”Miss Tang, if your grandfather succeeds in treating my daughter, I will naturally release you and your grandfather.
I will even pay your grandfather. ”, Mu Li Zei said with a smile.

”Meaning if my grandfather does not succeed, you will not release us? ”, Yu Qi asked a reverse question.

”Well, it depends… ”, Mu Li Zei said.

He signalled the men to grab Yu Qi and Grandpa Tang.
The five men started to approach Yu Qi and Grandpa Tang.
Yu Qi asked Grandpa Tang to stand up.
Grandpa Tang began to worry as the men got closer to his granddaughter.
He thought that he should agree to treat that man ’s daughter.

”Grandfather, don ’t worry.
We will be fine. ” Yu Qi whispered to Grandpa Tang.

As soon as she said that, she attacked one of those men.
She used about 50% of her strength since she knew that Mu Li Zei ’s bodyguards were well trained.
She kicked the man ’s stomach.
The man screamed in pain.
Yu Qi was guessing that two or three ribs had broken. 

Without wasting any time, Yu Qi attacked the second man.
This time she attacked the man ’s knee.
The knee cap immediately broke.
The other three men started to get serious.
They started to attack Yu Qi at the same time.

Yu Qi dodged.
Yu Qi made a double attack on the two men.
One kick at the head and another one kick at the back.

”Stop or I will shoot this old man. ” The last man shouted to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi froze when she heard that sentence.
She turned around and saw the man pointed a gun to her grandfather.
The light in her eyes changed. 

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”You are messing with the wrong person. ” Yu Qi said with a cold voice.
The temperature in the room had dropped.

After Yu Qi said that sentence, she approached the man with very high speed.
Even the man was shocked when he suddenly saw the girl was right in front of him.
Yu Qi took the hand which was holding the gun and broke it.
She then took that gun and pointed it towards the head of the man.
She was about to shoot the man ’s head but was interrupted.

”Yu Qi. ” Grandpa Tang called his granddaughter.

Yu Qi realized that Grandpa Tang was here.
She could not kill anyone here.
She lowered the gun and shot the man ’s shoulder. 

Mu, can you please let us go now? ” Yu Qi turned to Mu Li Zei who was still shocked after what he had seen.

Mu Li Zei did not expect that the slender looking girl like Yu Qi was this good at fighting.
The men were his best bodyguards.
And the girl defeated them like nothing. 

”Jiang Man, Tang Girl. ” The door was opened from outside.

Grandpa Sang and Grandpa Mu came in.
They were shocked to see the situation inside the room.
The men were laying and Yu Qi stood and held a gun in her hand.

Yu Qi was surprised to see Grandpa Sang and Grandpa Mu here.
Well, she did call Grandpa Sang for help but she did not expect that her grandfather would be here too.

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”What did just happen here? ” Grandpa Mu asked.
He looked at Yu Qi and then Mu Li Zei.

Yu Qi was still holding her gun pointing at Mu Li Zei as she protected Grandpa Tang behind her.
Grandpa Tang thought the things were already safe.
He got close to Yu Qi and whispered something.

”Yu Qi dear, put down the gun. ” Grandpa Tang whispered to Yu Qi.

Yu Qi realised everything was finally okay and put down the gun but she still did not release the gun from her hand.

Mu Li Zei wants my grandfather to treat his daughter by force.
He wants to capture us and will release us after his daughter is healed by my grandfather.
If his daughter fails to get better, he wants…
Well, you can think about that yourself. ” Yu Qi sounded so ambiguous.

Grandpa Sang and Grandpa Mu looked at Mu Li Zei with a questionable look.
Mu Li Zei ground his teeth.
He never thought that this little girl would be so hard to deal with.

”If you don ’t believe me, you can listen to this recording. ” Yu Qi showed the handphone to them.
She had already used her handphone to record the conversation in this room.

Mu Li Zei ’s eyes went bigger as he heard the girl mentioning about the recording.
’This girl, how could she predict that this matter will escalate like this? ’

Yu Qi did not change her expression even when she had mentioned about the recording.
She was well prepared since she knew her dear uncle ’s character.
She just needed to be a step ahead of him to be safe. 

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”Doctor Tang, you can bring your granddaughter back.
I will handle this and give an explanation to you. ” Grandpa Mu said after a while of silence.

Yu Qi placed the gun on the table and gave a look to Mu Li Zei before getting out of the room.
Her lips were slightly curved up.

Mu Li Zei managed to see the slightly curved up lips.
’This girl is definitely not a normal girl. ’ He needed to know about this girl.
The man who was investigating this girl would hand the information about this girl soon. 

”Mu Li Zei, we need to talk. ” Grandpa Mu said.

The voice of Grandpa Mu made Mu Li Zei turned to his father.
This situation could not be avoided. 

”Yes, Father. ” Mu Li Zei nodded.

Grandpa Sang understood the situation and excused himself, leaving the pair father and son to talk among themselves.

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