”Yeah, the girl seems to hate him due to his previous flirting with other nurses. ” Yu Qi also chuckled.

”Serves him right. ”, Tang Han Lee knew that his brother liked to flirt with the nurses.
”So, what does he want you to do now? ”

”Well, I will have a talk with the girl first.
Then I will decide what I will do next. ” Yu Qi said.

”Little Sis, let ’s have lunch together today. ” Tang Han Lee suggested.

But do you have work? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I will come back to work in the evening.
If there is no emergency case. ” Tang Han Lee checked his schedule. 

I will love too. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Then, I will fetch you later.
Call me after you have finished your work here. ” Tang Han Lee left.

Yu Qi entered the hospital.
She went to the counter.
The nurses at the counter seemed to know her.

”Miss Tang, nice to have you here again. ” The nurse welcomed Yu Qi happily.

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”Thank you.
Can I know where is the nurse, Su Ke Ke? ” Yu Qi stated her purpose.

”Su Ke Ke? Who is that? ” The nurse turned to her colleagues.

”Su Ke Ke? Oh, that clumsy nurse.
I think she is in the Pediatric ward. ” The other nurse answered.

”Pediatric ward? I see.
Thank you. ” Yu Qi gave a charming smile to those nurses before she left.

The nurses were stunned with the smile which was given by Yu Qi.

”I feel I ’m in love. ”

”Me too.
But unfortunately, Miss Tang is a girl.
If she is a man, I bet a lot of girls will surround her. ”

”Miss Tang is very charming. ”

The nurses said those things as they saw Yu Qi who was walking away from there.

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Yu Qi searched for the pediatric ward.
It was her first time going there.
When she saw the sign showing ’Pediatric ward ’, she could hear the voices of the kids who were playing among themselves.
She sneaked a peek. 

About 12 children were present in the pediatric ward.
Some of them were playing, while the rest of them were just laying on the bed with a faint smile on their faces.
Those who were lying probably did not have the energy to stand up and play with other kids.

There were also three nurses inside the pediatric ward.
One of them was Su Ke Ke.
She was currently playing with the kids. 

”Miss, what are you doing here? ” Suddenly a kid came out from the ward and asked Yu Qi which made Yu Qi surprised.

The nurses looked at the Yu Qi and stood up.
They greeted Yu Qi except for Su Ke Ke.
Su Ke Ke did not know why the other nurses had greeted the girl so nicely. 

”Miss Tang, what brings you here? ” One of the nurses asked.

”Well, I want to talk to Su Ke Ke. ” Yu Qi said making other nurses turn to Su Ke Ke.

Su Ke Ke was surprised when she heard her name mentioned by the girl.
She knew that this girl was the girlfriend of Doctor Tang Jin Wei.
She wondered why this girl wanted to talk with her.

’Does she know that Doctor Tang Jin Wei has been pursuing me? That is why she wants to talk to me? ’ Su Ke Ke began to make the speculation in her mind. 

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”Su Ke Ke, Miss Tang wants to talk with you. ” The nurse said to Su Ke Ke.

”You better go. ” The other nurse added.

Su Ke Ke did not have a choice but to go to talk with Yu Qi.
Yu Qi decided to go to the cafe to have a talk during drinking.

Su Ke Ke seemed nervous while facing a girl like Yu Qi.
She could see that Yu Qi was a very confident woman unlike her. 

Yu Qi placed a cup of tea in front of Su Ke Ke and sat in front of her.
She took a sip. 

”Su Ke Ke, is it? ” Yu Qi started to speak.

”Yes. ” Su Ke Ke answered nervously.

”Do you know me? ” Yu Qi posed a question.

Su Ke Ke did not know how to answer the question.
She knew her.
But she was kind of afraid to answer. 

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”Do you know me? ” Yu Qi asked again.

Yes… ” Su Ke Ke nodded.

”Tell me what do you know about me? ” Yu Qi asked again.

”Huh? ” Su Ke Ke could feel that her hands were sweating. 

”Miss, I know you are Doctor Tang Jin Wei ’s girlfriend.
I will distance myself from Doctor Tang Jin Wei.
I know that I am not worth being with him.
I promise to ignore Doctor Tang Jin Wei. ” Su Ke Ke bowed to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi was dumbfounded.
She was Brother Jin Wei ’s girlfriend? What did make her think like that?

Can you repeat again? ” Yu Qi stopped Su Ke Ke.

”Huh? I promise to ignore Doctor Tang Jin Wei? ”

”Not that. ”

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”I know that I am not worth being with him? ”

”Not that too. ”

”I will distance myself from Doctor Tang Jin Wei? ”

”Not that also. ”

”Then, I know you are Tang Jin Wei ’s girlfriend. ”

”That!!! Why do you think I ’m his girlfriend? ” Yu Qi asked Su Ke Ke. 

’ ’ Huh? But you are his… ”

”No! I ’m not. ” Yu Qi stared at Su Ke Ke.

This time, it was Su Ke Ke ’s turn to be dumbfounded.
Her eyes blinked repeatedly while staring at Yu Qi.
Her mind was kind of hazy right now.
The girl that she thought to be Doctor Tang Jin Wei ’s girlfriend was not his girlfriend.
’Somebody, please explain to me. ’

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Yu Qi sighed.
’No wonder this girl doesn ’t accept her Brother Jin Wei.
She thinks that I ’m his girlfriend.
Poor, my Brother Jin Wei. ’

”Miss Su, I ’m not his girlfriend.
But his sister.
Well to be exact, his cousin. ” Yu Qi explained.

”Huh? Sister? Cousin? ” Su Ke Ke still blinked her eyes.

Actually, I come here to ask you the reason why you don ’t want to accept my brother.
I do not expect that I ’m the reason. ” Yu Qi sighed.

”Well, I don ’t know. ” Su Ke Ke looked down embarrassingly.
Her face turned red even her neck and ear turned to red as well.

”No one has told you about this? ” Yu Qi asked.

”No. ” Su Ke Ke nodded. 

No wonder those nurses had greeted Yu Qi with respect.
She was the founder of the hospital ’s granddaughter.
It was very embarrassing. 

”Never mind.
But please answer this question honestly. ” Yu Qi said.

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Su Ke Ke looked up to Yu Qi.
She was waiting for the question that Yu Qi wanted to ask her.

”Do you like my brother? ” Yu Qi wanted the answer from Su Ke Ke ’s mouth.

Su Ke Ke ’s eyes blinked repeatedly.
Then with a low voice, she answered.
”Yes, I like him. ” Who did not like when a handsome man pestered and said that he liked her.
Her heart fluttered but when she would remember that he had already got a girlfriend, she ignored him.
Now, the misunderstanding was clear and she began to feel something.

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