Everyone looked at the girl who had slapped Su Yu Qing just now.
The girl seemed to stand proudly even after she had slapped someone.

”Who the heck are you? How dare you slap me? ” Su Yu Qing roared at the girl.
She did not know this girl.
Why had she come into this ward and brazenly slapped her?

”Your mouth should be washed since it stinks. ” Yu Qi snorted.

”You…! ” Su Yu Qing pointed her finger at Yu Qi.

”It ’s you, bitch.
Why are you here? How dare you slap my mum? ” Mu Rong Xie stood up and shouted at Yu Qi.

Mu Yian also recognised the girl who had slapped her mother.
What was she doing here?

”Why have I slapped her? ” Yu Qi glared at Su Yu Qing.
”How dare she insult my grandfather? Do you expect me to remain silent when someone insults my grandfather? ” 

Mu Rong Xie did not expect that this girl was the granddaughter of the famous doctor.
She snorted.
’What if he is a famous doctor? He did not even know how to cure me.
Useless doctor. ’

”What? What my mother has said is the truth.
He can ’t cure me either. ” Mu Rong Xie snorted.

”Oh, then.
There is no need for me to be here anymore. ” Grandpa Tang smirked.
He did not want to treat someone that looked down on his skill.
Not like he was the one that needed help.
”Let ’s go, Yu Qi. ” 

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The pair of grandfather and granddaughter left the room leaving the stunned Grandpa Sang.
He did not expect that Su Yu Qing behaved like this.
Was she stupid or what?

”Mrs Mu, you actually don ’t want your daughter to get better, do you? ” Grandpa Sang asked while grinding his teeth.

”Why are you saying like that, Doctor Sang? ” Su Yu Qing frowned.

”He is probably the only one who can cure your daughter. ” Grandpa Sang said.
He continued, ”He is an expert in traditional medicine.
Since your daughter can not be cured by modern techniques, I want to try the traditional one.
But I think right now you can forget about it. ”

”But Doctor Sang, you just tried to tell that my daughter had been using drugs to that doctor.
It was not necessary to tell him. ” Su Yu Qing rebuked.

”To find the cure, all information is needed. ” Grandpa Sang responded in angry.
”Since it becomes like this, you can let your daughter live her life like this. ”

”No!!! ” Mu Rong Xie shouted.
”I want to get better. ”

”Then you should try to convince that useless old man at whom your mother has shouted just now. ” Grandpa Sang left the ward after saying the sentence.

”Mum… ” Mu Rong Xie called her mother.

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”Don ’t worry, father and I will do something. ” Su Yu Qing calmed her daughter.

Mu Yian sneered.
Her mother acted recklessly.
She looked at her father.
It seemed that her father was thinking about something else.

Mu Li Zei did not say anything.
He was busy thinking about something.
That something was Yu Qi.
When Yu Qi entered the ward and slapped his wife, he was stunned.
He knew that face.
The face that had made his mother sad over the past many years

When he grew up, he always saw his mother crying alone in her room.
When he became a teenager, he started to ask his mother about it.
Her mother told him that his father loved someone else.
He became angry.
At that time, he did not want his father to leave his family alone.
Not soon after that, his mother told that the woman had already died.
But his father did not forget her.
He never loved his mother because of that woman. 

His mother showed him one picture of that woman.
Since she was the source of the unhappiness of his mother, he remembered that woman ’s face vividly. 

Now that face had appeared in front of him again and more precisely alive.
That woman should have died for a long time ago.
But the face which had appeared in front of him right now was 100% copy of that woman.
Was it just a coincidence? Or that girl had a relationship with that woman? Or that girl was the product of his half brother? He needed to investigate it.

Mu Li Zei wanted to leave the room.
Seeing this, Su Yu Qing called her husband.

”Li Zei, where do you want to go? ” Su Yu Qing asked.

”I have something to do. ” Mu Li Zei answered and left without waiting for Su Yu Qing to stop him again.

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”Mum, Mum, I don ’t want to stay like this for the rest of my life. ” Mu Rong Xie cried.

”Then, why did you fight with that girl earlier? ” Mu Yian snorted.
She really did not understand her mother and sister.
Why were they so stupid? They should have let the doctor check her first.
Instead of bickering with the doctor and his granddaughter.

As for the girl, Mu Yian did not expect that she had such an identity.
No wonder, that girl did not easily bow to them during the incident at the restaurant last time.

Su Yu Qing made a terrible expression.
”What should I do? ” She looked at Mu Yian.

”Mum, you should go and look at the earlier doctor. ” Mu Yian suggested.
Well, that only if the doctor agreed to heal her after all of this.

”But what if he doesn ’t want to heal your sister? ” Su Yu Qing asked.

”Then we should find another doctor. ” Mu Yian said.

I will go and ask Doctor Sang about this. ” Su Yu Qing went out.

”Sister Yian, what if my face could not be healed? ” Mu Rong Xie asked while crying.

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”Stop crying.
It might worsen your wound on your face. ” Mu Yian advised her sister. 

Actually, she disliked her sister ’s character.
She was arrogant, no matter where she was.
She also an idiot.
Earlier, she should let the doctor diagnose her first, even after their mother insulted the doctor.
She should assess the situation for her own good.
But she was very stupid to add the insult and made the situation worse. 

”I have work to do at the office.
You just should wait for mum to come back. ” Mu Yian left the ward. 

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