”We are fine. ” Tang Han Lee said in a simple way. 

Yu Qi chuckled.
Her Big Brother seemed to be shy when talking about his love life.
Well, if her Big Brother did not want to talk about it, she would not talk about it anymore.

Let ’s not talk about it anymore. ” Yu Qi said while smiling.

Tang Han Lee nodded.
He easily changed the topic of the conversation with Yu Qi. 

”How is your study going? ” Tang Han Lee asked.

”It is going very well. ” Yu Qi answered.
”For the next semester, we will go for a volunteer project. ” 

”Volunteer? Where ” Tang Han Lee knew that the university would send some students who would be volunteering at various place.
In his case, he went to a village which had about 70% of the children who were malnourished.

He felt very bad when the first time he visited the village.
Fortunately, after he went there, there were some government group and the non-government group came to the village and improved the lifestyle of the villagers there.

”Well, I don ’t know yet.
The place will be announced when the semester break ends. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, I heard what happened at the Long ’s Party. ” Tang Han Lee mentioned the matter on that day.
Then he continued.
”Thank goodness.
Nothing happened to you. ”

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”I will be careful in the future. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Husband, can you please beg mercy for our children from Uncle Fei Yi. ” Jang Su Ren cried again when she came home from the hospital. 

It had already been two weeks since her children, Long Cui Lang and Long Hua Hong were admitted to the hospital under the police ’s observation.
It was very hard to see her own children when there were a lot of procedures needed to follow. 

They were afraid that under Jang Su Ren ’s help, Long Cui Lang and Long Hua Hong would manage to escape.
They were only here because of their injuries.
Otherwise, they would be straight to jail, waiting for a court ’s trial.

”Do you think Uncle Fei Yi will listen to me? ” Long Chua loosened his necktie.

”You are his nephew. ” Jang Su Ren replied.

”I know but I don ’t think he will listen to me.
Moreover, this case is completely under Long Hui ’s surveillance. ” Long Chua pinched his area between his brows.

”But… ” Jang Su Ren wanted to retort back but Long Chua lost his patience.

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”Can you shut up? Our company has some problems.
I have to take care of them.
Now, I ’m tired and want to rest.
Can you let me off? ” Long Chua shouted at his wife.
After that, he left his wife who blinked foolishly at him.

Seeing her husband left her alone, she could not help to cry.
She just wanted her children to be free from the police.
When she had last visited her daughter, she could see his daughter lost her weight.
Which mother would not get sad when seeing his daughter like that? This was all that bitch ’s fault.

She swore that she would make sure that the bitch would pay for this. 

At Fanghai Nation, 

”Why have my wounds still not recovered? ” Mu Rong Xie shouted at the doctor who came to her room to check her up. 

It was one month since the incident had happened.
At first, she was very itchy and scratched all over her body including her face.
Then the disgusting thing happened.
The maggots were inside her wounds, eating her flesh.
She was suffering almost every day when she was looking at the maggots when the doctors came to clean her wounds. 

The maggots finally disappeared.
But another problem had occurred.
Her body ’s condition was very horrible.
The flesh which had been eaten by those maggots had made some kind of holes on her body.
Some of them were very deep that they could even see the bone. 

It was the same thing on her face.
She really could not accept her beautiful face had become like this.
She almost screamed every time as she looked at the mirror.
Her mother said that she needed to be patient.
The wound would be better soon. 

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Because her mother said it every time, she began to feel fed up.
Her family had already invited various doctors in the country.
But her wounds still looked like that.

”Rong Xie, you should stop screaming.
My ears are hurt hearing after your scream. ” Mu Kuang He closed his ears when he entered the ward with Su Yu Qing.

”Shut up. ” Mu Rong Xie glared sharply to Mu Kuang He. 

Mu Kuang He did not feel scared of his second sister.
From his childhood, he always thought that his second sister was stupid unlike his first sister, Mu Yian.
His first sister was a smart person.
And the reason why he liked her the most because his first sister always helped him whenever he was in trouble, unlike his second sister.

Mu Kuang He also heard about the drug.
He could not believe that his second sister would be so stupid to touch that kind of things.
And she was doing it, herself, and not because someone had forced her.
Even he was naughty and liked to play around, but he had made the decision not to touch that thing.
So, he did not feel pity for his second sister. 

”Rong Xie, I heard that Doctor Sang will invite someone to take a look at you.
He is a very skilled doctor.
He probably can heal you. ” Su Yu Qing put the thermos which contained chicken soup in it.

”Mum, you always say that. ” Mu Rong Xie said in a bad mood. 

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