The handsome man was smiling sweetly at a girl.
That girl had been troubled by those two women earlier.
Was that his girlfriend? Oh, wait. He also caressed her face. 

Long Hui did not care what others were thinking about him.
Others were not as important as his beloved Qi Qi.
What in his mind was his beloved Qi Qi.
His beloved Qi Qi looked very elegant.
He felt that he had been bewitched by her.

The more he looked at his beloved Qi Qi, he had suddenly remembered about this dress.
This dress was a gift from him to her.
The dress that reminded him about something naughty. 

”Qi Qi, this dress… ” Long Hui wanted to say.

This dress is from you.
How do I look? ” Yu Qi asked while smiling.

”Heavenly gorgeous. ” Long Hui praised his beloved Qi Qi.

Long Hui then leaned over to his beloved Qi Qi ’s right ear and whispering something. 

”You are irresistible.
I want to kiss you.
Including your white back. ” Long Hui licked his beloved Qi Qi ’s ear a little.

Yu Qi quickly turned to Long Hui while putting her hand on her ear, covering it.
On her face, a slightly red blush could be seen. 

”They are showing us a public display of affection. ” Feng Yue rolled her eyes.

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It is even worse during training camp. ” Zhu Xiao Ling added.

”Is that your cousin really… ” Zhu Lao Lin still could not believe what had happened in front of her eyes.
She knew Long Hui for a long time ago since her father was also in the military.
She often heard Long Hui ’s name being mentioned by her father saying that the man was a promising star in the military. 

Her father also had the intention to have her married to him.
But he could not bring it up since Long Hui seemed to be uninterested in a woman.
Who knows that he could show public display of affection like this?

Probably two and a half year since he has first met Yu Qi. ” Feng Yue nodded.
”My brother seems to fall in love with Yu Qi at first sight, I think. ” She whispered to the two of Zhu Sister.

Long Hui was still flirting with her beloved Qi Qi without care about what had been playing in others mind.
He did not see Yu Qi since the last date.
He missed her so much.

In the crowd, a family looked at the couple.
They had different thoughts in their mind though.
They were relatives of Long Hui.
Long Chua was a nephew of Long Fei Yi.  Long Fei Yi had a half brother who had died a long time ago.
Long Chua had a son, Long Cui Lang who was the same age as that of Long Hui and also a daughter, Long Hua Hong. 

”Mum, how could that bitch come and take Brother Hui from me? ” Long Hua Hong complained to her mother, Jang Su Ren.

”Don ’t worry, my dear.
I bet your Grandpa Yi would not accept a woman like that in the family. ” Jang Su Ren calmed up her daughter.

”But that Feng Yue seems to have a good relationship with that bitch. ” Long Hua Hong pointed towards Feng Yue who was standing beside Yu Qi.

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”That girl ’s surname is Feng.
Her words do not value in our family. ” Jang Su Ren said.

”But she looks very beautiful.
I wonder how she feels in bed? ” Long Cui Lang commented in a low voice but his sister seemed to hear his sentence.

”What? You are interested in that woman? ” Long Hua Hong displayed a disgusting look.

’ ’ Girls like her are probably good in the bed. ” Long Cui Lang smiled luckily.

Long Hua Hong knew about her brother.
He liked to play with girls.
Some of them were r.a.p.ed by her brother.
Of course, she also played a role.
Some of the girls were someone whom she had hated.
So, she drugged them and sent them to her brother.

”Work together tonight? ” Long Cui Lang looked at Long Hua Hong.

”Great. ” Long Hua Hong smiled.

”Do you bring things? ” Long Cui Lang asked.
Without those things, they could not do anything.

”Don ’t worry, bro.
They are in my bag.
I am always prepared. ” Long Hua Hong nodded.

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”Good. ” Long Cui Lang gave a thumbs up to his younger sister.

Long Hui and Yu Qi still did not know that the two siblings would be going to plot against them.
Long Hui and Yu Qi went to go to find Grandpa Tang because Long Hui wanted to greet him.
They could see Grandpa Tang was surrounded by people.
Tang Jung Wen, Auntie Ming Yue and Auntie Su Xiao were also here.

”Grandfather. ” Yu Qi called Grandpa Tang.

”Elder Tang. ” Long Hui greeted Grandpa Tang.

”Oh, my beloved granddaughter. ” Grandpa Tang called Yu Qi happily.
Then he turned to Long Hui.
”Oh, it is Long Brat. ”

”Thank you for coming here, Elder Tang, Uncle and Aunties.
I hope you enjoy yourself. ” Long Hui turned blind to the way Grandpa Tang called him. 

The onlookers were looking at them.
It seemed this girl was Master Tang ’s granddaughter who had been adopted.
So, she was together with Long Hui.
However, from Master Tang ’s tone, he seemed not to like Long Hui much.

”Oh, Hui.
You have already seen Yu Qi.
What do you think about her looks? ” Auntie Ming Yue smiled to Yu Qi and asked Long Hui.

Auntie Su Xiao was also excited to hear Long Hui ’s answer.

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”My beloved Qi Qi is always beautiful but today she seems emits charm more than ever. ” Long Hui said while smiling gently to Yu Qi.

The two aunties were satisfied with Long Hui ’s answer as they giggled.

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