towards the onsen.

She went inside the women section.
She sneaked a peek in the women section and saw that Yu Qi was relaxing with her eyes closed.
Feng Yue smiled as she turned back around and went out.
Looking left and right and after confirming that no one was around, she swiftly changed the sign indicating the women and men sections.
The women ’s sign she put to the men section and the men ’s sign, she put to the womens ’ section.

She then ran away from that place, looking for a good hiding spot to wait for Long Hui to show up.
Not long after that, Long Hui arrived.
Long Hui went straight into the men ’s section after looking at the signs.

Feng Yue secretly laughed when she saw that Long Hui had just entered the onsen.
’Brother Hui, I hope you enjoy the scene. ’ Then she left.

Long Hui removed his clothes.
He put the towel on his shoulder and entered the onsen.
However, he was shocked to see his beloved Qi Qi inside.
His beloved Qi Qi was totally naked.
He could see her white curved body as it shimmered beneath the clear water.
The water was so transparent that it could not hide anything from his view.

Long Hui was enjoying the sight of his beloved Qi Qi ’s body.
Her white breasts looked very bouncy as they floated on top of the still water.
Seeing how perfect they were, it made him want to reach forward to gently take them into his hands and kneed them.
The size of her breasts were not too big, nor were they too small.
Looking at them, he judged that they would fit perfectly int the palm of his hand.
It was very balanced to the rest of her body with her small waist and the gentle flair of her hips as she sat.

Long Hui ’s gaze traveled down from her breasts to her belly button and even lower.
Unfortunately for him, he could not see what he really wanted to see because of her sitting posture.
That sitting posture prevented him from being able to see her secret place.
It was the only thing hidden from his view.

Long Hui ’s little brother was getting excited after being entertained with such an erotic scene.
Long Hui did not even realize that his little brother getting harder and harder.

Yu Qi felt like someone was staring at her.
So she opened her eyes and saw something shocking in front of her.

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