”Grandfather, just ignore unimportant person like her. ” Feng Yue advised her Grandpa Long. 

Let ’s continue the party. ” Grandpa Long calmed down himself and said to the audience.
”You, young people can enjoy yourself. ” 

”I ’m going to greet others.
Stay with Yue.
Don ’t seduce other men. ” The last sentence was whispered into her ear by Long Hui.

Yu Qi glared to Long Hui.
”You too don ’t seduce other women. ” 

”I will follow your order, my queen. ” Long Hui gave Yu Qi a quick kiss to which Yu Qi did not have time to respond.
Then he left.

Yu Qi just looked at Long Hui who had escaped very quickly.
Then she heard some giggling beside her.
She turned over and saw Feng Yue and Zhu Lao Lin giggled with each other while looking at her with Zhu Xiao Ling.

”How sweet.
I wish that I have a boyfriend like him too. ” Zhu Lao Lin said.

”I have never thought that my older cousin will be so sweet. ” Feng Yue commented.

The two of them teased Yu Qi.
Zhu Xiao Ling on the side was just laughing.
Feng Yue immediately stopped laughing.
Others watched Feng Yue and were astonished by her.

”Yu Qi, alert.
Another shameless woman will try to shame you. ” Feng Yue gave her warning while looking at one direction. 

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”Hi, Cousin Yue.
It has been a long time since we have met each other.
I ’m happy to see you. ” Long Hua Hong came to greet Feng Yue.

”Well, I ’m not happy to see you at all. ” Feng Yue rolled her eyes.

”Cousin Yue, how can you say that? ” Long Hua Hong made a sad face.

Feng Yue did not respond to Long Hua Hong.
She used to play with Long Hua Hong when she was a kid.
However, Long Hua Hong liked to bully Feng Yue with her brother.
And when that happened, Long Hui saved her.
Only when she got older, she knew that Long Hua Hong was jealous of her because of her status being Grandpa Long ’s granddaughter.

Also, Long Hua Hong liked Long Hui since she was a kid.
But Long Hui was always cold to others except for Feng Yue and Grandpa Long.
So, that led to Long Hua Hong ’s hate for Feng Yue.
Now, Yu Qi appeared beside Long Hui.
She would be Long Hua Hong ’s target as well.

”And what we have here? Are you guys friends of Cousin Yue? ” Long Hua Hong looked at Zhu Sisters and Yu Qi.

”Yes, we are. ” Zhu Lao Lin answered.

”May I know your name? ” Long Hua Hong smiled like an innocent girl.

”I ’m Zhu Lao Lin.
This is my younger sister, Zhu Xiao Ling and this is Tang Yu Qi. ” Zhu Lao Lin introduced themselves to Long Hua Hong.

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”I see.
I ’m from Long Family, Long Hua Hong. ” Long Hua Hong introduced her name proudly.
She wanted these girls to know that she was from Long Family.

Long Family ’s side branch. ” Feng Yue sneered.

Cousin Yue.
How could you say that? ” Long Hua Hong clenched her fists.
She always introduced herself like that.
When people heard that she was from Long Family, people would think that she was from the great general ’s family and people would flatter her. 

”Well, I have known that the truth always hurts. ” Feng Yue added.

Long Hua Hong ignored Feng Yue.
Her aim for today was Yu Qi.
How dare she get close with Long Hui? 

”I saw that you are close to Brother Hui too much. ” Long Hua Hong turned to Yu Qi.

”Of course.
There is nothing wrong with it.
Yu Qi is Brother Hui ’s girlfriend. ” Yu Qi did not respond but Feng Yue did.

”Really? How long have you been together with Brother Hui? How do I not know about it? ” Long Hua Hong ’s eyes flashed a malicious intention. 

”We are together for about 2 years. ” Yu Qi smiled when she noticed the look in Long Hua Hong ’s eyes.

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”Why should you have to know? What are you to Brother Hui? Should he report something like that to you? ” Feng Yue replied to the last question of Long Hua Hong.

”Cousin Yue… ” Long Hua Hong could not manage to finish her sentence.

”When did my grandmother give birth to your father? Stop calling me Cousin Yue.
I ’m sick hearing that. ” Feng Yue snorted while rolling her eyes.

”Feng Yue, you are just from Feng Family.
Don ’t forget your surname. ” Long Hua Hong could not receive another word from Feng Yue anymore, so she retorted back.

”Yeah, my surname is Feng but I ’m a direct descendant of my grandfather.
Not like you that using my grandfather ’s name to get people to flatter you. ” Feng Yue did not lose in the verbal battle.

Zhu Sisters and Yu Qi only watched the two arguing each other.
They knew Feng Yue was winning in their argument when Long Hua Hong could not find any word to retort back.

”Miss Tang, long time no see. ” A husky voice disturbed them.
All of them turned to the voice.

Yu Qi smiled when she saw Qin Xia in front of them.

”Mr Qin, same here.
Are you attending this party as well? ” Yu Qi asked.

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It seems Miss Tang has become more and more beautiful. ” Qin Xia sincerely praised Yu Qi ’s beauty.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”You! How dare you flirt with another man since you already have Brother Hui as your boyfriend? I will tell Brother Hui about this. ” Long Hua Hong felt angry and a little bit jealous when the man did not even look at her.

”I dare to bet that Brother Hui will ignore you.
So, don ’t waste your time. ” Feng Yue helped Yu Qi to reply.

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