Yu Qi had already forgotten that Bai Yu who had talked with her just now.
Her mind completely focused on her man.
It had been a while since she had last met with him.
So, she missed him. ’ 

Master, I will hang out somewhere.
You can spend time with that man. ’ Aoi said through telepathy.

It was better to stay away from his master.
Aoi knew his master missed that man so much. 

’But you have to compensate me later. ’ Aoi added.

I know. ’ Yu Qi smiled.

Aoi slowly stepped away from the couple. 

”What are you doing here? Some work? ” Yu Qi asked.

I just came to meet you. ” Long Hui shook his hand. 

It was the truth.
He just came back from a mission.
So, he got free time as a reward.
So, he came here to see his beloved Qi Qi. 

He needed to see whether there was some kind of creature who was aiming for his beloved Qi Qi.
It turned out to be true.
Someone wanted to snatch his beloved Qi Qi.
It was good that he came to see his beloved Qi Qi.

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”Where do you want to go? ” Long Hui asked as he noticed that Yu Qi was about to go out.

I want to relax since it has been a long time since I have taken a rest from all of this.
So, I just want to go to Minwa Lake to relax. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Minwa Lake? ” Long Hui asked.

I heard about it when I was in my first year but I did not have time to go to visit it.
Since I just want to relax for today, it is a good location. ” Yu Qi told Long Hui.

”Then, let ’s go.
I will accompany you. ” Long Hui said.

”Eh, is it boring for you? ” Yu Qi asked.

”How is it going to be boring? I ’m with you.
Even without doing anything, looking at you, it is a blessing for me. ” Long Hui smiled.

Long Hui brought Yu Qi to his car.
He put his hand on Yu Qi ’s waist.
He turned around and glanced at Bai Yu who just was watching them as they walked away from him.
He once again gave a warning to Bai Yu, hinting Bai Yu to stay away from his beloved Qi Qi.

Not far away from that place, some girls had also watched the scene where Yu Qi ignored Bai Yu and ran happily to a handsome man.
Turned out that Yu Qi already had a boyfriend.
Her boyfriend was much more handsome than Bai Yu. 

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But someone thought otherwise.
She cursed Yu Qi to be a s.l.u.t.
Since Yu Qi already had her boyfriend, so why was she seducing other men? 

Yu Qi did not care about what others were thinking of her.
Right now, in her mind was Long Hui.
She had changed her mind.
She did not want to go to Minwa Lake anymore.
Since Long Hui was here, she wanted to have a date with him right now.

”Brother Hui, let ’s go on a date. ” Yu Qi told her thought to Long Hui.

”Don ’t you want to go to Minwa Lake? ” Long Hui questioned her.

”Well, since you are here, let ’s go on a date.
We can go to Minwa Lake later. ” Yu Qi smiled sweetly.

Long Hui nodded.
Since it was his beloved Qi Qi ’s request, he would follow her. 

”So, where do you want to go? ” Long Hu asked.

”Let ’s go to the mall first.
I want to show to you something. ” Yu Qi was excited.

She wanted to show her skincare store.
Long Hui drove his car to the mall.
Arriving at the mall, they walked to her store.
They had always been the attention of the onlookers ever since they walked into the mall. 

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It was the weekend.
So, there were a lot of couples hanging out inside the mall.
The women felt jealous of Yu Qi having such a handsome boyfriend.
While the men envied Long Hui since he could enjoy such a beauty in his arm.

Yu Qi brought Long Hui to her store. 

”Here. ” Yu Qi pointed to the store.

”This is…. ” Long Hui looked at the signboard.
’Qi Qi Skincare ’.
”This is your store? ”

Yu Qi nodded.

”Yes, it has just opened last week. ” Yu Qi told him.

”Are you sure you want to be a doctor? You are more fit to be a businesswoman. ” Long Hui chuckled. 

His beloved Qi Qi was involved in many businesses.
Greenhouse, investment, hotel, and now skincare. 

Yu Qi laughed.
Her friends were also asking the same question.
And her answer still did not change at all.

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”My friend has also asked the same question. ” Yu Qi chuckled.
”And the answer is that I want to be a doctor.
Well, the business is the side income. ” 

”I see.
I support whatever you want to do. ” Long Hui caressed Yu Qi ’s cheek.

”Miss Yu Qi? ” The staff of the store came out and looked very surprised when they saw her boss.

Actually, the staff was gossiping about the couple who could be seen flirting each other outside their store.
The man was very handsome while the girl ’s face could not be seen since they had only seen her back.

They wanted to see the couple more clearly so they pretended to go outside.
To their surprise, that girl was their boss. 

”Just ignore us.
I just come to show my store to my boyfriend. ” Yu Qi explained.

Their eyes looked at each other over and over again.
Her boss already had a boyfriend.
Yu Qi pulled Long Hui inside the store.

”Our boss already has a boyfriend. ”

Of course, she will have one.
She is so beautiful.
It is even weird if she doesn ’t have a boyfriend. ”

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That ’s true. ”

”But, her boyfriend is really handsome. ”

”Yeah, my heart is melting when seeing him smile so sweetly to our boss. ”

Her staff was gossiping more after knowing that the flirting couple outside their store was their boss and her boyfriend. 

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