Yu Qi returned to the Shiwa Town together with Grandpa Tang.
It had been so long since she had gone to Grandpa Tang ’s house.
She wanted to see her ryokan and greenhouse as well.

Before she had left, she sent two jugs of the medicinal wine to Grandpa Long.
Grandpa Long was very happy receiving the medicinal wine. 

As for Long Hua Hong and Long Cui Lang, Grandpa Long had investigated the siblings.
Turned out they were doing the same thing to other women.
Usually, the women that had a bad relationship with Long Hua Hong or someone with whom she was jealous of.

Long Hua Hong would use the same technique by pretending that she wanted to talk.
Then she would give the aphrodisiac to the girls.
After the girls were stimulated, Long Cui Lang would r.a.p.e them and filmed it.

In the morning, they would be threatened with the tape.
Saying that they had to keep their mouths shut otherwise, the tape would be over the internet.
So the girls kept silent.

Yu Qi did not trust Long Cui Lang.
So, she investigated herself about this.
She hacked to Long Cui Lang ’s personal email and found something.
This bastard, Long Cui Lang did not keep his promise.
He had ended up opening a website to show and upload all the video to the internet.
It was a pay website.
So, if someone watched the video, he would get the money. 

Yu Qi handed the evidence that she had found to Grandpa Long.
Grandpa Long was surprised by this piece of evidence.
He did not expect that Long Cui Lang was someone like this.
Grandpa Long asked where did she get the evidence.
Yu Qi said that she got a friend who was very good in IT, so she asked his help to investigate Long Cui Lang.

Grandpa Long said he would handle the evidence to the law enforcement and let them decide what to do with Long Cui Lang and also Long Hua Hong.
She also was a part of this.
She would be punished as well.


Yu Qi walked to the greenhouse.
Seeing their boss had come to visit, the employees who saw her, came and greeted her.
As for the new employees, they were stunned when their seniors had greeted the beautiful lady.
So, one of them asked the other.

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”Brother Cho, why are you greeting that girl very respectfully? ” 

”Of course we need to respect her.
After all, Miss Yu Qi is our big boss. ” 

”Owner of this greenhouse? ”

”Yes. ”

”I know that our big boss is a woman but I don ’t expect that she is a young girl. ”

”Miss Yu Qi is in her early twenties.
She is a future doctor. ”

”Wow, future doctor. ”

They were discussing their big boss.
The doctor was a very respectful profession which everyone respected. 

”But does she know about these plant that we take care of? ”

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All of our techniques have been taught by Miss Yu Qi. ”

She is amazing. ”

While the girl that they been talking about was going to the office.
Song Tao was inside the office doing his work. 

”Brother Tao, long time no see. ” Yu Qi greeted him.

”Oh, Miss Yu Qi. ” Song Tao greeted her back.

”How ’s our greenhouse? ” Yu Qi asked.

”So far so good.
Our order has increased by time to time as well as our profit. ” Song Tao said.

”It ’s good then. ” Yu Qi was happy with his management.

”Miss Yu Qi wants to see the account? ” Song Tao asked.

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”No need, I believe you. ” Yu Qi shook her head.
She knew she could trust Song Tao. 

”Well, I want to go and see the herbs which I have brought back from Fanghai Nation. ” Yu Qi remembered the seeds that she brought back from Fanghai Nation. 

”I will bring you there. ” Song Tao walked together with Yu Qi.

They walked to the herb section.
They could hear the voice of Song Tai ordering the workers for doing their jobs.
When Song Tai saw Yu Qi here, he quickly went to greet her.

”Miss Yu Qi. ” Song Tai was happy to see Yu Qi.

”Brother Tai, how ’s the work? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Miss Yu Qi, you don ’t need to worry with me here. ” Song Tai said while patting his chest.

Yu Qi laughed.
She knew Song Tai ’s personality.
Even though he was like this but his work was perfect.
He tended the herbs like his own child.

”Brother Tai, I want to see the herbs which I have brought out from Fanghai Nation.
Are they growing well? ” Yu Qi wanted to know.

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”Spring Root and Bianca Flower are growing up nicely but Anise Hyssop was very difficult to take care.
Out of 50 that we have planted, only half of them have survived. ” Song Tai explained.

”Well, that is good.
Meaning we are making progress.
Others can not even grow them here. ” Yu Qi was definitely happy with this achievement. 

The herbs that could not grow in the Binhai Nation finally could.
It was the biggest achievement. 

”I will buy lunch for all of you for today. ” Yu Qi said.

”Really? Okay.
I will tell everyone by our PA system. ” Song Tai went to the office happily. 

Song Tao sighed.
His twin was like a kid even though they were twin but had a different personality.
The only common thing that they had was their love towards the herbs. 

Yu Qi laughed seeing their reaction.
Yu Qi called the nearby restaurant to order for her employees ’ lunch.

”Brother Tao, how many workers we currently have now? ” Yu Qi wanted to know the exact number of her employees.

”It is 168 people in total. ” Song Tao answered.

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”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

So she ordered about 200 packed lunch in case they wanted to eat more and not forget about his beloved dog, Aoi.

Then they heard Song Tai ’s voice through the PA System.

”Hello guys, today we are having a free lunch.
It ’s our big boss treat. ” Song Tai happily announced that.

Then Yu Qi could hear the excited shouts around.

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