Because Long Hua Hong wanted it to have a faster reaction, she put more in the cup.
It must be working right now.
She looked at Yu Qi excitedly.
Long Cui Lang also waited for it.

However, things did not go as they expected.
Yu Qi seemed to be fine after she had finished the whole cup.
Yu Qi did not say anything as she was observing the expression on the siblings. 

”Are you okay? ” Long Cui Lang asked curiously.

”What makes you think that I ’m not okay though? ” Yu Qi asked back.

”You… ” Long Hua Hong made a terrible expression.

”If nothing else, I would like to excuse myself. ” Yu Qi left the siblings stunned about the scene.

Yu Qi wanted to go to the toilet.
Party was a place that Yu Qi wanted to avoid.
If it could not be avoided, she would attend less of them.
There were many schemes in this kind of events.

As for that Long ’s side branch family, she needed to search for their information.
It might be useful in the future if they dared to make a move against her again.

Meanwhile, the Long Sibling discussed in private about the matter earlier.

”Hua Hong, how could it is not working to her? ” Long Cui Lang asked her sister.

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”I don ’t know.
I used a lot on her.
It should be working. ” Long Hua Hong also feeling weird about it.
She indeed used a lot of amount of that thing. 

”But she is fine.
No reaction at all. ” Long Cui Lang remembered Yu Qi ’s face did not change after she drunk the juice after a while.

”I don ’t know. ” Long Hua Hong also helpless about this.

”Hua Hong, the reaction is different on another person.
Her reaction probably comes late.
I will go and find her to see whether she has the reaction. ” Long Cui Lang said excitedly about his thinking.

I will look for her too. ”

The siblings separated their ways and tried to find Yu Qi.
Yu Qi currently walked out from the toilet.
She should return to Tang Family since they would leave the party sooner or later.

This was tiring for her.
Training her martial art or jogging, even practising her archery or shooting, she did not feel this tired.
She sighed.
However, when she wanted to enter the venue, someone wanted to get out and collided with her. 

Thanks to her own body which had been trained every day, the collision was not very powerful for her, otherwise, she would fall on the ground.
But the other person was not so lucky.
She fell on the ground.

Yu Qi looked down and recognized the woman who had fallen down.
It was Long Hua Hong.
Long Hua Hong quickly glared up to the person who had collided with her.
Her eyes lifted up when she saw Yu Qi in her vision.

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”How long Miss Long wants to sit on the floor? ” Yu Qi asked.

Hearing the question, Long Hua Hong quickly stood up.
Hiding her angry thought, she smiled sweetly to Yu Qi. 

”Miss Tang, I have been looking for you.
Are you okay? ” Long Hua Hong faked her smile.

”Why are you looking for me? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Well, actually I want to be your friend.
Earlier, I ’m afraid that you don ’t want since Feng Yue might say something bad about me to you.
But I still want to be your friend. ” Long Hua Hong still wanted to act innocently.

”Really? ” Yu Qi decided to play with her a little bit.

Let ’s go somewhere private.
We can have a talk.
Since you are Brother Hui ’s girlfriend, I have many things to tell you.
I know a lot of Brother Hui ’s secret. ” Long Hua Hong was feeling excited when Yu Qi seemed to believe her.

Long Hua Hong thought that Yu Qi already believed her.
So she was acting intimately with Yu Qi by pulling Yu Qi ’s hand and pulled her to follow her somewhere.
She disgusted herself when acted like this to someone like Yu Qi however thinking about what would happen afterwards made her managed to hold back.

Yu Qi wanted to laugh.
This girl thought she was hiding so well but her face and eyes showed different things. 

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Long Hua Hong made a call to his brother while she was talking to Yu Qi just now.
His brother already knew that Long Hua Hong would bring Yu Qi for him to enjoy the night.
The two girls arrived at a room. 

”Let ’s enter this room.
We can talk in here. ” Long Hua Hong opened the room.

Long Hua Hong was about to push Yu Qi to enter the room.
However, Yu Qi swiftly dodged her. 

”Miss Tang, you better enter the room right now. ” Long Hua Hong threw the fake nice attitude.
She glared to Yu Qi. 

”You have nowhere to run. ” Long Cui Lang came out from the room which Long Hua Hong had opened. 

”Is your talk going to be so nice ? ” Yu Qi asked Long Hua Hong.

”You bitch.
No one can save you.
Just go in and enjoy the night with my brother. ” Long Hua Hong sneered.

”Right Miss Tang, I just want to taste you once.
Don ’t worry.
I will not tell Hui about this.
It will be our secret. ” Long Cui Lang stared l.u.s.tily at Yu Qi ’s body imagining how nice that body would be when she was beneath him.

’He would not tell Brother Hui.
But I will.
I will not let a bitch like you stay beside my Brother Hui. ’ Long Hua Long said in her mind.

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”Save me? I don ’t need other people to save myself. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

”Miss Tang, I don ’t like to settle it in a hard way.
For your information, I have received military training before.
You can not run away from me. ” Long Cui Lang smiled.

”Oh, really? I can try. ” Yu Qi replied.

”Brother, just knock out this bitch. ” Long Hua Hong said.

Long Cui Lang stepped forward.
He made a move to Yu Qi.
However, he was surprised when seeing that Yu Qi had easily dodged his attack. 

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