Long Chua called the ambulance.
Luckily the ambulance was parked not far away from the venue that party was held. 

Grandpa Long asked one of his men to inform his guests that he would withdraw from the party first.
Grandpa Long invited Long Chua ’s Family, Tang Family and others involved to go to a room.
Because of Grandpa Long ’s status, everyone had followed him.
Grandpa Tang also followed it but his mind complained to Grandpa Long.

”Now, let ’s hear from Yu Qi and Long Hua Hong. ” Grandpa Long said.

”As I said, she wants to kill my brother.
I invited her to talk with us.
But she… ” Long Hua Hong shivered when her eyes came crossed with Yu Qi ’s eyes.

”I will tell you a full version of it. ” Yu Qi began to speak.

”Tell us. ” Grandpa Long said.

”When I was alone, Long Hua Hong and Long Cui Lang came and talked to me.
Long Cui Lang asked his sister to apologize to me for speaking rudely earlier when I was with Yue.
As for the sign of forgiveness, Long Cui Lang offered me a cup of juice.
So, I drink it.
After that, I had left to go to the ladies.
When I was about to return to the venue, I collided with Long Hua Hong. ” Yu Qi looked at Long Hua Hong and smiled before continuing her story.

”She began to act intimately with me saying that she wanted to be my friend.
She said we should have a nice talk since I ’m Brother Hui ’s girlfriend.
She also said that she knew many of Brother Hui ’s secret. ” Yu Qi told them.

”I don ’t know that you are closer to Brother Hui for you to know his secrets. ” Feng Yue smirked.

Long Hua Hong clenched her fist and glared at Feng Yue. 

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”So, I follow her.
She took me to a room.
She opened the room and tried to push me inside.
But I had dodged her.
Then, Long Cui Lang came out from that room.
He boldly said he wanted me to spend a night with him and he would keep the secret from Brother Hui. ” 

These sentences made Tang Family especially Grandpa Tang frowned.
’That useless man had dared to think of laying his hands on my beloved granddaughter. ’

Grandpa Long also frowned.
He did not care about Long Cui Lang but snatching his future granddaughter in law was out of questions. 

”Mom, don ’t believe her.
She is lying.
I invite her just for a talk.
That ’s all. ” Long Hua Hong tried to influence others not to believe Yu Qi.
She could not believe that Yu Qi would expose them just like this. 

”Then, tell me.
Why did you try to push me into the room in which your brother was? ” Yu Qi posed a question to Long Hua Hong. 

I don ’t try to push you.
And I just want us to have a nice talk with my brother. ” Long Hua Hong managed to think of an excuse.

”Oh, really? Then when I had refused, why did you and your brother try to knock me out? ” Yu Qi threw a question again.

”Knock you out? No, we don ’t do such a thing. ” Long Hua Hong shouted.
’Why is this bitch so hard to deal with? ’

”Long Cui Lang had attacked me first.
I had just retaliated.
In the end, he is too weak.
It makes me wonder what he has been talking about receiving military training is true or not. ” Yu Qi snorted.

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”You, how dare you talk about my son like that? ” Jang Su Ren pointed to Yu Qi.

”What is wrong about that? Your son was trying to lay his hands on my niece and got beaten.
It is the truth.
And he is so weak even my niece can beat him. ” Auntie Ming Yue stepped forward protecting Yu Qi behind her back. 

”That ’s right.
How did he dare to do something like this? ” Auntie Su Xiao also acted like Auntie Ming Yue.

Yu Qi smiled.
Her family had protected her like this.
It made a cold heart melted instantly.

”My son would not do something like that. ” Jang Su Ren said angrily.

”Then, tell me why did your son try to use aphrodisiac on me? ” Yu Qi smiled while looking at Long Hua Hong.

Long Hua Hong was very shocked when she heard Yu Qi said something like that.
’How could she know about it? Has she heard about our plan? ’

”You are probably asking in your mind, how do I know about your wicked plan? ” Yu Qi saw Long Hua Hong ’s expression.

”You probably don ’t know that I ’m a doctor to be and trained by my grandfather about the smell of the herbs.
I have a sensitive nose.
Because of that, I can smell something off when your brother has given the cup to me. ” Yu Qi explained to them.

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We don ’t do anything like that. ” Long Hua Hong did not admit that.

”I know that you would not admit that.
But what if I can prove it? ” Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.

Long Hua Hong shivered when she looked at Yu Qi ’s eyes.
She never meets someone like this girl. 

”What can you do to prove it, humph? ” Jang Su Ren was facing Yu Qi so she did not realize her daughter ’s face turned to bad.

”If you can not prove it, I will sue you. ” Jang Su Ren continued.

Long Hua Hong basically shaking.
She clenched her fists to make sure it was not seen by others.
She convinced herself that Yu Qi was just bluffing. 

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