”Mother. ” Mu Li Zei greeted his mother who was in her garden trimming the flowers. 

”Hmmm… ” Kang Pian Sue just made a sound to acknowledge her son. 

”Mother, I have seen a familiar face today. ” Mu Li Zei started to speak.

Kang Pian Sue waved her hand telling her maid to make some tea for her son.
The maid turned around and left.

”Familiar face? ” Kang Pian Sue did not turn towards her son.
Her eyes were still at her flowers.

The face which Mother hates so much. ” Mu Li Zei said.

Hearing that, Kang Pian Sue had wrongly trimmed the flower as her hand trembled which was holding the scissors.
Kang Pian Sue turned slowly towards Mu Li Zei.
She looked at her son.
Her son ’s face indicated that he did not lie to get his mother ’s attention. 

”Really? ” Kang Pian Sue asked Mu Li Zei.

I am also kind of shocked when seeing that face. ” Mu Li Zei told her.

”She has not died, has she? ” Kang Pian Sue asked herself in a lower tone.
However, Mu Li Zei could hear the question somehow.

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”I don ’t think so, Mother.
I don ’t think that person is her. ” Mu Li Zei shared his opinion.

”Oh, why is that? ” Kang Pian Sue asked.

”From her identity. ” Mu Li Zei simply stated it. 

”Her identity? ” Kang Pian Sue frowned.
”What is the identity that she has? ”

”She is the granddaughter of the legendary doctor, Tang Jiang Man from Binhai Nation.
Moreover, she is just around 20 years old.
That is why I think that person is not her. ” Mu Li Zei explained. 

”Oh, really? ” Kang Pian Sue turned back to the flowers and started to trim the flowers again.

”But, I want to confirm it.
Having a similar face is probably a coincidence but still, it is better to investigate her. ” Mu Li Zei told his plan to his mother.

”Why do you want to investigate her? ” Kang Pian Sue asked.

”Because she has a lot of similarities with that woman. ”

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”Oh, you mean… ” Kang Pian Sue turned to look at her son and narrowed her eyes.

”There is a possibility. ” Mu Li Zei nodded.

”That is impossible. ” Kang Pian Sue denied.

”But still, I will investigate her thoroughly. ” Mu Li Zei said.

”Well, then, tell me after you get the result. ” Kang Pian Sue smiled.
It was a terrifying smile for those who could see the smile.

”Don ’t worry, Mother.
You will be the first to know when I have gotten the result from the investigation. ” Mu Li Zei also smiled.

”How about my granddaughter, Rong Xie? ” Kang Pian Sue changed the topic. 

”She is still like that.
That Su Yu Qing is stupid to offend the legendary doctor by insulting him.
Right now, that doctor probably does not want to treat Rong Xie. ” Mu Li Zei told the situation.

She is indeed stupid.
It is my fault for marrying you to her.
I have thought that she would be easy to control since she was like that. ” Kang Pian Sue stated her regret with her decision.
”But, I want Rong Xie to get better.
Find the doctor to treat her. ” 

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Even though Kang Pian Sue was a cruel woman, she still loved her own family.
Especially her blood-related ones. 

”I will try, Mother.
You don ’t have to worry. ” Mu Li Zei assured his mother.

I want to rest.
Don ’t forget about the matter earlier. ” Kang Pian Sue waved her hand.

”I will go first, Mother.
Take care of your health. ” Mu Li Zei bowed to his mother before leaving. 

”You are that beauty. ” Su Fan appeared and said to Yu Qi.
He accessed the surrounding.
Seeing that handsome yet terrifying man was not here, he quickly approached Yu Qi with the intention of hugging her.

Yu Qi turned to the voice and saw that Su Fan was already running towards her with his open arms.
Yu Qi narrowed her eyes.
’This man is inviting his own death. ’

Su Fan did not know what Yu Qi was thinking.
He just wanted the beauty in his arm.
He did not expect that the same thing with Ding Na An would happen today as well. 

When he was about to get the beauty in his arms, he felt his body was flying before his back fell down onto the ground.
He was hissing in pain.

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It really hurts. ” Su Fan said.

”Serves you right. ” Grandpa Su told his grandson who was still laying on the ground.

Su Fan slowly got up.
’ ’ Are all Binhai girls really this violent? ” That question was pointed towards Yu Qi. 

Yu Qi rolled her eyes without answering that question. 

”Boy, you should be grateful that her boyfriend is not here.
Otherwise, you will die without knowing how. ” Grandpa Tang asked.

”What!!! He is an assassin? ” Su Fan asked a foolish question.

”If you really want to die, I don ’t have to get his help.
I will personally do it. ” Yu Qi looked at Su Fan.

”Grandfather, please protect me. ” Su Fan hid behind Grandpa Su.

”Stop it.
Have you already completed the works which I have given you? ” Grandpa Su asked his grandson.

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”Yes, sir.
I have already completed them.
It is the report. ” Su Fan pulled put the USB from his pocket.
”I will print it out later and give it to you. ”

I want to have lunch with those two.
Do you want to join? ” Grandpa Su asked.

”Of course.
It is my aim of coming here. ” Su Fan stated happily to Grandpa Su.
He already forgot about the earlier matter.

’What a simple guy. ’ 

Yu Qi and Grandpa Tang thought the same thing. 

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