Yu Qi asked Long Hui to get out of the water.
When he finally got out, Long Hui sat down on the small chair that was provided in the onsen.
Yu Qi was sitting in front of him facing his little brother.

”Qi Qi, please hold my d.i.c.k. ” Long Hui begged.

His little brother was swinging left and right waiting for Yu Qi to hold him.
Well, it was trying to since Long Hui ’s little brother was still covered by the towel.

Yu Qi took a deep breath, then she lifted up her hand.
Using her index finger, she gave a little push to Long Hui ’s little brother.
When Long Hui ’s member felt her touch, its swinging became faster.
After a few pushes, Yu Qi gathered her courage and slowly gripped Long Hui ’s little brother.

”Hmm… ” Long Hui let out a sound from his mouth.
It felt wonderful when his beloved Qi Qi held his little brother.

Yu Qi lifted up her eyes to see Long Hui ’s reaction.
She could see that Long Hui had closed his eyes and was enjoying her touch.
Yu Qi felt the heat of Long Hui ’s little brother even though she was only touching it though it was still covered in the towel.
Yu Qi began to stroke Long Hui ’s little brother up and down.
Long Hui made a m.o.a.ning sound, responding to Yu Qi ’s stroking.

Long Hui felt that he was in heaven.
His beloved Qi Qi ’s touch felt very very amazing.
He did not even think that he would be getting this kind of treatment from Yu Qi today.
It was so very worth it to come to this ryokan, even though it was fulled of strangers.

Yu Qi was very focused on taking care of Long Hui ’s little brother.
She thought that she was beginning to enjoy touching Long Hui ’s little brother as she was.
She knew when to stroke fast and when to stroke slow.

Because it was the first time that his little brother was ever held by someone, Long Hui was getting more and more excited.
He m.o.a.ned with his deep low voice, enjoying every second that he could.
The feeling was so amazing that Long Hui could not describe in words and his mind filled with nothing but a white light of ecstasy.

The stroking became faster and faster.
Yu Qi could feel Long Hui ’s little brother getting harder and bigger.
Long Hui felt he would come, then, after a few minutes, he growled lowly in pleasure after releasing the acc.u.mulated energy.
Long Hui began to calm down after a bit of time.

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Yu Qi was curious about Long Hui ’s orgasm just now.
She forgot that she was embarrassed and slowly pulled the towel off from Long Hui ’s little brother.
Yu Qi saw Long Hui ’s little brother directly.
It looked very big.

Yu Qi also could see the white liquid that been released from Long Hui ’s little brother.
The white liquid looked very thick.

Yu Qi touched the white liquid.
It was still warm.
The mixture, as she said just now, it was very thick and condensed.
Yu Qi brought some white liquid to her nose to smell that.
She was wondered about this smell.
It was not bad, but she could not describe the smell.

Long Hui realized his little brother already exposed to Yu Qi ’s eyes.
He saw Yu Qi ’s curiosity about the c.u.m that came out from him.
Then he began to feel excited again when seeing Yu Qi smelled his c.u.m.
His little brother became hard again wanting to repeat its experience from a few minutes ago.

”Qi Qi. ” Long Hui ’s stare penetrated Yu Qi.

Snapping out from her curiosity, Yu Qi saw Long Hui ’s little brother became bigger again.

”Again? ” Yu Qi asked.

”It ’s your fault, Qi Qi.
You pulled the towel away.
Facing you directly, how can he not wake up again? ” Long Hui said, shamelessly blaming Yu Qi.

Yu Qi went silent.
It was true she pulled the towel away.
But now, she became embarrassed again.

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”Qi Qi, can you touch him again? But this time directly? ” Long Hui asked in his seducing tone.

Yu Qi frozen.
’Directly? But it was your d.i.c.k. ’

”Please, Qi Qi. ” Long Hui begged again.

It seemed that Yu Qi could not stand Long Hui ’s begging.
She placed her hand onto Long Hui ’s little brother.
This time, she could feel its heat directly on her hand.

”Qi Qi, stroke it like you stroke before. ” Long Hui said.

Following Long Hui ’s instructions, Yu Qi began to stroke up and down.
With the helping of Long Hui ’s c.u.m, the stroke became faster and faster as the c.u.m made the surface of his little brother ’s wet so it was easier for her hand to glide up and down.

Then once again Long Hui released the white liquid.
This time, Yu Qi felt the heat directly emitted from the white liquid as it coated her hand in its essence.

”It ’s warm. ” Yu Qi commented.

Long Hui could not hold back anymore.
He quickly pulled Yu Qi into his arms and started to kiss Yu Qi.
Yu Qi also responded to the kiss by opening her mouth to give Long Hui full access to her mouth.
Long Hui sucked her tongue and his tongue started playing around inside Yu Qi ’s mouth.

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Long Hui pulled the towel that had wrapped his beloved Qi Qi ’s body off slowly.
It revealed the perfect white body that had started all of this in the first place.
Long Hui ’s hand played a role of its own as it grabbed Yu Qi ’s bare b.r.e.a.s.t.

’Yeah, I did it.
I touch my beloved Qi Qi ’s b.r.e.a.s.t.
It is so very soft. ” Long Hui ’s played around with Yu Qi ’s b.r.e.a.s.t in his hand.

Long Hui also touched the rosy pink n.i.p.p.l.e peeking out from the center of her b.r.e.a.s.t.
The n.i.p.p.l.e looked very pink and cute.
It started to harden the more that he played with it.
Yu Qi m.o.a.ned as Long Hui ’s long, elegant fingers continued to play with her hardened n.i.p.p.l.e.

Hmm. ” Yu Qi m.o.a.ned into Long Hui ’s mouth in enjoyment.
Long Hui refused to break the kiss for even a second causing him to swallow the m.o.a.n as it came out.

’Another sensitive spot. ’ Long Hui thought to himself.
He had already discovered two sensitive spots on Yu Qi ’s body.
Long Hui keep touching her n.i.p.p.l.e as his lips left her mouth and slowly moved to her ear, trailing kissing along its path.
Sucking and licking her ears was the thing that Long Hui ’s mouth wanted to do more than anything at this moment.

After being satisfied by her ear, Long Hui ’s mouth traveled down to her neck and finally found its way to Yu Qi ’s proud b.r.e.a.s.t.
Long Hui ’s tongue played around her right b.r.e.a.s.t until it found her n.i.p.p.l.e and he focused all of his attention on that hardened peak.
While his mouth was occupied with one b.r.e.a.s.t, his hand started kneading Yu Qi ’s other b.r.e.a.s.t.

Yu Qi felt amazing.
She m.o.a.ned louder and louder as Long Hui played with her body like that.
Long Hui kept attacking the sensitive parts of her body until she felt that something big would come if Long Hui kept playing with her body like that.

”Ah, ah, ah. ” Yu Qi ’s body became stiff.
She felt as if she was in heaven.
After a few minutes, Yu Qi ’s body turned back to normal.

Long Hui had already stopped moving by the time she had collapsed into his arms.
He knew that Yu Qi had just climaxed from his touch alone.
It was a heady feeling.
Yu Qi leaned on Long Hui ’s chest as she struggled to catch her breath.
Long Hui wrapped his arms around Yu Qi, needing her as close to his body as he possibly could.
They were hugging with their n.a.k.e.d bodies completely entwined, never wanting to separate.

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