The day was about to change to the night.
Yu Qi actually still did not want to leave.
She wanted to spend time with Long Hui. 

”Brother Hui… ” Yu Qi called Long Hui.

”Hmm… ” Long Hui responded to her.

”Do you need to return back tonight? ” The question came out from Yu Qi ’s mouth.
After she had asked, her face turned red.
You don ’t need to answer that question. ”

She did not expect that her mouth was acting faster than her brain.
She actually just wanted to ask him in her mind only. 

Long Hui was stunned for a moment.
Then he was grinning happily.
”I don ’t need to return tonight.
I can stay with you. ”

Yu Qi smiled shyly. 

They returned to the city.
They went into a restaurant for dinner.
The food is delicious.
And eating with her boyfriend made the food become more delicious.
After finishing dining, the couple decided to walk around to digest the food.

The city seemed too lively tonight.
Yu Qi never spends time outside the university during the night.
But she knew from her friends that it was quite normal for the weekend night to be lively.
But it was very very lively.
She wondered what made it like this.

Out of curiosity, she asked someone.
That person said it was the night of the Peanut Festival.
The farmers harvested a big amount of peanuts this year.
So, they decided to celebrate it.

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Yu Qi was interested to see what kind of festival.
Usually, she was not interested in seeing this kind of festivals.
She did not know why tonight she wanted to see it.
Probably because of Long Hui beside him.
She became more interested in normal things like this whenever she was with Long Hui. 

”Qi Qi want to see? ” Long Hui already saw Yu Qi ’s eyes, telling him that she wanted to look around the festival.

”Can we? ” Yu Qi asked.

”Anything for you, Qi Qi.
Let ’s go. ” Long Hui pulled Yu Qi closer to his body. 

Since there were a lot of people, it was easy to lose in the crowd.
So, to avoid that from happening, the best solution was to walk closer and held each other ’s hands tightly. 

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

There were a lot of stalls selling the products based on the peanuts.
Cake, snacks in various seasoning, cookies, even some of the dolls made up with peanut features sold here. 

They also had some game stalls.
Yu Qi ’s eyes lifted up when she saw something.
She pulled Long Hui ’s hand to go to the stalls.
It was a shooting game stall.
The game where they could win the items with shooting at that item.
When the item fell down from its place, they could get the item.

Yu Qi was interested in the prize.
The prize that reminded her of Long Hui. 

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”Which one are you interested in? ” Long Hui asked in her ear since the sounds around them were very loud.
If he asked normally, he was afraid that his beloved Qi Qi would not hear his question.

”That one.
The Chinese white dragon. ” Yu Qi pointed to the white dragon doll.
Its size was not too big or small.
Enough to make people comfortable to hug it.

”I will try to get it for you. ” Long Hui smiled.

Long Hui paid the money that chose a gun.
He wanted to try the power of the gun first.
He aimed at the white dragon doll and shot.
The white dragon doll only moved a little bit.
Seeing this, Yu Qi wanted Long Hui to give up since it was pretty hard to get the white dragon doll.

However, to her surprise, Long Hui paid more money.
This time, he chose four guns.
The onlookers also paid attention to Long Hui and Yu Qi at the shooting game stall.
When the onlookers looked at the amount of the guns chosen, they laughed.

”He has picked 4 guns.
I can understand if he picks two since we have two hands.
But four? Does he want to shoot with his legs? ” One of the onlookers laughed when he saw Long Hui had picked up 4 guns.

” He is trying to impress his girlfriend. ” Another onlooker said.

”Let him do it.
Not like he used your money.
He used his own money. ” Another onlooker defended Long Hui.
Of course, it was a girl.

Long Hui ignored everything that people said around it.
His mission right now was to get the white dragon doll to his beloved Qi Qi.
That was the most important thing for him right now.

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Long Hui took a breath.
Long Hui held two guns with both hands.
Other two were placed right in front of him.
He shot the two guns at the same time.
One gun could shoot three bullets.
Right after he shot the third bullet, he quickly threw the two guns and grabbed the other two with incredible speed.
He shot six other bullets.

Because of the momentum of the first six bullets, the white dragon doll already became unstable, with the last six bullets shot toward it, it fell backwards.
The onlookers were very stunned by what they had seen. 

The man succeeded in getting the white dragon doll.
The owner of the shooting game stall was also dumbfounded with this.

”Sir, I have already won the doll.
Can you give it to me? ” A sentence from Long Hui made him realize that he needed to take the white dragon doll to give to the winner.

”Here is your prize. ” The owner gave the white dragon doll to Long Hui.

Long Hui took and gave the doll to Yu Qi.
”Here, this is for you. ” 

”Thank you. ” Yu Qi grabbed the doll happily.

”No need to say ’thank you ’ to me.
I just want to get it for you. ” Ignoring others, Long Hui grabbed Yu Qi ’s hand and walked away from the stall.

”My dear, can you get the doll for me too? ” A girl asked her boyfriend.

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”I will try. ” The man nodded.

Actually, after Yu Qi and Long Hui left, there were a lot of couples who tried to get the prize using the method that Long Hui used.
However, none of them had succeeded.
Of course, they could not use the same method.
If someone used the gun or used the guns on normal days, they might succeed.

Yu Qi was very happy with Long Hui ’s gift.
There was a reason why she was interested in the white dragon doll.
The reason was it felt like Long Hui. ’ Long ’ meant dragon in Chinese.
The white dragon was kind of handsome as Long Hui.
That was the reason.

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