”Let ’s go and greet my grandfather. ” Long Hui said to Yu Qi.

”Oh, yeah.
I want to give my gift to him too.
Let ’s go together. ” Feng Yue smiled.

”Grandfather. ” Feng Yue called Long Fei Yi.

”Slow down, Little Yue.
You will fall down. ” Long Fei Yi advised.

Long Fei Yi was very gentle to his only granddaughter while very strict to his grandson.

I have a present for you. ” Feng Yue brought out the box.

Long Fei Yi aka Grandpa Long took the box.
”Thank you, Little Yue. ”

”I choose this together with Yu Qi last week at Antique Street. ” Feng Yue said.

Grandpa Long turned to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi smiled and bowed politely to Grandpa Long.

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”General Long, congratulations on your retirement. ” Yu Qi said.

”Don ’t call me general since I have already retired.
Call me grandfather. ” This made people around them looked at Yu Qi and Grandpa Long.

Had Great General Long Fei Yi already decided on his granddaughter in law? People wondered whether he already met this girl before.

Long Chua ’s family was also standing nearby heard that sentence.
The one that could not accept the news was Long Hua Hong.
She clenched her fists.
How could someone like her be given approval from her uncle grandfather?

”Okay, Grandfather.
I will follow your saying. ” Yu Qi said humbly.

Grandpa Long narrowed his eyes for one second.
He really could not read this girl.
This girl was tough like his grandson.
Such a good choice of a granddaughter in law.

”I brewed some medicinal wine.
However, I don ’t bring them here.
I will give to you later. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Oh, really? Okay.
I will be looking forward to them. ” Grandpa Long nodded several times.
He heard about the wine which this girl had brewed from that Old Man Feng.
He has already tasted some of it.

”Oh, Yu Qi, don ’t forget about me.
The one you have given to me has already finished. ” Grandpa Feng just came heard and joined the conversation.

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”Humph, what do you think my granddaughter is a brewer wine for you? ” Grandpa Tang glared at Grandpa Feng.

”Jiang Man, you are stingy.
You don ’t give that 1000 years old ginseng wine.
I just want to taste some. ” Grandpa Feng made a face.

”That wine is given by my beloved granddaughter.
And it has very precious 1000 years old ginseng.
And don ’t say that I don ’t give to you.
I gave you one cup last time. ” Grandpa Tang bickered with Grandpa Feng.
’How dare he said that I ’m stingy? ’

”Just one cup.
Humph! ” Grandpa Feng did not want to lose.

”1000 years old ginseng? Wow, it is very precious. ” Grandpa Long interrupted.

”Of course.
That shows how my granddaughter loves me. ” Grandpa Tang bragged proudly about his granddaughter.

”Oh, I would like to taste some. ” Grandpa Long said.

”Humph, I can just give one cup. ” Grandpa Tang rolled his eyes.
’Your grandson kidnap my granddaughter.
You dare ask for my wine? ’

Yu Qi had been listening to these old men bickering felt embarrassed.
She had not expected these old men would bicker like this.

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The onlookers looked at the scene.
The three powerful men altogether.
One could shake the business world, another one had his name and a legend in the medical world and the last one was a great general and powerful figure in the military.
And now they were fighting for the wine.

”Let me go.
My grandfather is in the party. ” A girl shouted at the entrance of the party.

”Grandfather, I ’m here. ” The girl waved to someone.

Feng Yue and Grandpa Long changed their expression when they saw the girl.

”Ma Ri, what are you doing here? ” Grandpa Feng frowned.

Seeing Grandpa Feng recognised the girl, the men that held the girl released her.

”See, that is my grandfather.
I don ’t lie.
I will make sure you lose your job. ” This girl was Feng Ma Ri, the stepsister of Feng Yue.

Feng Ma Ri approached Grandpa Feng proudly.

”Grandfather, you should bring me too. ” Feng Ma Ri pouted.

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”Ma Ri, what are you doing here? ” Grandpa Feng asked again.

”Obviously, I come to the party. ” Feng Ma Ri did not realize the situation.

”Who tell you? ” Grandpa Feng already told Feng Cho Kang, Feng Yue ’s father that the great general did not want them to come to his party.

”My maid.
Grandfather, you are biased.
You should bring me too, not only Older Sister. ” Feng Ma Ri looked at Feng Yue.

She then turned to Long Hui.
She greeted Long Hui with a shy greeting.
”Brother Hui, you are here too. ”

Long Hui did not bother to acknowledge the girl.
He rather looked at his beloved Qi Qi.

Feng Ma Ri knew that Long Hui had ignored her.
He always did.
But today was different.
He paid attention to the girl beside him.
What the heck? Who was this girl? Why was Brother Hui holding her hand?

However, Feng Ma Ri did not have the chance to ask because Grandpa Long asked the men to drag Feng Ma Ri out from this party.
He did not give any face to Grandpa Feng.

Feng Ma Ri was dumbfounded when the same men earlier grabbed her.

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”Grandfather, ask them to let me go. ” Feng Ma Ri said.

”Ma Ri, you should not come here.
Go home. ” Grandpa Feng said.

”But why? Why does Feng Yue can stay? ” Feng Ma Ri shouted.

”Because she is my granddaughter.
Not you.
You are just a daughter of homewrecker. ” This time was not Grandpa Feng answered, Grandpa Long, said in complete disgust.
He glared at Feng Ma Ri like she was an ant that he could crush her easily.

Feng Ma Ri frozen.
She was very afraid of Grandpa Long.
She remembered that this man who had looked like the older version of Long Hui was the maternal grandfather of Feng Yue.
He was the Great General of this nation.
She had met this man before.
She remembered that this man beat her father until her father ended up in the hospital for one month.

Actually, Feng Ma Ri came to his party, not knowing that this party was Grandpa Long ’s retirement party.
The maids only told her that her grandfather went to the party with Feng Yue.
When she heard about it, she was angry.
Her grandfather always gave nice things to Feng Yue first.
If she knew Grandpa Long would be here, she would not come here.

Feng Ma Ri just let those men dragged her away.
Her legs gave up her strength due to Grandpa Long.
Grandpa Feng sighed.
That was his granddaughter too.

”I will excuse myself first. ” Grandpa Feng said.
He then walked away from the party.
He had to bring Feng Ma Ri home.

The audience watched the scene.
They knew that the only daughter of great general was married to Old Man Feng ’s son.
When the Grandpa Long ’s daughter died, Feng Cho Kang brought in a woman and a daughter.
The worse was the daughter was one year younger than Feng Yue.
Meaning Feng Cho Kang was already cheating on his daughter a long time ago.
The great general did not give any face to Old Man Feng at all.

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