Yu Qi sent Ming Xuehai to a clinic to treat his wounds.
At first, Ming Xuehai rejected that offer.
He insisted that it was nothing, just some bruises.

Yu Qi asked why he did not want to go and treat his bruises.
Ming Xuehai was silent.
He actually was very embarrassed to say the reason.
The reason was simple.
It was because of money. 

He did not have extra money to waste.
Since the bruises would disappear after a few days, he should let them be instead of wasting money on treating them. 

”If it is because of money, you don ’t need to worry about it.
I will pay for you. ” Yu Qi said.

”But… ” Ming Xuehai wanted to decline.

But Yu Qi insisted.
Ming Xuehai did not want his goddess to get angry, so he silently followed his goddess to treat his bruises and wounds.
The doctor treated him and said it was nothing but normal bruises and wounds.
He would be fine after a few days.

”Oh, no.
My job. ” Ming Xuehai suddenly shouted.

”Your job? ” Chui Mei Fung asked.

”Actually, I ’m working as a lawyer at a small firm but they treat me as a delivery boy. ” Ming Xuehai sighed.
They must be very angry now since they did not receive their drink by now.

”Do you want another job? ” Yu Qi who had been silent just now, talked and asked Ming Xuehai a question.

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”Of course I want.
But it is very hard to find one.
And I have gotten this job through my friend. ” Ming Xuehai did think to find a new job which required his lawyer skills.

”What if I can give you one? ” Yu Qi took out the bail.
Of course, the fish was Ming Xuehai.

In the current situation, it would be best to throw the bail to Ming Xuehai.
If Ming Xuehai was smart, he would think about this offer.

”Really? The job that can let me use my skills? ” Ming Xuehai was very excited but he had to ask a lot of things too before he decided about it.

”You are a lawyer, right? Right now, I ’m lacking a lawyer coincidently . ” Yu Qi already made a plan for this young man.

”Who are you actually? ” Ming Xuehai asked.

”My surname is Tang.
The first name is Yu Qi.
I want a lawyer for my company though.
Are you interested? ” Yu Qi threw a bait again.

”Lawyer for your company? ” Ming Xuehai was shocked when his goddess said that she had a company and wanted him to be the company ’s lawyer. 

”You will get more benefit if you work with my boss. ” Chui Mei Fung added.
She understood that Yu Qi wanted to help this young man by offering him a job.
And he did have the qualification to join Yu Qi ’s company.

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”You are her employee? ” Ming Xuehai asked while looking at Chui Mei Fung.
He thought she was the older sister of his goddess since his goddess called her ’Sister Mei Fung ’.

I ’m one of hers. ” Chui Mei Fung said proudly.
She was very proud to say she was an employee of her boss. 

”If I go with you, I have to leave this city, right? ” Ming Xuehai inquired about that.

”Yes, mostly you might be in Wenya City. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”I can ’t leave here. ” Ming Xuehai sighed.

”And why is that? ” Yu Qi looked at Ming Xuehai.

”I have a sister here.
I can ’t leave her here alone. ” Ming Xuehai explained.

Yu Qi was stunned.
She did not expect that Ming Xuehai would have a sister.
In her previous life, she did not hear anything about him having a sister.
Well, she probably missed out the information about him.

”Well, you can bring your sister together. ” Yu Qi ’s sentence indeed made Ming Xuehai wanted to agree to follow his goddess.

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”Really, Miss Yu Qi? My sister can go with me if I follow you? ” Ming Xuehai ’s eyes shined.

”Of course.
Is your sister in school right now? ” Yu Qi asked.

”No, she is working as part of housekeeping in a hotel around here. ” Ming Xuehai answered.

”Oh, it is a coincidence.
Sister Mei Fung is my manager at my hotel.
She could be her subordinate. ” Yu Qi glanced to Chui Mei Fung.

”Yeah. ” Chui Mei Fung nodded.

”Oh, before I will forget, what is the requirement for you to stop your job at the firm? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I forget about that.
I need to pay 10,000 RMB for breach the contract and give one month notice. ” Ming Xuehai indeed forgot about that. 

10,000 RMB…
Well, you don ’t need to worry about it.
I will settle it. ” Yu Qi thought it was weird.

Whatever, she could think the plan to settle that matter.
All she needed right now was Ming Xuehai ’s consent.
Other problems could be settled later on.

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”I will go back.
I will discuss with my sister about this and tell you my decision tomorrow. ” Ming Xuehai nodded. 

”Well then, here is my contact number.
You can give me a call and tell me your decision. ” Yu Qi gave her contact number.

Ming Xuehai leave.
Leaving Yu Qi in a happy mood while Chui Mei Fung was very curious about her boss ’s decision on recruiting Ming Xuehai.

”What? ” Yu Qi asked Chui Mei Fung.

”Miss Yu Qi, why are you very generous inviting this Ming Xuehai to work with you? ” Chui Mei Fung asked curiously. 

Ming Xuehai was indeed a handsome man but he could not win against Long Hui, Yu Qi ’s boyfriend.
Long Hui was a perfect match for her boss.
So, she could not believe if Yu Qi told her that she fell for Ming Xuehai.

Yu Qi let a small laugh out.
”Well, you will see in the future. ”

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