Chui Mei Fung saw her parent ’s grave.
It was kind of dirty.
Lucky to her, she already thought nobody would clean their parent.
So she went all out from the cleaning equipment.

At first, Yu Qi also kind of wonder why did Chui Mei Fung bring those things.
However, seeing the state of the grave, she understood. 

Arriving at the grave, Chui Mei Fung cleaned her parent ’s grave.
Yu Qi also helped.
At first, Chu Mei Fung did not allow her but after Yu Qi persuaded her, she allowed Yu Qi to help.

One hour later, they finished cleaning the grave.
Chui Mei Fung kneeled on her knee.
She began paying her respect to her parent.
She could not hold back her tear.

”Mum, Dad, I ’m sorry.
I was stupid not to hear your advise.
I ’m sorry…
I ’m sorry. ” Chui Mei Fung cried. 

She poured out all of her sadness, her suffering, her regret.
She was sad that she did not stay with her parent.
She regretted her decision on marrying the man without considering her parent ’s thought.

Meanwhile, Yu Qi stood there, also greeted Chui Mei Fung ’s parent.
Yu Qi also said that their child was living well in this lifetime, unlike the previous one.
So, they did not have to worry about their daughter anymore.

They stayed in front of the grave for about 45 minutes.
Chui Mei Fung seemed to already calm down.
Her face also seemed to brighten up.
Maybe because she already loosened the knot inside her heart. 

”Miss Yu Qi, thank you for accompanying me coming here.
I actually don ’t have the courage to come here.
But with your help, I managed to.
Thank you so much. ” Chui Mei Fung thanked Yu Qi and gave her 90-degree bow.

”There is no need for this.
You are my employee.
If I can help you, I will help you. ” Yu Qi helped Chui Mei Fung to stand.

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Then, their stomach made a sound.
They were stunned hearing that their stomach made sounds at the same time.
They ended up with laughs.
It already 2 p.m in the evening.
No wonder their stomach already made the protests.

”Let ’s go and have lunch. ” Yu Qi said after they stopped laughing.

They went to find a restaurant.
They found a restaurant and entered the restaurant.
They ordered the food that they wanted to eat.
Lucky to Yu Qi, Aoi did not come with her.
Aoi was being lazy nowadays with Sister Chu Xiao pampered him with food.
She felt that when she returned home, she should train him back so that he would not being lazy anymore.

They were having a late lunch.
However, the food was pretty delicious that they eat until it cleaned.
Then, when Yu Qi wanted to settle the payment, she could hear that someone was calling for Chui Mei Fung.

”Chui Mei Fung? ” A man called for Chui Mei Fung.

Chui Mei Fung did not turn around to see who was the person that called her.
She already knew who he was from his voice.
She still could not forget the voice that ruined her life two years ago.

”Chui Mei Fung? ” The man called again.

This time, Chui Mei Fung turned and faced the man.
She looked straight at the man with slightly arrogance on her face.

”It is really you, Mei Fung. ” The man said with a longing tone in his voice.
He then asked Chui Mei Fung the question.
”How are you? ”

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”I ’m fine. ” Chui Mei Fung said.

She scanned Kwang Yang his ex-husband.
He looked the same as they last met during their divorce. 

Same as Chui Mei Fung, Kwang Yang also scanned his ex-wife.
She looked the same but she became more and more beautiful.
She also looked very confident.
She already changed her style on dressing up. 

”What are you doing here? ” Kwang Yang wanted to strike a conversation with his ex-wife.

”None of your business. ” Chui Mei Fung said while glanced to Yu Qi that still in settling the payment. 

”Mei Fung, can we have a talk? ” Kwang Yang asked.

”For what? ” Chui Mei Fung looked at Kwang Yang. 

Kwang Yang saw Chui Mei Fung seemed did not interest to talk with him.
”Mei Fung, I just want… ”

”Sister Mei Fung, do you need some time? ” Yu Qi already settled the payment and she approached Chui Mei Fung.
She saw Chui Mei Fung with someone.

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”No need, Miss Yu Qi.
I don ’t have anything to say with him. ” Chui Mei Fung said to Yu Qi.

Kwang Yang looked at the girl that talked to Chui Mei Fung.
It was no doubt that this beautiful girl came from a rich family looking from her temper and her aura.
’This girl called Mei Fung ’sister ’.
Is she have a relationship with a rich family? ’ His eyes showed the desire to continue back his relationship with Chui Mei Fung.
If he could continue back, he might get the benefit from her.

”Mei Fung, please listen to me first. ” Kwang Yang begged Chui Mei Fung.

”Kwang Yang, why should I listen to you? We have divorced three years ago.
We have nothing to say to each other. ” Chui Mei Fung snorted.

”Mei Fung, I actually regret my decision back there.
Please give me one chance to redeem my fault. ” Kwang Yang went over by kneeling in front of Chui Mei Fung by everyone ’s eyes.

Kwang Yang felt that Chui Mei Fung would be soft-hearted when seeing him begging like this.
And she could not reject him in front of people just like that.

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