Yu Qi was driving a car to go to Wenya City with Ming Xuehai.
She wanted to send Ming Xuehai at her office there.
Su Yu Hi would settle the matter about Ming Xuehai.
During these two weeks, Ming Xuehai had been trained by Yu Qi.
His body had improved a lot.
He was very charming now. 

When they arrived at the office, many women at the office took several looks at Ming Xuehai.
Ming Xuehai was very friendly so he smiled at most of the women who would look at him. 

Su Yu Hi looked at Ming Xuehai.
’This is the lawyer about whom Yu Qi have been talking about. ’ He would not complain because he knew that his boss had eyes to find and judge other ’s talents.

”Brother Xuehai, this is Su Yu Hi.
He is the CEO here. ” Yu Qi introduced Ming Xuehai to Su Yu Hi.

”Acting CEO.
This is your company. ” Su Yu Hi corrected her words.

Yu Qi only grinned when she heard that.

”Hello, Mr Su. ” Ming Xuehai was kind of nervous when meeting someone like him.
He could feel the mature aura from this man.

”Forget the formalities.
Just call me Yu Hi. ” Su Yu Hi said.

”Okay, Brother Yu Hi. ” Ming Xuehai nodded.

”Since we all are here, let ’s have a meeting.
I want some reports . ” Yu Qi decided.

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I will inform others. ”


Yu Qi went to FINN City after having a long meeting.
She wanted to stay over Tang House for tonight.
Aoi seemed happy when his master mentioned about staying over at the Tang Main House.

Her aunties were very happy when seeing their niece had come. 

”We miss you so much. ” Auntie Ming Yue said.

”Yeah. ” Auntie Su Xiao added.

”But why are you late? ” Auntie Ming Yue asked.

”Oh, I come from Wenya City.
I have to send a friend of mine . ” Yu Qi explained.

”I see ”, her aunty nodded. 

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Auntie Ming Yue pulled Yu Qi for dinner.
Uncle Tang Jang Qin and Tang Jin Wei had already sat on their seats. 

”Oh, Little Sis, you are here. ” Tang Jin Wei seemed to be happy when seeing his little cousin here.

”Brother Jin Wei, you are acting weird. ”, Yu Qi looked wryly at Tang Jin Wei.

I ’m just happy to see you.
Humph! ”, Tang Jin Wei rolled his eyes.

Others were laughing when seeing the interaction between the two of them.
The dinner ended.

”Little Sis, Little Sis. ” Tang Jin Wei called Yu Qi.

”What is it? ” Yu Qi sensed that Tang Jin Wei had something to discuss with her.

”Can we talk? ”, Tang Jin Wei asked.

Let ’s go to the garden. ”, Yu Qi suggested.

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Tang Jin Wei followed his little sister to the garden for having a good talk.
Actually, it was kind of embarrassing for him to talk about the matter.
But woman might understand the other woman ’s thought, right? He did not want to talk about this matter with his mother or auntie because they might laugh at him.

”Okay, what is it that you want to talk about? ” 

They sat at the mini pavilion. 

”Actually, it is about the nurse about whom I have told about earlier. ” Tang Jin Wei was hesitating to talk.

”Oh, that clumsy one.
What about her? ” Yu Qi suddenly felt excited to hear about Tang Jin Wei ’s love life.
”Have you already gotten over her? ”

”No. ” Tang Jin Wei sighed.

  ”Why? What has happened ? ” Yu Qi questioned Tang Jin Wei.

”Because she thinks that I already have a girlfriend. ” Tang Jin Wei gave his answer.

”What? Are you still flirting with others? Being a playboy again? ” Yu Qi asked sharply. 

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”Of course not. ” Tang Jin Wei shook his hand strongly.
He already stopped doing that thing.
He was now totally focusing on how to make that girl became his.

”Then, why is she thinking that way? ” Yu Qi already felt weird about it. 

”I thought you might understand what that girl is thinking. ” Tang Jin Wei sighed once again.

”Little Sis, can you help me this time? ” Tang Jin Wei begged.

”Help you? How? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Can you approach that girl and ask some questions about me? ” Tang Jin Wei made begging pose.

”Alright, I will help you.
But everything is up to you and her whether she will agree or not. ” Yu Qi agreed.

”Thank you, Little Sis.
If I get her, I will send some scalpels for you. ” Tang Jin Wei already left after he said that.

”Send me some scalpels? My brother is really weird. ” Yu Qi walked away from the mini pavilion. 

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The next day, Yu Qi went to the hospital with Tang Jin Wei.
When they were about to enter the hospital, they heard someone calling Yu Qi ’s name.
When they looked over, they could see their big brother, Tang Han Lee.

”Little Sis, you are here? ” Tang Han Lee smiled at Yu Qi.

I have something to do here. ” Yu Qi glanced to Tang Jin Wei.

”Big brother, you only have eyes on your little sister.
You do not even greet me. ” Tang Jin Wei rolled his eyes to Tang Han Lee.

”Oh, you are here.
I bet your shift had already started. ” Tang Han Lee said to Tang Jin Wei.

Yu Qi laughed.

”Big brother, you are biased.
Humph! ” Tang Jin Wei left.
But he turned over and said to Yu Qi.
”Little Sis, don ’t forget about our plan. ”

”Don ’t worry.
I will try. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Tang Jin Wei left for his work.

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”Plan? What plan? ” Tang Han Lee asked.

”Plan to get him a girlfriend. ” Yu Qi grinned.

”Girlfriend? Him? ” Tang Han Lee chuckled.

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