All of them requested for breakfast for themselves.
Yu Qi actually did not mind because she wanted them to enjoy the privacy.
She also currently eating breakfast with Long Hui and Feng Yue in the dining room.

When Yu Qi asked about her brothers, the employers explained one by one.
Her Big Brother Han Lee already ate breakfast and currently walking around the garden.
Her Brother Jin Wei was still sleeping.
Yu Qi thought it was okay to let him sleep longer since it was vacation time to him.
As for her Brother Qin Hao, he also already ate breakfast.
After breakfast, he went straight to enjoy the onsen.
Her Brother Qin Hao must really like the onsen. 

”What are you doing to do after this? ” Feng Yue asked while eating.

”Morning run. ” 

Yu Qi and Long Hui looked at each other.
Their answers were the same.
Then both of them smiled at each other.

Feng Yue rolled her eyes.
These two people thought the same thing. 

”I will enjoy this morning run. ” Long Hui said.

”I ’m sure you will enjoy it because your beloved also run with you. ” Feng Yue replied.

”You can join too. ” Yu Qi interrupted.

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Please spare me.
It is vacation, okay. ” Feng Yue quickly rejected that.

Long Hui did not say anything about Feng Yue ’s rejection.
Actually, he was quite happy about this.
During the morning run, he could flirt as much as he wanted if no one around and the most important thing, Yu Qi would not ask him to stop.
She might respond to his flirting.
He silently thumbs up to Feng Yue.

After eating, Yu Qi and Long Hui went to their own room to change their attire to sport attire.
Yu Qi informed Sister Chui Mei Fung about their morning run.
In case her family asked about her.

Yu Qi and Long Hui went running.
Because the ryokan was closer to the mountain, they decided to run toward the mountain.
Long Hui wanted to slow down for his beloved Qi Qi but seeing his beloved Qi Qi ran with his previous speed, he caught up with it. 

Yu Qi was very familiar with the mountain as it was her playground before entering the university.
Long Hui was very impressed with his beloved Qi Qi.
His beloved Qi Qi improved.
He was wondering what kind of training his beloved Qi Qi used.

Not long after that, both of them arrived at the peak of the mountain.
Yu Qi took a long breath to stabilize her tiredness.
The peak was colder than the bottom of the mountain.
Afraid his beloved Qi Qi felt cold, Long Hui hugged Yu Qi. 

Yu Qi did not mind about Long Hui ’s behavior.
She just let Long Hui did whatever he wanted to do.
She was actually enjoying it. 

”Never leave me, okay. ” Long Hui whispered slowly to her ear.

”Don ’t worry.
I will never leave you if you do nothing that breaks my heart. ” Yu Qi replied.

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”Break your heart? Like what? ” Long Hui knew the answers but still, he wanted to ask his beloved Qi Qi. 

”Like betray me for another woman. ” When Yu Qi answered that, Long Hui could feel the intention to kill from Yu Qi. 

To calm down his beloved Qi Qi, he replied, ”I will not betray you. ” He turned Yu Qi ’s body facing him and kissed her forehead.
He gave a gentle smile to his beloved Qi Qi. 

Yu Qi looked at Long Hui ’s eyes.
His clear eyes told her that he meant everything that he just said.
She would believe this man.
He would never betray her.
However, if he betrayed her, she would be the one who sent him to King Yama.



All the family members gathered at the dining room waiting for lunch to be served except for Grandpa Tang and Grandpa Feng.
They were still not here.
The older generation looked very good after soaking into the onsen last night. 

”Yu Qi, my dear, my skin felt very smooth after relaxing into the onsen.
What is inside the onsen? ” Her Auntie Ming Yue asked.

”Mine too.
It seems my skin has repaired overnight. ” Auntie Su Xiao was also interested in Yu Qi ’s answer.

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All women wanted to look young so their skin needed to take care very well. 

Yu Qi smiled.
”I will give the products for auntie to wear it.
I guarantee you will look young. ” Yu Qi said.

”Only your aunties? ” Uncle Tang Jung Wen looked at Yu Qi.

”What? You want too? ” Auntie Ming Yue looked at her husband.

”Of course, I want to look young too.
So, people will praise two of us. ” Uncle Tang Jung Wen said.

”Really? ” Auntie Ming Yue gave him a suspicious look.

”Of course my dear. ” Uncle Tang Jung Wen.

Tang Han Lee and Tang Jin Wei just looking around when hearing their parents flirting in front of them.
They were immune to it.
Even although Uncle Tang Jung Wen looked very seriously, he was definitely an expert when flirting with his wife.

Uncle Tang Jang Qin looked at Auntie Su Xiao.
Auntie Su Xiao chuckled.
She understood the meaning of the look given by Uncle Tang Jang Qin.

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”Your Uncle Jang Qin also wants it. ” Su Xiao said.

”Don ’t worry.
I will give to you. ” Yu Qi smiled.

”I never thought Uncle Jung Wen can flirting like that. ” Feng Yue whispered to Yu Qi.

”Me either. ” Yu Qi replied.

”I will be flirting with you for the rest of your life. ” Long Hui stated while smiling gently to Yu Qi making Yu Qi turned away from him.


I ’m sorry for the long absence.
Actually, my father left this world on 22 December 2019.
I feel very sad.
I did not except for my father too left us this quickly when he entered the CCU wad for his heart on 20 December 2019.
So, I don ’t have anything mood to write anything.
My mind feels blank.
So I take a rest from writing.
My younger sister, she just gave birth to a daughter one day before my father passed away.
Due to c-section, she could not see my father for the last time.
Then a week after that, my sister had the blood clod in her lung.
Then she followed my father.
She was leaving her first daughter.

It was a sad 2 weeks for me.
I don ’t have the mood to write.
I ’m sorry.
But I ’m back.
I will definitely give more and more shameless chapters in the future.
Thank you to those voting for my novel until now and those who still willing to wait to read this novel.
Thank you very much. 

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