Yu Qi could not help but smile happily at her Long Hui.
Although she had not seen Long Hui for just about three weeks.
She missed Long Hui very much.

They were looking at each other eyes.
Confirming the person that they wanted to meet was not just an imagination. 

They just looked at other each.
Not saying nothing after that.
Aoi barked once.
He just knew that he had to call his master because his master had already forgotten where they were right now after meeting this man.

Aoi ’s barking made them realized that they were looking at each other.
Yu Qi became embarrassed.
Yu Qi coughed several times to get rid of the feeling.

Long Hui chuckled when seeing his beloved had acted like that.
She was still a shy girl even though they had already known each other for almost 3 years. 

”Where are you going? ” Long Hui asked.
He guessed.
”Ryokan? ” 

I just want to do some spot checking since I ’m in the town. ” Yu Qi answered confirming Long Hui ’s guess.

”Should we go together? ” Long Hui displayed a gentleman manner by offering his hand to Yu Qi.

Seeing Long Hui ’s stretched out his hand, Yu Qi did not hesitate to place her hand in his hand.
They walked together with their hands in hands.
They were holding each other ’s hands. 

”What about your car? ” Yu Qi glanced at the car which was parked at the side of the road.

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”Don ’t worry about it.
It has a military brand on his body.
People would not be stupid enough to steal from the soldiers. ” Long Hui said in a proud tone.

”Oh, I see. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

So, they walked to the Saisei Ryokan.
Oh, Aoi was still silently following his master from behind.
He was not stupid enough to disturb his master ’s time with that man.
He knew that man did not like him to compete for his master ’s time. 

They arrived at the ryokan.
To avoid the other customers, Yu Qi and Long Hui entered the back door which was used only by the staff.
When they entered using that door, someone shouted at them.
Well, exactly, the shout was meant for Aoi.

”Oh, Aoi.
You come.
Let me hug you. ” Ming Xuebai quickly bent down to pick up Aoi.

However, Aoi was faster to run away from her. 

’Master, I will go around to avoid this woman.
If you want to return back, just call me via telepathy. ’ Aoi ran away and quickly disappeared from their sights. 

Ming Xuebai was very disappointed when she saw that Aoi had already gone. 

”Miss Yu Qi. ” Only then Ming Xuebai greeted Yu Qi.

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”What are you doing here? ” Yu Qi asked her.

”I have just finished doing the laundry, ” Aoi answered.

Then she sneaked a peek at the man who was just standing quietly beside Yu Qi.
She was shocked to see such a handsome man. 

Seeing Ming Xuebai ’s sight wandered to Long Hui, Yu Qi introduced Long Hui to Ming Xuebai.

”He is Long Hui, well, my boyfriend. ” Yu Qi felt a little bit shy when introducing Long Hui in such a way like that.

”Oh. ” Ming Xuebai was slightly disappointed. 

She was disappointed not because the handsome Long Hui already had a girlfriend but she was disappointed because Yu Qi already had a boyfriend.
She knew that her brother liked Yu Qi.
She sighed.
’Brother, you need to find another woman. ’

Yu Qi seemed to love her boyfriend very much.
On another hand, Ming Xuebai could assume that this handsome man in front of her doted Yu Qi so much.
He did not look at anything other than his girlfriend, not even once.

Sensing she was dazed off, she snapped back.
”Miss Yu Qi, I will return to my post.
Bye. ” Ming Xuebai walked away from them. 

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”She is my newest employee whom I have personally hired.
Her brother is also one of them.
Actually, I wanted to hook her brother into my company but she is there too.
So, I just took her and make her work here. ” Yu Qi explained.

But Long Hui did not listen to the rest of them.
He was focusing on Ming Xuebai ’s brother.
He could feel that Yu Qi was slightly excited when mentioning about Ming Xuebai ’s brother.
Was he just imagining?

Long Hui did not respond even Yu Qi asked him.
Yu Qi looked at his face.
Long Hui was frowning.
Why? Then she thought about something.
Her eyes were shining.

”Are you jealous or something? ” Yu Qi asked teasingly to Long Hui.

Long Hui narrowed his eyes.
He leaned over to Yu Qi ’s right ear. 

”My woman is talking happily about another man.
What should I do about it? ” Long Hui whispered in Yu Qi ’s ear.
”Should I punish you? ” Long Hui licked Yu Qi ’s ear.

Yu Qi shivered when Long Hui licked her ear.
She did not shiver due to fear but she felt her body responded to Long Hui very well.
Even holding hands with him making her excited for some reason.

However, she did not want Long Hui to know about it.
”How could I look for someone else since I already have you in my mind? ” She smiled seductively at Long Hui.

Long Hui smiled.
”I know my beloved Qi Qi would never think about another man since I am already this handsome. ” Long Hui praised his look narcissistically.

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Yu Qi wanted to retort but she could not find any words since it was the truth.
Her Long Hui was truly a handsome man. 

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