”You are the s.l.u.ts who have humiliated my daughter, aren ’t you? ” A fat middle aged woman wore a dress that did not look very good to her came and asked in an angry tone.

The three of the girls turned to the woman.
They saw Gi Na and also her minions behind the middle aged woman.

”What? Because you are afraid, you bring your own mother? ” Zhu Lao Lin mocked Gi Na.

”Your little bitch, how dare you embarrass my daughter. ” That middle aged woman wanted to slap Zhu Lao Lin.

Before her hand landed on Zhu Lao Lin, Yu Qi stepped and held back her hand.

”You… ” That middle aged woman wanted to say some curse words to Yu Qi but the words stuck on her throat when seeing Yu Qi ’s terrifying eyes.

She felt that the girl in front of her could make someone ’s blood run cold.
She could feel her sweat running down on her back.

”Leave us alone. ” Yu Qi released that middle aged woman ’s hand.

She then took the tissue prepared on the drink ’s table and wiped her hand thoroughly which had held that middle aged woman ’s hand just now like it was something dirty.
She put an arrogant face throwing that tissue quickly into a dustbin nearby.

Zhu Lao Lin and Zhu Xiao Ling were holding back their laughter.

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”What is going on here? ” Feng Yue came and asked.

The middle aged woman recognized Feng Yue.
Who did not know this girl?

”Miss Feng, these three girls had humiliated my daughter.
I just want justice for my daughter. ” The middle aged complained to Feng Yue.

”Oh, is that so? ” Feng Yue rolled her eyes to Gi Na.
”Don ’t think I ’m a fool? I wonder who invite you to this party in the first place? ”

”We… ” The middle aged woman stumbled on her words.

”Can you show me your invitation? Otherwise, please leave the venue. ” Feng Yue asked for the invitation.

Their facial expressions changed.
They came here using other people invitation cards.
Not on their own.
Gi Na wanted to ask her minions to let her borrow their invitation card but when she turned around to ask, she saw no one.
Her so called friends had already left.
They were afraid that they would have to suffer too.

The middle aged woman also turned to the crowd to find her friend who had brought them here.
However, she could not see anyone of them.
So, the two pair mother and daughter was not able to bring out the invitation card.

”If that so, please leave this party voluntarily.
Otherwise, I will have someone to bring you two out. ” Feng Yue crossed her arms on her chest.

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”This… ” The middle aged woman wanted to beg Feng Yue but Feng Yue immediately called the people to drag the two of them out from this venue.

”Stupid right? If she had not come back with her mother, she would not be dragged like that.
I bet she regretted making problem with us. ” Zhu Lao Lin commented.

”There is no medicine to word ’regret ’. ” Yu Qi added.

”How dare she messed with my best friend? ” Feng Yue said.
”Oh, it is Zhu Lao Lin and Zhu Xiao Ling. ” Feng Yue saw the girls beside Yu Qi.

”You know them? ” Yu Qi asked Feng Yue.

I meet them once in a gathering. ” Feng Yue nodded.
”How do you meet them, Yu Qi? ”

”I meet Lao Lin in the shooting competition last year.
Meanwhile, her younger sister, Xiao Ling is my junior at the university. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Oh, what a coincidence. ” Feng Yue smiled.
”Yu Qi, Brother Hui is already here.
The party is about to begin. ”

Right after Feng Yue had said the sentence, someone talked through the microphone on the stage.

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”Everyone, thank you for coming to this party.
Well, I told them not to do this party but they insist.
You know me, I don ’t like to attend the party.
But they say, it is probably the last party that I will be attending except for my grandchild ’s wedding. ” Long Fei Yi began to talk.
Everyone laughed.

”It is my retirement party.
It is a great pleasure to serve our nation.
I hope the younger generation would be able to follow my legacy of protecting our nation from any kind of dangers.
I don ’t like to speak longer.
So enjoy the party. ” Long Fei Yi said.

The audience clapped their hands.
Yu Qi could see the person that she wanted to see.
Long Hui was standing beside his grandfather looking so handsome with her black suit.
After his grandfather finished his speech, he came down from the stage.

The young girls were stunned when seeing a handsome man.
They knew that this handsome man was the great general ’s grandson.
The great general looked the same but in the older version.
He was also already in a high position in the military and would be climbing up steadily in the future.
Who did not want to marry such a man?

People also wondered how did he look like when he smiling because the handsome man always wore a cold expression on his face.
However, the rumour said, the handsome man already had a girlfriend.

Long Hui walked across others.
His destination had already been set.
He already found his beloved Qi Qi in the sea of people.

”Is that your cousin, Feng Yue? ” Zhu Lao Lin asked.

”Oh, yeah. ” Feng Yue nodded.

”You should go to him.
He probably wants to speak with you about something. ” Zhu Lao Lin said.

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”I don ’t think he wants to talk with me though. ” Feng Yue shook her head.

”He is coming here for someone else. ” Zhu Xiao Ling said.

”What do you mean by that? ” Zhu Lao Lin did not understand.
Who was the one that Long Hui come here for if it was not Feng Yue? She was his cousin, right?

But Long Hui answered her questions by calling his beloved Qi Qi ’s name.

”Qi Qi, you came. ” Long Hui smiled while looking at Yu Qi.

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