Long Chua heard that the police had already gone to Long Cui Lang telling him that he would be arrested as soon as he got discharged from the hospital.
Long Cui Lang called Jang Su Ren while she was with him, thinking about the best solution for his son and daughter. 

”Husband, we need to do something.
Otherwise, we will lose both of our children. ”, Jang Su Ren was very sad.

Long Chua sighed.
”This would have never happened if they did not decide to touch Long Hui ’s woman. ”

Jang Su Ren got an idea.
”Husband, we should go and meet that girl and beg for her forgiveness.
I ’m sure if that girl forgives our children, everything would be okay. ” 

”No. ” Long Chua crushed her hope.

Long Chua was not a fool.
Going to that girl would not make any difference.
The case was already under the authorities ’ management.
They even got the arrest warrant for both of their children, meaning the evidence that they got against their children was pretty solid. 

Jang Su Ren frowned.
”Why not? ”

In the past, they had brought their children to beg for Feng Yue ’s forgiveness to settle this kind of problem.
Right now, the problem began with that girl.
If they succeed in convincing that girl, they might not pursue this matter anymore and their children would be safe.

”You fool.
In the past, the police were not involved.
Long Hui had just attacked my company.
That was why, when we begged for Feng Yue ’s forgiveness, the attack had stopped.
Right now, the police are involved.
Even though we go to that girl, it is not going to be anything better.
The police have a warrant for our children, meaning they have solid evidence. ” Long Chua explained to his fool wife.

Jang Su Ren was silent when she heard her husband ’s explanation.
Then, what should they do to save their children? How could she as their mother would just stand aside and watch her children suffer like this?

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”I will investigate what evidence that the police have.
Maybe from that, we can think of the solution.
In the meanwhile, you should stay out from this.
Don ’t do something stupid. ”, Long Chua gave a warning to his wife.

”Okay. ”, Jang Su Ren could not help but obey her husband. 

”It ’s done. ” Ren Qian Yi reported to Long Hui.

”Good. ” Long Hui was indifferent towards his friend.

”But, you are taking revenge on them for what they have done to your sweetheart.
They can not retaliate back even if they want to. ” Ren Qian Yi said.
He was very impressed with Long Hui ’s work.
That pair of siblings would regret so much for their decision to touch what belonged to Long Hui.

”They deserve it.
How dare they want to touch my beloved Qi Qi? Who gives them the nerve to touch mine in the first place? ” Long Hui snorted.

During the party, the military had got the news that an internationally wanted group had entered their border.
The group was extremely dangerous for the public.
They had committed several terror attacks in the public of various countries.
The military could not afford to have this group in this country.

So, Long Hui ’s unit had been sent to investigate and protect the border.
The mission lasted until a week.
After Long Hui confirmed that the group had already left the border, they returned and reported. 

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Only then, Long Hui got a wind.
That saying, Long Cui Lang wanted to get his hand on his beloved Qi Qi with the help of Long Hua Hong.
’How dare they want to touch my beloved Qi Qi? ’ 

So, Long Hui began to investigate Long Cui Lang and Long Hua Hong during the past few years.
He already did not care about them for almost 10 years since they had stopped bullying Feng Yue.
But right now, they wanted to touch his beloved Qi Qi, there was no way that he would leave them alone anymore. 

They had plotted against his beloved Qi Qi.
Fortunately, his beloved Qi Qi was smart enough to avoid the disaster but still, he could not help but take revenge on them.

During the investigation, he found such amazing things about the two of siblings.
They worked on destroying women ’s lives.
That was something that he or anyone else could not forgive. 

So, he began to collect the pieces of the evidence.
He asked his friends to convince the women who were destroyed by Long Cui Lang and Long Hua Hong to give their testimony against the two siblings.
He promised to pay the women as they had agreed to help him.

Most of the women who were destroyed were from poor families.
When they heard about the reward, they agreed.
That money might help them to make their lives better. 

One of the victims was from a slightly known family.
At first, she did not want to be involved with this.
So, she did not agree with this.
However, Long Hui used another method.
He told her family about this matter. 

The father of the girl was a business rival of Long Chua.
He was very angry when he heard this.
He never thought that his precious daughter ’s life had been ruined by that bastard.
He swore to make sure that Long Chua ’s children would get their punishment.
So, the father convinced his daughter to agree about the matter.

And the worst part, most of the women who were r.a.p.ed by Long Cui Lang ended up pregnant.
They were scared to find out, so they aborted the fetuses.
In order to get more concrete evidence, Long Hui asked his men to get the report of the abortions. 

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He also asked a doctor to check the women ’s current conditions.
Most of them suffered greatly from those abortions.
One of them had almost lost her w.o.m.b due to abortion.
It would be pretty difficult for her to get pregnant again. 

As for the evidence for the involvement of Long Hua Hong, Long Hui ’s men got them.
Long Hua Hong always bought the aphrodisiac from the same person.
That person did not want to get involved.
But when Long Hui threatened him, he immediately agreed.
He was very scared of Long Hui.
Even during his talk with Long Hui, he almost wetted himself because of the fear.

With that, Long Hui submitted the evidence to the police to handle this case.
Because the evidence came from Long Hui, the major, the case was reported and the evidence was handled nicely.
The police had issued the warrant very fast. 

So, that led to the Long Cui Lang and Long Hua Hong ’s current situation.
Long Hui was very well prepared.
He definitely wanted to make sure the Long Cui Lang and Long Hua Hong regretted on thinking about touching his beloved Qi Qi. 

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