Hearing the sentence from his goddess, it slightly hurt.
Well, it was actually the truth.
He was indeed weak. 

His goddess was right.
He needed to be trained.
So that in the future, he could protect his goddess if she was ever in the danger.

”Okay, Miss Yu Qi.
Please train me. ” Ming Xuehai said with enthusiasm.

”Here is your schedule starting for tomorrow. ” Yu Qi brought out another paper.

Ming Xuehai took and read the schedule.
’6 a.m.
morning jog for 5 km.
After breakfast, 50 push up and 50 sit-ups Then martial arts training.
After lunch, another 50 push-ups and sit-ups Then martial arts training.
Then evening jog of 5 km.
After dinner, another 50 push-ups and sit-ups.
’Can I do all of this? ’

Yu Qi noticed Ming Xuehai ’s expression.
She knew what Ming Xuehai was thinking right now.

”Brother Xuehai, don ’t worry.
Take it slowly.
Don ’t force yourself to complete it.
This is only the guideline.
As for martial arts training, I will be your coach. ” Yu Qi said.

”Eh, Miss Yu Qi will be my brother ’s coach? ” Ming Xuebai asked.
She did not think that this young miss was an expert in the martial arts.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Ming Xuehai remembered that she had beaten those men very easily.
The admiration level of his goddess increased again.
’My goddess is really cool. ’

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While in the Long Family ’s Side Branch, 

Long Chua sat on the chair thinking about the problem which he was currently facing right now.
His company had been attacked from various directions before.
He owned a construction company. 

Right now, he was having three major projects.
And all of them were having some kind of problems.
The workers stopped coming to work, the supply of construction material had been delayed, and many more.
The worst was the authorities started to investigate his company due to the tax.

And he knew why this had happened in the first place.
This must be Long Hui ’s retaliation due to Long Hua Hong and Long Cui Lang.
Those idiots are his children.
He did not care with whom they wanted to play but they should know that some people should not be offended.

Last time, Long Hui had caught Long Hua Hong and Long Cui Lang on the spot while bullying Feng Yue.
After that, his company had suffered a great loss in one project on which he had been working.
At first, he did not know that Long Hui had ordered the attack.
After scooping around, he heard from someone that Long Hui had made the order to make him fail that project.

Long Chua brought his children to go and meet Long Hui.
He begged him so that he would stop making the problems in his company.
Long Hui told them to go and beg for Feng Yue ’s forgiveness.
If Feng Yue forgave them, he would stop the attack. 

So, Long Chua together with his children went to see her.
Long Chua sincerely begged for Feng Yue ’s forgiveness.
Feng Yue was softhearted when seeing Long Chua was very sincerely asking for forgiveness for his children.
If it was Feng Yue ’s father, he would definitely not do something like this for her.
So, she forgave the siblings because of Long Chua.

Long Chua told his children to remember not to bully Feng Yue anymore.
Long Hui did fulfil his promise.
The attack had been stopped.
Because of their father ’s persistently nagging, Long Hua Hong and Long Cui Lang did not bully Feng Yue anymore. 

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Long Chua always threatened them that if they messed with Feng Yue again, they would lose everything that they were currently having right now. 

Now, they dared to mess with Long Hui ’s woman.
And it was in front of his uncle, Long Fei Yi and also Tang Family.
He had already heard about the legendary doctor who was doting his adopted granddaughter very much, even more than his biological grandsons. 

As for his uncle, Long Fei Yi had already ordered his men to investigate about his children.
Meaning, he was very angry.
He really did not know what his children were doing these years.
If his children wanted to buy something, he just gave them the money and did not bother to ask what they had wanted to buy.
All of that, only their mother would ask them.
If his uncle ’s men found something and that something was not too bad, then it was okay.
But it was not good, his children would… 

His uncle had also accepted that girl as his future granddaughter in law.
On that night, it was evident that his uncle had already met Yu Qi before. 

”Husband, has something already happened to our company? ” Jang Su Ren entered the room and saw her husband sat on the chair without doing anything.
He just sat there and seemed to be immersed in deep thoughts. 

”Sigh, right now, the company is doing okay.
Nothing has happened…
yet… ” Long Chua thought that this looked like it was the calm before the storm. 

”Probably Hui does not care much about that bitch. ” Jang Su Ren felt angry when thinking about that bitch who had kicked her son. 

”You should not talk about that girl like that. ” Long Chua gave the remainder.

”What? Why are you siding with that bitch? Do you fall in love with her too? Such a seductress.
Only know to seduce men. ” Jang Su Ren became mad at her husband.

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”What nonsense are you talking about? When have I fallen in love with that girl? ” Long Chua rebutted.

”Then why are you defending her? ” Jang Su Ren argued.

”When have I defended her? ” Long Chua sighed.
”I don ’t want to argue with you.
I have a lot of things to think about. ” Long Chua stood up and got out of the room.

Seeing her husband went out and did not want to talk to her, she was fuming in anger.

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