Long Hui still hugged Yu Qi.
Yu Qi also did not want to move after experiencing this kind of moment with Long Hui. 

”Qi Qi, thank you. ” Long Hui talked first after a long silence. 

Yu Qi looked up and saw Long Hui was smiling at her while giving her a gentle look.
Yu Qi smiled back to Long Hui with the red blush on her cheek.
It was kind of embarrassing when thinking she thought they just doing something like that before.

”I will satisfy with this for the time being.
The actual thing, I will be waiting for you to ready for me. ” Long Hui tightens his hugging.

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi said after hearing Long Hui said something like that.
She was glad that Long Hui understood her unspoken wish. 

The two of them cleaned their bodies.
Long Hui took some advantages when he helped Yu Qi to clean her body.
Touching her b.r.e.a.s.t and kissing her upper body.
However, Yu Qi realized that Long Hui did not touch her lower body. 

After they finished cleaning, the two of them went out of the onsen.
Before they stepped out from the onsen, Yu Qi sneaked a peek into the area outside the onsen.
Seeing no one around, only then they walked out from the onsen.

Yu Qi turned back to see the sign that indicated women ’s and men ’s sections.
It was true as Long Hui said.
The sign was placed incorrectly.
’Someone was changing the sign. ’

Yu Qi needed to discuss with Sister Chui Fung Meng about this problem.
She did not want this problem occurred when Saisei Ryokan officially opened.
That might be a bad thing for the name of the ryokan.
Tonight was only her.
What if this problem occurred to another customer?

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But she needed to know who was doing something like this. 

”Brother Hui, did someone knew you want to enter the onsen? ” Yu Qi asked. 

Long Hui thought about that for a moment.
He only told his cousin, Feng Yue.
Could be she was the one who changed the sign?

”So, there was someone? ” Yu Qi was confirming it.
Could it be her brothers?

”Feng Yue. ” Long Hui answered the name of that person.

”That girl? ” Yu Qi sighed.
Yeah, it might a work of that girl. 

”Let ’s go.
She may be in my room. ” Yu Qi walked together Long Hui.

They arrived at Yu Qi ’s room.
When Yu Qi opened the door, the room was empty.
There was no Feng Yue inside the room. 

”Where is the girl go this time? ” Yu Qi looked around.

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”Qi Qi, this is… ” Long Hui called Yu Qi.

Yu Qi turned to Long Hui and saw Long Hui was holding a piece of paper.
They read what was written on that paper.

’Yu Qi, Brother Hui, did something good happen? He he he…
Oh, now I want to tell you that I already took over Brother Hui ’s room.
So, Yu Qi, please let Brother Hui rest inside our room, okay? ’ 

The two of them, Long Hui and Yu Qi sighed once more when they finished reading the paper.
That girl really played the pranks to them. 

’That girl really needs to be taught a lesson. ’ Yu Qi thought.

’That girl, I will give some punishment to her. ” Long Hui also thought about the same things with his beloved Qi Qi.
Well, just a little punishment.
His cousin indeed played a nice prank for him.
Because of his cousin, Feng Yue, he enjoyed a wonderful experience with his beloved Qi Qi.
He could not argue that fact. 

”Qi Qi, I will ask for another room. ” Long Hui said.

”No need.
Just share this room with me.
I don ’t mind. ” Yu Qi said. 

It was already late at night.
Her employees might already rest at this moment.
Only a few of them stayed awake for their shift.
She did not want to disturb them. 

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Long Hui was happy when Yu Qi reject his suggestion.
He also excited to share the room with his beloved Qi Qi.
A part of him thanked Feng Yue for giving him an opportunity for doing so. 

”Let me prepare the bed. ” Yu Qi brought the futon from the closet.
She placed her futon beside Long Hui ’s futon. 

Long Hui only smiled when seeing Yu Qi did not hesitate to place her futon beside his futon. 

”Let ’s rest for today, okay? ” Yu Qi said.

We already tired of doing something. ” Long Hui reminded Yu Qi about their doing inside the onsen.

Yu Qi blushed when she remembered about that.
”Just sleep, will you? ” Yu Qi pushed Long Hui ’s back.

Long Hui did not want to embarrass Yu Qi more than that, so he laid down on the futon.
Yu Qi switched the lamp and also laid down.
The darkness occupied the room.

”Qi Qi, are you already sleep? ” Long Hui asked Yu Qi in the darkness.

”Not yet. ” Yu Qi answered.

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”Thank you. ” Long Hui said.

”Thank you for what? ” Yu Qi asked.

”For everything. ” Long Hui said.

”Me too. ” Yu Qi shyly said that. 

”Tonight was amazing. ” Long Hui teased Yu Qi again.

”Stop talking about what had happened earlier. ” Yu Qi pulled the blanket hiding half of her face.

Long Hui laughed.
Indeed his beloved Qi Qi still shy when came to that topic.
He would be waiting for his beloved Qi Qi to be ready for that. 

”Good night, Qi Qi.
Dream on me. ” Long Hui said good night.

Good night. ” Yu Qi also said.

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