The shop which would sell the ’Qi Qi ’ skincare brand finally could be launched.
Yu Qi chose the second weekend of October to launch her skincare branch. 

The company promoted the skincare to the public.
The reaction of the public was not so big.
Yu Qi thought that it was nothing wrong.
It was quite normal for the public to think that way because the skincare brand was new to them.
They might not believe it in the first place.

Yu Qi also helped them to promote her skincare brand to her friends.
As she had proposed her business plan, the market target of this skincare brand were women, no matter what age that women were.
All women like to enhance their beauties. 

When her friends heard that Yu Qi had produced skincare products, they were astonished when they found out about that.
Despite her study, she managed to do so.
They wondered how Yu Qi had managed her time.

”I saw someone promoted this ’Qi Qi ’ skincare product when I hang up at the town last week.
They said their shop would be open this weekend.
At that time, I don ’t think that is your product. ” So Pang Lim said while feeling proud of her friend.

”Well, I did give some free testers to you for using. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”Wait, you mean some liquids and creams that you have given us to try, that are your products? ” Mei Lilli was shocked.

They suddenly remembered that Yu Qi sometimes casually gave them something for them to you.
And the effects were brilliant. 

Yu Qi nodded.
She did give out the products that she had created to them to use after she had used them herself. 

”Oh my God, Yu Qi, you should study business instead of medical. ” Mei Lilli thought that Yu Qi was being forced to study to be a doctor since her family was the doctor family. 

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”This skincare product is just my side business.
I still want to be a doctor like my grandfather. ” Yu Qi did think like that. 

”Well, since Yu Qi ’s shop will open this weekend, let ’s go and celebrate it. ” Song Ha Ting suggested. 

”That ’s right.
We need to celebrate. ” So Pang Lim nodded.


Yu Qi brought Aoi to her shop on the day of the opening.
The staff at the shop already knew Yu Qi since Su Yu Hi had already introduced her as their boss.
They never had expected that such a young girl would create the skincare brand. 

In the beginning, they thought that Su Yu Hi was their big boss, not Yu Qi when Su Yu Hi had first brought Yu Qi to the shop.
They thought that Yu Qi was his assistant.
When Su Yu Hi told them that she was their big boss, they were surprised.

Su Yu Hi also told them that all the skincare products were created by Yu Qi.
That made the staff respect Yu Qi. 

”Miss Yu Qi, you have come. ” One of the staff members greeted Yu Qi.

”How are the preparations? ” Yu Qi asked.

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”Good. ” The staff member only said one word.

Yu Qi nodded while smiling.
She looked around.
The shop was ready to be opened. 

” Don ’t mind me.
You all can continue your work. ” Yu Qi waved her hand. 

After half an hour, the shop finally opened.
To promote the product, the first fifty customers that came to the shop would be given a complete set skincare products which consisted of cleanser, eye cream, day moisture cream, night moisture cream, serum, and UV cream for free.
It was Yu Qi ’s long term strategies.

At first, Su Yu Hi and other staff felt that it was a waste.
Giving customers a whole set for free.
However, Yu Qi was giving them the assurance that the customers who would get their hands on the free sets would be coming back to buy her skincare products.

Yu Qi was confident that they would come back again to buy her skincare products.
That was fully sure. 

When the shop opened, there were people came in to see what kind of the skincare products that the shop had.
It seemed that the previous promotions did a good job.
As Yu Qi promised, the first fifty customers got a whole set for free. 

The customers did not expect that the shop would be giving their products for free.
Since the price of each product could be considered expensive.
The staff said they would be only giving the first fifty customers who came to the shop for free. 

The staff also offered free testers in the shop.
The customers could try their face masks.
The staff explained that the face mask was made up of the promising herbs that would smooth the skin of their faces. 

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One of the customers was eager to try it.
She had some acne on her face.
Before she wore the mask, the staff washed and massaged her face a little bit, telling her that there is saying face needed to free of the makeup to make sure the better effect from the face mask.

After 20 minutes, the staff took off the face mask from the customer.
The customer took a look on her face at the mirror.
To her surprise, the acne on her face had decreased and her face looked smoother than before.
And she noticed something.

”I think my face looks slimmer than before. ” The customer commented.

”Yes miss, it is one of the effects of this face mask.
It makes your face look slimmer. ” The staff said. 

”Really, then I need to buy this face mask too.
It is very comfortable to use.
It has some cooling effect.
I thought the cold effect just when the face mask touched my face.
But it has lasted until the end. ” The customer told her opinion. 

The other customers who watched and heard the comments made the decision to get the face mask for themselves.
Because free products did not include the face mask.

The effects of the face mask were this amazing, then how were their other products? They would not wait to try themselves.

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