The sales were not so bad even though it was just the first day.
The staff were kind of expected that the product would be well received by the customers.
They knew because they already tried the products themselves. 

Their boss told them to try the products themselves.
She said if they wanted to sell the products better, they needed to understand the products better.
To understand the products, the best way was to use the products themselves.

They were told by the factory workers that their boss used the same products.
Then, they braved themselves trying the products.
Turns out, after only a few days of trying, their faces looked better than before. 

Because they knew the effects of the products, they answered the questions given by the customers so confidently. 


”Yes, madame.
The effects could be seen in a few days.
I also tried the products myself.
After a few days, my skin becomes smooth and brighter. ”

”Yes, miss.
Our products are made up 100% from the herbs.
Our researchers put a lot of effect on making this product.
I can 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with the product. ”

From that moment, they knew the products would be sold.
Probably it would be like a hot potato in the skincare market later.

The store was already visited by fifty customers since the free set was already gone.
Yu Qi ’s friends, such as Mei Lilli, So Pang Lim, Song Ha Ting, Ding Na An and even Yun Xiao came to congratulate her.

They already got the free sets.
Yun Xiao also got one.
So Pang Lim told him to give the free set to her since it was for women skincare.
But Yun Xiao refused to give it to her.
He told me that he could give it to his mother as a present.

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Yu Qi told them that she might produce skincare for men too in the future.
She just needed to do some research about them. 


”Do you get the full information about the girl? ” Mu Li Zei asked the person.

”It is what I get from the investigation. ” The person put the file on the table in front of Mu Li Zei.

Mu Li Zei signalled his assistant.
His assistant nodded.
His assistant gave a cheque to the person.

Receiving the cheque into his hand, the person smiled and kissed the cheque.
”Sir, if you have to find the information again, please contact me.
I will satisfy you. ” After saying that, the person walked out of the room. 

Mu Li Zie opened the file.
When he read the information about the girl, he was very astonished.
This girl ’s information was really mind-blowing.
He did not expect that the girl had a magnificent background.

At a young age, she already owned various businesses.
An investment company, ryokan hotel, greenhouse, and her almost recent business was the newly established skincare brand.
How could a young girl like her own many of the business like this? 

When he investigated her background last time, nothing like this was stated in her information.
When he asked his assistant, his assistant told him that the person who did the investigation had done a poor job. 

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He read about her past.
From the information, he got to know that she was left by her parents in front of the orphanage.
Then shortly after that, she was adopted by a family named Wang.
After living about 16 to 17 year in the Wang Family, she suddenly cut off the tie and was adopted by Tang Family. 

This information was also the same as the last investigation.
Meaning it might be true. 

”Then, she is not their daughter. ” Mu Li Zei made the conclusion. 

So, it was just a coincidence that the girl had the same face as that woman.
When he first saw the face, he was thinking about the probability that this girl might be his niece.
But when he was looking at the age of the girl, it did not match. 

They already died two years before the girl was born.
It would be impossible for the girl to become their daughter.

Mu Li Zei sighed.
Looked like he was thinking too much recently.
He pinched his eyebrows.
He was probably tired.
With that wife and daughter, it became more tiring.

His wife, Su Yu Qing cried day and night begging him to find a doctor to heal their daughter.
Her daughter, Mu Rong Xie, made a scene at the hospital saying that she wanted to kill herself if her wounds did still not heal.
The doctors needed to use the sedative to calm down her.

”You can leave.
I want to rest for a moment. ” Mu Li Zei waved his hand while telling his assistant to leave the room. 

Mu Yian was about to knock her father ’s door, surprised when she saw the door was opened from inside.
She saw her father ’s assistant, Mr Gou Sheng stepped out from the room.

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”Yes, young miss? ” Gou Sheng inquired.

”My father is in? ” Mu Yian asked.

”Yes, but he tells me that he wants to rest.
You can ’t disturb him. ” Gou Sheng politely told Mu Yian. 

”Okay, I will come later.
Thank you, Mr Gou. ” Mu Yian left the place. 

She could wait.
She did not want to disturb her father.
Her father was very angry when someone disturbed his rest.
Even her mother did not miss out being yelled of when her mother disturbed her father ’s rest.

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