”To put aphrodisiac into my drink, meaning you have already prepared the aphrodisiac before you have come to this party. ” Yu Qi began to speak.
”I guess one of you must have the aphrodisiac with you right now. ”

Grandpa Long immediately asked one of the female officers to search Long Hua Hong.
Hearing the order, Long Hua Hong quickly stepped behind her mother. 

”Mom, I don ’t want them to search.
I don ’t want people to humiliate me like this. ” Long Hua Hong used her mother as her shield.

”Miss Long, we just want to search your body.
Not to humiliate you.
If you feel embarrassed, we can search you inside the bathroom over there ” The female officer said with the stoic expression.

”Hong-er, just go.
It will make these people shut up. ” Jang Su Ren said.

Long Hua Hong could not refuse anymore when her own mother said something like that.
Feeling unwilling, Long Hua Hong entered the bathroom with one of the female officers. 

Long Hua Hong needed to think about something.
When they entered the bathroom, Long Hua Hong decided to bring out a suspicious bottle.
She wanted to hide it somewhere here before the female officer searching for her.

However, before she managed to hide that, the female officer grabbed her hand that held the suspicious bottle.

”I think I don ’t have to search your body right? ” The female officer smirked.
She forcefully took the bottle from Long Hua Hong ’s hand.

The female officer got out of the bathroom.
The people outside were feeling the body search was ended so quickly.
Long Hua Hong also came out with a flushed face.

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”The result? ” Grandpa Long asked the female officer.

The female officer handed out the suspicious bottle.
There was still the liquid inside the bottle.
Seeing the bottle, Jang Su Ren was panic.

”No, that does not belong to my daughter.
You must have cooperated with this bitch. ” Jang Su Ren pointed towards the female officer.

”Madam, you better think before using your mouth.
Or I will sue you according to the military law that you have slandered a soldier without any evidence. ” The female officer replied without anger.

”And this is my first meeting with Miss Tang. ” The female officer continued.

Grandpa Long gave a look to Jang Su Ren.
She immediately shut up her mouth.
Grandpa Tang stepped forward.

”Let me see that. ” Grandpa Tang demanded the bottle.

Grandpa Long gave to Grandpa Tang.
Grandpa Tang opened the bottle and smelled the liquid inside the bottle. 

”It is indeed the aphrodisiac. ” Grandpa Tang confirmed it.

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”No, you are lying. ” Jang Su Ren said.

”You can give it to the hospital to analyse the liquid for confirmation. ” Grandpa Tang stared at Jang Su Ren.

Grandpa Long looked at the Long Hua Hong.
Seeing Long Hua Hong ’s expression, it must be the truth.

”Then, you know that we put the aphrodisiac, you should be affected by the aphrodisiac since you drink that juice.
Why are you not affected by the aphrodisiac? ” Long Hua Hong screamed demanding the explanation.

My daughter is true.
If it is true you drink the juice, why are you still okay? ” Jang Su Ren felt they still had a hope to overturn this.

”Because my body is immune to that kind of things. ” Yu Qi just smiled.

Long Hua Hong and Jang Su Ren were speechless.
Right now, they did not have anything to defend themselves.
Grandpa Long sighed.

”I will give an explanation to you later. ” Grandpa Long looked at Grandpa Tang.

”You better.
Yu Qi, let ’s go home. ” Grandpa Tang pulled Yu Qi with him.

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Uncle Tang Jung Wen, Auntie Ming Yue and Auntie Su Xiao looked at each other and chuckled.
Their father only had his granddaughter in his eyes.

They left the party. 

”I have never thought that this party would be over like this. ” Auntie Ming Yue said.

”I suppose that siblings might face wrath from the great general. ” Auntie Su Xiao commented.

”That girl should be taught.
It must be their parents who have taught them that way.
Looking at the mother who was foolishly protecting her daughter. ” Grandpa Tang was still angry.

”Anyway, why I don ’t see Long Hui? ” Uncle Tang Jung Wen asked.

”Oh, some problems occurred in the military which needs his command. ” Yu Qi explained.


Grandpa Long stared at the three people in the room.
Long Chua was very embarrassed with his daughter and her son.
He was busy managing his company.
So, all about his children ’s matter, his wife did the management.
He did not expect that his obedient son and his sweet daughter would be doing something like this.
And at the worse, got caught in front of his uncle.

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Jang Su Ren also kept her mouth shut up.
She was scared.
Her husband ’s uncle was indeed worthy of his name as the great general. 

The one who felt worse was Long Hua Hong.
She felt waiting for Grandpa Long to talk like years. 

”Investigate all of their crimes. ” Grandpa Long opened his mouth ordering his men.

”Yes, Sir. ” The men left the room.

”Grandpa Long, please forgive me.
I swear I will never do something like this again. ” Long Hua Hong begged.

”If my granddaughter in law was not smart, she would have destroyed by you two. ” Grandpa Long bang the table in front of him.

The three of them were surprised when Grandpa Long banged the table.
Grandpa Long was very angry.
He had tolerated his family since Long Chua was his nephew.
However, they wanted to touch Long Hui ’s girl.
They invited death into their door.

Grandpa Long did not know what that brat would do if he heard about what happened to his girl.
He could see that brat was really protective of his girl. 

”I will tell you one thing.
I will not protect you, especially from Hui.
You know that brat is protective to his people.
I don ’t know what will happen to you. ” Grandpa Long told them.

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Long Chua and Jang Su Ren changed their expression.
They knew it.
They had been in that situation before.
Long Chua clenched both of his fists.
His children had made trouble for him.
He could not suffer from the attack like the previous one.
His company would be collapsed.

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