”Senior Brother Xia…
Senior Brother Xia…
Stop dreaming. ” Yu-er hit her senior brother ’s head.

Can you stop hitting your senior brother? It hurts, you know… ” Qin Xia patted his head, the place where he had been hit by his junior sister.

”Don ’t forget our plan tonight. ” Yu-er left Qin Xia after saying that.

Qin Xia did not have time to talk with his junior sister.
His junior sister was always bizarre in her doings.
She was naughty and mischievous.
She liked to sneak out from Kunlun Mountain and went to the city to play.

And her partner always was Qin Xia and another senior brother, Qian Sui.
Yu-er had probably already informed Qian Sui about this.
He sighed.
Well, he should accompany the two of them since they might get into some problems in the city.
He thought that he needed to strictly look after the two of them.

The night had arrived.
Yu-er and Qian Sui were already waiting for him at the secret door.
The two of them smiled when seeing Qin Xia walked towards them. 

”Senior brother Xia. ” The two of them called him excitedly but in a low voice.

”I know Senior Brother Xia will come too.
He also wants to play in the city. ” Qian Sui said to Yu-er.

”Without wasting any time here, let ’s go. ” Yu-er grinned. 

”Today, the city is more lively.
I wonder what has happened? ” Yu-er said to Qian Sui and Qin Xia. 

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The person who standing near her had heard that.
He turned to Yu-er and spoke to her.

”Young man, today, our crown prince has gotten married to the most beautiful girl in the country, Miss Su Jing, daughter of Prime Minister.
That is why the city is more lively. ” He said to Yu-er.

Yeah, he was referring and speaking to Yu-er because Yu-er was currently wearing men ’s clothing which old men wore…She had disguised herself as a man because it looked easy and convenient. 

”Oh, I see.
Thank you, Sir, for telling me. ” Yu-er made a gesture to the man.

”Senior Brother Xia, Senior Brother Qin, do you want to go and see the wedding? ” Yu-er asked her senior brothers excitedly.

”Even I said no, you will go, right? ” Qin Xia looked at her.

Yu-er just grinned.
Her Senior Brother Xia knew her very well. 

”Wow, it is very grand.
The wedding. ” Qian Sui commented.

”It ’s crown prince ’s marriage.
Of course, it is very grand.
He is our future emperor. ” Another man said after hearing the comment from Qian Sui. 

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”It ’s a free drink.
Let ’s drink it. ” Yu-er said. 

”You can drink but stop before you get drunk, okay? ” Qin Xia reminded her.

”Okay. ” Yu-er made an ’Ok ’ symbol with her hand.

”Senior Brother Xia, are you sure she will remember that? ” Qian Sui whispered to Qin Xia.

”If she doesn ’t remember, i just will knock her up and bring her back. ” Qin Xia said.

”Then, I will drink too. ” Qian Sui also wanted to drink.

”As for you, if you get drunk, I will knock you up also but leave you there. ” Qin Xia told him.

”Senior Brother Xia, you are biased. ” Qian Sui pointed.

Qin Xia just turned around and went to Yu-er.

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”Mr Qin…
Mr Qin… ” Yu Qi kept calling Qin Xia.

However, he seemed to be in another place.
His eyes did not move.
Yu Qi approached Qin Xia and tried to make him conscious. 

”Mr Qin… ” Yu Qi waved her hand in front of his eyes but there was no response.

She then tried to grab his hand.
Only then, his eyes focused on Yu Qi.

”Yu-er… ” Qin Xia said.

”Mr Qin. ” Yu Qi called him again.

Qin Xia realized that he was at a different place, not in his past.
In front of him, there was Yu Qi who appeared worried while looking at him.

”I ’m sorry.
I was thinking about something just now. ” Qin Xia apologized. 

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Yu Qi shook her head.
”It ’s okay if you are fine, Mr Qin. ”

”Can I ask one request? ” Qin Xia asked.

”Request? If the request is something that I can do, I will do. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Can you call me, Brother Xia? ” Qin Xia said.

”Huh? ” Yu Qi was dumbfounded.
What was that request? Call him, Brother Xia?

Call me, Brother Xia. ” Qin Xia nodded.

’Well, it is just a name.
He is also older than me.
It will not hurt if I call him Brother Xia. ’ Yu Qi thought.

”Brother Xia. ” The word naturally came out from Yu Qi ’s mouth like she was used to calling him that way.
Even Yu Qi felt the same way.

Qin Xia finally smiled.
He looked at Yu Qi with affection. 

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”Yu Qi, I hope you will call me like that in the future. ” By saying the sentence, Qin Xia turned away and left.
Leaving Yu Qi in a dazed state. 

”Sister Yu Qi, what are you doing here? ” Zhu Xiao Ling came and pulled Yu Qi ’s hand. 

Yu Qi looked at Zhu Xiao Ling and turned to the direction where Qin Xia had left again.
Then she sighed.
She felt something was wrong but she could not point it out. 

I just took some rest here. ” Yu Qi left the matter aside.
”How about our club? Do the new students apply for the club? ”

”Right after Sister Yu Qi ’s excellent performance, there are a lot of students who wanted to join our club.
But there are too much of them.
Vice-Captain has told us to accept the letter of applications first and tell the new students to come to our training ground for tomorrow and further notifications. ” Zhu Xiao Ling explained.

”After that, I have heard that Vice-Captain talking with Captain.
They are saying that they need to use that method then.
What have they meant by ’that ’? What method? ” Zhu Xiao Ling asked.

”Oh, that method. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Tell me, Sister Yu Qi.
I want to know too. ” Zhu Xiao Ling urged Yu Qi to tell her.

”Our club has a special method to choose our new members.
By holding two buckets of water with both of their hands.
Well, you can take a look tomorrow. ” Yu Qi chuckled.

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