For the next day, the two of them walked around the city.
Yu Qi tried to find the shop which sold the herbs so that she might have a deal with them.
The city was quite big.
It was very lively.
It burst with people and the business was very good here. 

Yu Qi thought if she did not find the herbs shop in the city, she would have to open one here.
Even though the herbs shop might not be so popular but there would be people who needed them. 

”Please brother, don ’t hit me.
Don ’t hit me. ” 

Yu Qi heard something.
From the hearing, a group of people had been hitting someone.
Yu Qi was not a good person but since she heard something like this, she could not help but to go and see it.

”Sister Mei Fung, please wait for me here.
Don ’t go anywhere. ” Yu Qi said to Chui Mei Fung who was currently eating something cold on a hot day.

”Huh, where are you going to go? ” Chui Mei Fung asked.

”I need to do something. ” Yu Qi just smiled without explaining to Chui Mei Fung.

”Oh, okay.
Careful. ” Chui Mei Fung did not want to be a busybody.
Her boss must have something to do.

Yu Qi quickly went to the direction from where the voice had emitted.
It was behind the alley.
She could see about three men who had surrounded a man. 

”Lawyers must have a lot of money.
You can give a sum amount of money to us. ” The man who was hitting told the man who was currently sitting on the ground with bruises on his face.

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Yu Qi watched them and was surprised to see someone whom she could recognize from her previous life.
It was the man who had bruises on his face.
She remembered him.
A famous lawyer who would be an idol in the law world.

Ming Xuehai.
That was his name.
She had first met with him in her previous life when he came to Fanghai Nation together with Bai Shu Jin to discuss some deals with Mu Group.
Yu Qi was the representative for Mu Group.

She had long heard about his name during that time.
She was impressed by how a man like him stood up against the pressure and became the best lawyer in the nation.
Because of that, Bai Shu Jin had tried so many ways to pull Ming Xuehai to his side.

However, the current situation was not good for Ming Xuehai.
He was still young and did not have a connection to someone.
In her previous life, even Ming Xuehai had his own personal bodyguards.

Yu Qi must pull Ming Xuehai to her side.
Since she also needed a lawyer.
She currently walked to the group.

The three men realized that someone approached them.
They were immediately on the guard.
However, when they saw only a beautiful and slender girl came, they relaxed. 

One of the men approached Yu Qi with a l.u.s.tily stare, looking at Yu Qi ’s nice body.
This girl would be best when she was beneath the man.
He licked his own lips.

”Young girl, come here and play with brother.
I will take care of you nicely. ” The man once again licked his lips.

”Yeah, I also would like to play with you. ” Once Yu Qi finished the sentence, she gave a nice present to the man by kicking his stomach. 

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The man fell on the ground hissing in pain while placing his hands on his stomach.
The other two men immediately realized that the girl had kicked their brother.

”You bitch, how dare you to kick my brother? ” The men shouted angrily.
They tried to attack Yu Qi.

Since when Yu Qi would be so nice to wait for others to attack her.
She gave one kick to each of them.
One at the stomach, one at the head.
The man who was kicked at the head knocked out. 

Ming Xuehai was shocked to see a beautiful girl came and rescued him.
It was like ’ Hero saves the damsel in distress ’.
In this case, the damsel was Ming Xuehai while the hero was Yu Qi.
Ming Xuehai looked at Yu Qi with admiration.
She was like a goddess to him right now.

”Are you okay? ” Yu Qi asked Ming Xuehai who stared at her blankly.

Ming Xuehai did not react but stared at his goddess. 

”Hey, speak if you are okay? ” This time, Yu Qi patted Ming Xuehai ’s shoulder.

Ming Xuehai was stunned.
I ’m okay.
Thank you, goddess. ” Ming Xuehai nodded.

”Goddess? ” Yu Qi looked at Ming Xuehai weirdly.
’Is this man okay at his head? ’ She could not help but wonder herself. 

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”I mean, thank you, miss, for helping me.
Otherwise, I might be killed by them. ” Ming Xuehai was very embarrassed when his tongue slipped the word goddess.
He just meant to call her a goddess in his heart only. 

”Can you stand up? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”Yeah, I think so. ” Ming Xuehai tried to stand up.
Luckily the men did not hit his legs.

Yu Qi and Ming Xuehai walked away from the alley and went to Chui Mei Fung.
When Chui Mei Fung saw them, she immediately stood up.

”Miss Yu Qi, do you hit this young man? ” Chui Mei Fung asked in shock.

”Sister Mei Fung, is my character so bad in your eyes? ” Yu Qi ’s eyes twitched when she heard Chui Mei Fung ’s question.

Chui Mei Fung only grinned.
Her boss was a strong girl.
She could fight men.
That was why she was asking.

”No, no, she has saved me.
These bruises have come from the men who hit me. ” Ming Xuehai quickly explained so that his goddess would not be misunderstood.

”Thank you, miss, for saving me.
I ’m Ming Xuehai, by the way.
” Ming Xuehai excitedly as he introduced his name to his goddess.

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Chui Mei Fung watched Mung Xuehai.
She sighed.
This man might have already fallen in love with her boss.
Well, she understood.
Well, her boss was very beautiful and charismatic.
She saved the man like a hero saving the damsel.
Even though the roles were reversed but still it was the same story.

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