”It is the beginning of this brand.
Later, I also will try to create skincare for the men. ” Yu Qi said.

”I will be your tester. ” Long Hui smiled.

”You will be my tester? ” Yu Qi frowned.

”What? Am I not enough? ” Long Hui wanted to know the reason why she did not seem to like the idea.

”If you use my products and become more outstanding than this, what will I do? ” Yu Qi asked Long Hui.

Long Hui seemed to be stunned for a moment after hearing Yu Qi answered his question like that.
Then he chuckled.
Turned out that his beloved Qi Qi was feeling insecure with his looks.

”Don ’t worry.
I will be loyal to you. ” Long Hui whispered into Yu Qi ’s ear.

”AHHHH…HELP!!! ” Someone was screaming.

Yu Qi and Long Hui were shocked.
They looked at each other and after that, they ran out of the store. 

Not far from the store, someone was screaming for help and he seemed to hug a woman.
They quickly approached that person.

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”What has happened ? ” Yu Qi asked.

”We have been robbed.
And she has just become like this. ” The man looked at the girl in his arms.

”Let me try to check her pulse.
Well, I ’m kinda doctor. ” Yu Qi said.

Yu Qi looked at the girl and saw the girl was lying lifeless in his arms.
Yu Qi grabbed the girl ’s wrist and try to read her pulse.
Her pulse was beating very strong and fast.
And this…

”She is just shocked.
But you better take her to a hospital for further check-up. ” Yu Qi said to the man.

The man took a breath of relief when he heard about this.
He did not care that what had been robbed.
He just wanted the girl to be safe and sound.

”And do you know she is pregnant? ” Yu Qi continued her sentence.

”What?!!! ” The man was very shocked when Yu Qi told the matter.

Nant? ” The man was stumbling in his speech.

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Yes… ” Yu Qi regretted to tell the man about this. 

This man might not know the existence of the child in the girl ’s belly.
She was afraid that the man would do something to the girl since the girl was unconscious.

”Are you sure? ” The man asked Yu Qi in a restrained tone.
Like he was holding his anger.

”Well, you can also check it at the hospital. ” Yu Qi said.

”I ’m going to be a father. ” The man suddenly shouted, making everyone to stop and look at him.

The man took out a card and gave it to Yu Qi.
Yu Qi was staring at the card.

”Here is my contact number.
You have helped me just now.
To pay your kindness, you can call this number if you need my help.
I will definitely try to help you with my best. ” The man carried the girl in princess style in his arms and left Yu Qi and Long Hui after Yu Qi had received the card.

Yu Qi took a look at the card.
’CEO of Ye Group, Ye Mu Yuan. ’ When Yu Qi finished reading his name, she lifted her face and stared at the man who had just walked away from them.
Yu Qi was staring at the man for a long time until the man had vanished from her sight.

”What? Are you jealous? ” Long Hui asked Yu Qi.

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”Huh? Jealous? About what? ” Yu Qi did not get Long Hui ’s question.

”I will also lift you up like that. ” Long Hui whispered while grinning.

What? No, I ’m not thinking about that. ” Yu Qi denied while blushing. 

Long Hui just laughed.
Teasing his beloved Qi Qi was fun.
Her cute red blushing face was very refreshing for him.

”Let ’s go buy some food and have a picnic at Minwa Lake. ” Long Hui suggested.

”Are you sure? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Of course. ” Long Hui touched her nose.

”Okay. ” 

They walked into the restaurant and ordered some food to take away.
While they were waiting for the food packaging to be finished, Yu Qi ’s phone rang.
Some unknown number was calling her phone.

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Yu Qi thought it might be someone who was related to her company, so he had called her.
Probably, he wanted to ask about something.
So, she picked up the phone.

Yu Qi: ”Hello? ”

Unknown Number: ”Hello, Miss Tang. ”

The voice of the unknown number sounded like she or he was talking with some cloth on his or her mouth while she or he was talking.
This person probably wanted to hide her or his real voice to avoid Yu Qi from recognising her or his voice.
Meaning Yu Qi knew this person.

Yu Qi ’s lips lifted up in the corner.
’If you want to play, then bring on. ’

Yu Qi: ”Yes? Who is this? ”

Unknown Number: ”You don ’t need to know me. ”

Yu Qi: ”Oh, I see.
Then what do you want? ”

Unknown Number: ”I want to tell you that I have something dirty about you. ”

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Yu Qi did not respond to that person immediately.
After a few second, she replied to that person.

Yu Qi: ”Something dirty about me? I wonder what is it? ”

Unknown Number: ”Something that can destroy your reputation in front of everyone especially your boyfriend. ”

The voice sounded so arrogant.
But Yu Qi chuckled.

Yu Qi: ”Well, why do I need to believe what you said? You might be lying to me. ”

Unknown Number: ”Then I will send something to you. ”

Not long after that, the message came in.
Yu Qi clicked to the message to see what had been sent by the unknown person. 

In the message, there was a picture.

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