”You better keep your hands off me, otherwise… ” Yu Qi glared at his hand.

Bai Yu quickly retreated his hand.
There was not like he did not know how strong the girl was.
She managed to break his bodyguard ’s hand like that. 

”Calm down Miss Tang.
I just want to have some talk with you. ” Bai Yu once again displayed his handsome smile.

”Don ’t have time. ” Yu Qi rejected it without any consideration.

”Miss Tang… ” Bai Yu currently begged. 

Aoi just glanced to Bai Yu.
His master told him that Bai Shu Jin had already finished his study, so he would not come to his master anymore.
But judging from this situation, the same thing would happen.
Another fly came to disturb his master.

What would that man think if he got the news? Would he be angry? Probably he would brew some vinegar.
Aoi was laughing inside despite his stoic dog face.

Yu Qi glared to Aoi since she could sense what he was thinking right now.
Aoi stopped laughing.
He did not want to annoy his master anymore in case she did not want to cook for him anymore.

”Miss Tang, let ’s be friends? ” Bai Yu tried his luck again. 

”No need. ” Yu Qi rejected again. 

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She already remembered who he was.
Bai Yu, another Bai Family ’s member.
The person who also liked Fung Meng Xuan in her past life. 

Bai Yu was a playboy even in her past life but that was before he had met Fung Meng Xuan.
When she first met him in her past life, Bai Yu had already gotten a chance to meet with Fung Meng Xuan.
As how they knew each other, Yu Qi did not have an idea about that.
They probably stumble upon each other. 

At that time, Bai Yu was already mesmerised with Fung Meng Xuan.
He did not know how Fung Meng Xuan described her to Bai Yu making Bai Yu looked at her with disgust.
More likely, he looked down to Yu Qi.

”Miss Tang, is that so expensive to be your friend? ” Bai Yu frowned.
He did not expect to get rejected for the second time from the same person.

But I just don ’t like you. ” Yu Qi did not lie.
She truly disliked him.
Maybe because of his attitude or maybe because of her past memories.
She did not know.

”You… ” Bai Yu ’s face turned bad again.
”Do you like your family to suffer? ” 

He grinned.
He had already gotten the information about Yu Qi ’s family.
It was a doctor ’s family.
They owned a hospital.
Nothing else.
It would be so easy to make trouble for that hospital. 

Bai Yu only knew Yu Qi ’s family on the surface.
When he got the information about Yu Qi, he just read a little, enough to know that her family owned a hospital.
He did not read the part that the legendary doctor who had been respected by all doctors around the world was her grandfather.
He thought that it was just a small hospital that his family could crush.

This time, Yu Qi ’s turn to frown.
’This man is threatening me.
Do I need to teach him? ’ She would not let anything threaten her current family.

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”Woof. ” Aoi made a sound to make sure his master calm down.

’Master, calm down.
You can ’t kill him here. ’ Aoi talked through telepathy. 

’Okay. ’ Yu Qi replied.

”Oh, it is your dog. ” Bai Yu looked at Aoi. 

He knew Yu Qi usually brought her dog particularly everywhere. 

”Miss Tang, the small breed like chihuahua is suitable for you . ” Bai Yu commented.

Hearing this kind of comment from Bai Yu, Aoi became angry.
He was growling to Bai Yu which indicated that he might bite him out of anger.

’Master, how dare he say something like that? Does that useless chihuahua suit Master better? Don ’t make me laugh. ’ Aoi was very angry with that statement. 

That breed was useless.
Other than looking so small and cute, what else that breed could do? Nothing.
He instead when he got bigger, he could help his master.
And the fact, he was not a normal dog but a beast, making him so special. 

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’I know.
Aoi is the best. ’ Yu Qi ’s words soothed Aoi ’s heart but he was still growling at Bai Yu.

… ” Yu Qi tried to pretend that she did not know his name since he did not tell his name before.

”Oh, my name is Bai Yu.
You can call me Yu. ” Bai Yu quickly told his name.

”No need, Mr Bai.
I will call you Mr.
I will tell you once again.
I am not interested in being your friend.
You can find another woman.
I bet you will not have any difficulty in finding another woman, I guess. ” Yu Qi stopped his fantasy. 

The bus had arrived in time after she had finished talking.
Without waiting for any response from Bai Yu, Yu Qi entered the bus with Aoi.
She did not have time to deal with Bai Yu.
However, if he dared to mess with her family, she without mercy would destroy him.
And that was not just a word. 

’Master, do you think he would give up? ’ Aoi asked.

’Well, I don ’t think so.
He is a hot-blooded man.
He probably would not give up.
But I don ’t care about that.
He can do whatever he likes.
Just don ’t try to touch my bottom line. ’ Yu Qi looked outside the bus.

Aoi knew his master ’s bottom line.
It was his master ’s family.
Who dared to touch her family, would get their retribution. 

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