Chui Mei Fung stumbled upon Yu Qi and her boyfriend when she went to the back door.
She did know that her boss was coming today.
And they were flirting each other. 

Yu Qi realized there was someone around them and she looked around.
She saw Chui Mei Fung who stood not far from them with an awkward expression on her face.

Yu Qi quickly stepped away from Long Hui ’s range.
Long Hui saw this and frowned.
Yu Qi ignored that and greeted Chui Mei Fung.

”Morning, Sister Mei Fung. ” Yu Qi said.

”Good morning, Miss Yu Qi. ” Chui Mei Fung grinned to Yu Qi.

”Just do your own work.
I just want to look around. ” Yu Qi said. 

”Yes, yes…
I will do that. ” Chui Mei Fung nodded while grinning. 

Then Chui Mei Fung left them alone.
Seeing Chui Mei Fung left, Long Hui stepped closer to Yu Qi and pulled her close to him.
While doing that, he maintained his blank expression.
Yu Qi chuckled when seeing that.

”Let ’s go around. ” Yu Qi did not mind being close to Long Hui as she told that.

So, they walked around.
The first place that Yu Qi went to was the kitchen.
Right now, the kitchen staff was working on today ’s lunch. 

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The staff saw Yu Qi and an unknown man entered the kitchen.
The head of the chefs came and greeted Yu Qi.
He knew that this young girl was their boss. 

”Just do your own work.
I just come and want to make some inspection. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay, Miss Yu Qi. ” The head of the chefs nodded and went back to his work. 

Yu Qi went to see the ingredients that they had used.
The seafood looked very fresh.
Yu Qi nodded satisfyingly.
Because Shiwa Town was far away from the sea, Yu Qi made a deal with a seafood supplier that they would send their fresh seafood every day to Saisei Ryokan to keep the freshness. 

While doing so, the food would taste good since they used fresh ingredients.
As for the vegetables, she did not have to worry about it.
It came from her greenhouse.
She knew about that. 

Yu Qi and Long Hui left the kitchen.
When they left, the kitchen staff took a relieved breath.
They were relieved that their boss did not find any mistake with their work.

Yu Qi and Long Hui walked around the ryokan.
The empty rooms, the laundry room, all of them, she went to take a look.
Overall, she was satisfied with what she had seen.
Meaning the quality that she wanted for this ryokan was good. 

They walked until Yu Qi realized that they were in front of the onsen.
Seeing this place, it brought back the embarrassing yet exciting memories to Yu Qi.
Her face turned red.
She sneaked a peek at Long Hui.
At the same time, Long Hui also looked at his beloved Qi Qi with a smiling face. 

Yu Qi turned away quickly.
She knew Long Hui might also remember what had happened inside the onsen.
She sprinted away without waiting for Long Hui.

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Long Hui chuckled when seeing her cute and embarrassing self.
He knew that she ran away because she was embarrassed when remembering the things that they had done in the onsen.
Long Hui quickly followed his beloved Qi Qi. 

Yu Qi stepped in the garden.
The scene of wisteria flowers calmed her down.
Still, her ryokan ’s garden was indeed beautiful.
Chui Mei Fung told her that many of their customers had praised the beautifulness of this garden, especially, the wisteria flowers which hung over the roof. 

”It is still beautiful. ” Long Hui commented.

”Of course, this is my work after all. ” Yu Qi felt proud when hearing her Long Hui praised them.

They sat at the table and enjoyed the scene.

”Qi Qi. ” Long Hui called Yu Qi.

”Hum…? ” Yu Qi was enjoying the breeze.
It felt very good.

”I ’m sorry about the thing which has happened to my old m…
I mean my grandfather ’s party. ” Long Hui said so sudden that Yu Qi could not react in time.

”You know? ” Yu Qi managed to ask that.

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”Of course.
I have my ways to know what has happened at that party. ” Long Hui said.
”I already made them suffer for what they have done to you. ”

”Oh, really? Can I know about it? ” Yu Qi ’s eyes flashed an evil look for a second.

”You really want to know? ” Long Hui asked.
He hesitated to tell her since he did not want her to be scared of him.

”Just tell me.
I don ’t mind. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Both of them will be going on a trial. ” Long Hui began to tell her.

”A trial? ” Yu Qi pretends not to understand.

”For the past few years, they have committed several crimes. ”

”What were their crimes? ” Yu Qi kept pretending that she did not believe that those siblings would commit other crimes.
Were they playing with the drugs? Or selling them?

”Raping countless women. ” Long Hui answered.

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”What? ” Yu Qi did not realize that she had almost screamed when she heard Long Hui told her about their crimes.

Yu Qi made a look of being in deep thought that she was the only victim who had almost fallen into their hands.
If not for her body that did not react for those things and her amazing sense of smell, she might not be able to escape.

”The younger sister used to drug the women and send them to her brother.
After that, they had threatened the women saying they had the videos about them being r.a.p.ed by him.
If she reported to the police or told someone about that, they would show the videos to others.
That sibling also that the police was their ally ” Long Hui humped.

Yu Qi ’s face turned to cold look.
She showed that she had never thought that siblings would be so evil.
The women, they must be feeling scared about what happened and could not do anything to that sibling.

”I found those women and made them reported that sibling committed the r.a.p.e crime.
At first, they did not want to step forward afraid that the video about them would be shown to others.
However, after convincing them there were no such things and explained that we are from the military, they agree to do so.
That pair of siblings also did something else.
Such as bullying someone, buying the drugs and this evidence lead them to a trial. ” Long Hui explained.

”Right now, both of them are in the hospital. ” Long Hui added.

”Both of them? I have only beaten the man. ” Yu Qi asked. 

”That woman has jumped from the room to escape from the police when the police wanted to take her to the police station. ” Long Hui said.

”Oh, I see. ” Yu Qi laughed. 

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